The Florida State University College of Education offers a unique combination of a world-class academic curriculum and a focused community of professors and students working on educational experience. The university will let your best come out and you will be learning a lot more practical processes in fields of education and research field.

Deadline for FSU Application Submission

The administration of the college should receive the application form by 1 December 2020. The students are required to submit all essential documents online by 1 December 2020. Students will receive an admission decision online by 18 February 2021.

However, the students who complete the admission procedure after 1 December 2020 will receive the admission decision on a rolling basis which will start by March 2021.

1 December,2020 will be the last date for the submission of admission forms and merit scholarship consideration. And March 1, 2021, is the deadline for the final application.

Deadlines for Application Submission

Applications and all supporting documents received by:Decision by:
December 1 (Priority deadline)February 18
March 1Rolling

Application Fee & Waivers

The University’s first-year application fee is $30. The Common and the Coalition application carry an additional $5 processing fee.

Further, the students who have taken NACAC or SAT/ACT exams can specify in their application form waiver or students can meet other economic needs. They are recommended to mention them on their application form so that the university takes them under consideration and either provides concession to the fee or processing fee will automatically be deduced.

Self-reported Student Academic Record

The self-reported student academic record (SSAR) is an online transcript which is mainly created by the student. It is basically a list of courses the students have attempted and associated grades in a particular course( including course in progress). It can either be replaced by the High-school and college transcripts used by the Office of Admission during the initial application review process. Detailed information on the SSAR can be found at

Note- If the applicant either domestic or international have not followed an educational curriculum after the U.S system, or GED graduated don’t complete SSAR, They have to submit their secondary or higher school credentials. For those students who have not patterned after the U.S system, GED applicants must submit an official GED transcript and an official high school transcript which is having all the details of course and grades completed prior to GED.

College Transcript

Before enrolling at the university, students have to submit their final and official transcript from their post-secondary institution. Transcripts are considered to be official only when they are sent from the college or university directly to the Office of Administration which contains a special and official seal or signature on it.

Test Scores

Applicants are required to tell their SAT/ACT test scores. If the applicant granted admission to the university then it must send the SAT/ACT scores directly from the agency to the university. Also, one of the two tests should be taken before or later than February in the senior year. However, the highest combination of scores will always be taken into consideration. Students are free to repeat a test.

Letter Of Recommendation

A letter of Recommendation is not even needed and not required. Also, the letter will not be even used in the decision-making process. Applicants whose admission has denied by the university can appeal by submitting a letter of recommendation to support their appeal so that they may get a chance to get into the university.


Applicants who want to take admission to music, dance, or a bachelor of fine arts (BFA) degree programs in theatre are required to take an audition for admission to the university. Applicants who are desired to get into music, dance, and fine arts can visit the Websites for the College of Music ( or the College of Fine Arts ( for details.

Departmental Application-

The applicants who want to get into animation and digital arts, arts-production, motion pictures, studio arts, or theatre. The applicant should check the Websites for the College of Motion Picture Arts ( or the College of Fine Arts ( for details.


As the world education system evolves, students in FSU are specially trained to set the standards and work on researches. The college has a commitment to provide students with the best and the most professional sources, Being the oldest and continuous site of higher education institutions in the state. Providing the best out of it to the students and scholars making a more spacious place for students to learn with the practicality of surroundings.


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