Top 6 Movies For Literature Students To Write Their Next Essay About 


Movies are a source of great inspiration. Sometimes, it complies with your life and reasoning. At other times, you will see a different perspective on life. This enables you to broaden your thinking and expand your real-time understanding of the world.  

Therefore, when you are writing an essay about films, you have to find films relevant to the literature students. That’s why, in the next section, we will talk about cinema, which will help you to write a compelling essay. 

Let’s begin the discussion in the next part. 

Top Movies For Literature Students To Write Brilliant Essays 

Top 6 Movies For Literature Students To Write Their Next Essay About 

Movies and books have a deep relationship as both inspire each other to form a brilliant ecosystem for essayists to explore. Here is a list of films that can inspire you to write a brilliant essay – 

Life of Pi

It’s one of the best movies to watch, where you see brilliant perspectives on life, religion, and relationships. The three fundamental elements that surround a human life. Therefore, for any literature student to understand the grand narrative of philosophy and its practicality, it’s a great watch. 

You can base your project on the importance of how Pi and his relationship with the tiger shaped his life. Furthermore, the visual effects offered a way for Pi to see the world in the grand scheme of things. For literature, there is a den of stories that they explain through their own understanding and break the characters in their own terms. If you require essay help, visit Essay Tiger’s website.  

Dead Poets Society 

Top 6 Movies For Literature Students To Write Their Next Essay About 

If you are finding answers to who you are, then watch and rewatch the films. Mr. Keatings, the English teacher, tells his students to find their voice and tone in life. They should live life in a better way without remorse and regret. Life is too short to be living in a morose situation. 

Furthermore, the movie will help you to find your inner passions and talents and thrive through rebellion and books. Also, it will teach camaraderie-ship and how to care and stay loyal to friends. Hence, you should watch the film and try to write about Mr. Anderson, Mr. Perry, and Mr. Keatings. Their relationship and love for each other, and lastly, why it is important to find your real self amidst the chaos of money and success. 

The Truman Show 

Top 6 Movies For Literature Students To Write Their Next Essay About 

Have you questioned the things around you? You wondered if everything was real, our boring life and the same routine every day. If you think so, go and watch The Truman Show. The film is a treasure house of philosophy and a popular phrase, “We are living in a matrix world.” 

The film also touches on the relationship between man and god and how the testaments influence our lives. Our thinking is restricted, as we have to live under the direction of god. Therefore, his journey to the real world explains the term Ubermensch, which goes beyond the understanding of good and wrong. Consequently, if you want to question your worldview and write your sense of values, watch the film properly. 

To Kill A Mockingbird 

Top 6 Movies For Literature Students To Write Their Next Essay About 

Justice and equality are the two sides of law and order. However, the film To Kill a Mockingbird tells us a different story. It showcases how skin color addresses the crime of a person and disables them from their rights and justice.  The film shows how systematic racism controls American lawmakers’ thinking – thus, sheds light on equality and inequality, which happens around us every day. 

Even though the film has been a great hit and has won many awards, you can seek to know the darker side of human nature. Also, you will find how it makes us delusional and moves our focus away from the real incident and crime. Consequently, with everything going around us in the world, the film can provide you with the necessary inspiration. 

Freedom Writers

Durkheim always stresses cohesion, making society function and enabling us to increase diversity and create a good environment. That way, differences between humans will be removed, and people will live happily. Similarly, you will find a teacher devoted to society’s neglected ones in the film Freedom Writers. The film shows how they come together, form cohesion, and become a group. 

That way, they remove the discrimination that exists in society and among themselves. Therefore, it will widen your perspective on humanity and inspire you to write high-quality essays. You can write about humanity in times of war and let people know of different humane stories. 

The Detachment 

Top 6 Movies For Literature Students To Write Their Next Essay About 

The 2011 film sneaks a peek at the modern world and how it is degrading the value of a woman and making their bodies a marketing gimmick. The film seeks to show how a good teacher is a role model. Therefore, you can watch and write about the film that tells parents and teachers not to neglect young children. They need someone to lean on, and this should come from teachers and parents. 

Consequently, in your essay, you can question the marketing agencies who are responsible for the situation. Also how, they are increasing body insecurity and child abuse. In addition, you can address the need for regular intervention, which will help girls feel secure and empowered and fulfill their life goals. So, watch and figure out what more you can add to the context. 

The Bottom Line

In the end, you can take these films that will provide great material and plot for you to write brilliant essays. In addition, it will broaden your thinking powers and how you see the world through a new lens. So, watch and let your creative essence flow through pen and paper. 

What is film studies in literature?

It is an academic discipline that studies film from a theoretical, historical, and critical point of view. 

What do you do in a film as a literature class?

You analyze every small detail of the film and how it impacts society in a wider sense. 

Why are movies important in literature?

It helps students understand the complexity of the work and visualize what the author wants us to see.     

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