How to Pick the Perfect Instagram Profile Photo?


On social media, first looks count, just like in real life. What is the first thing a new follower spots when they find your Instagram page? It is nothing less than your profile photo. It is probably the most important aspect of your online presence that needs to be on point. A good profile image can make your profile stand out from the crowd of Instagram Stories notifications and attract more people to your account. Here are six tips to help you choose the ideal Instagram profile picture that grabs attention and truly showcases your distinct personality.

How to Change Your Profile Picture on Instagram Step by Step?

You can use the under-mentioned method to update your profile photo are the same whether you use Instagram on an iPhone or an Android device.

To access your profile, launch the Instagram app and tap the icon in the screen’s lower-right corner. Currently, select Edit Profile from the menu at the top. Select Edit profile picture. At this point, you can choose from the library or press Take Photo to snap a selfie. If you choose the latter, Instagram will direct you to the picture library on your phone, where you must select an appropriate photo. Lastly, select Done from the upper-right corner. Instagram will now begin to show up your updated photo.

6 Tips for Picking Your Instagram Profile Picture 

How to Pick the Perfect Instagram Profile Photo?

It’s critical to pick a profile photo that both symbolizes your brand and draws attention. This blog will offer advice on selecting the ideal Instagram profile photo for yourself.

Show Off Your Face

When someone looks at your Instagram profile photo, they should first notice your face. Using your face on other social media sites maintains consistency with your branding and helps reassure users that they have come to the correct account. Humans have a tendency to focus on faces. We search for faces in burned bread, coffee froth, and even clouds.

Brands are not bought by consumers. People buy from people, so introduce yourself to them! To maintain a personal touch, make sure your Instagram profile image is cropped so that your face is the main attraction. 

Crop the Headshot Beforehand

The type and size of your profile photo should be appropriate. Yes, that is a perfect square: 110 x 110 pixels is the ideal size for an Instagram profile image. However, Instagram will crop your profile photo into a circle. As a result, you should make good use of the space. This implies that your headshot or logo ought to be prominently displayed. You should maintain the emphasis on your face while doing this. 

For easy cropping, you can use a free portrait photo editor to perfect photos. This way, you can check your framing beforehand so that, for example, you don’t cut off your forehead when displaying your new profile photo in Instagram’s circular frame.

Opt for a High-Resolution Image

When your images are high-resolution on Instagram, they seem clear and sharp. Your followers will find them more appealing, which will motivate them to interact with your material rather than read over it. Moreover, you may highlight the finer points and complexities of your subject matter using high-resolution images, providing your audience with a more engaging experience.

Pick Something Timeless

Selecting images for your Instagram profile should be seasonal-neutral. Think about selecting a picture that is ageless or unrelated to a particular occasion or time of year. Such profile photos are long-term compatible with Instagram. Thanks to this consistency, your followers will quickly recognize your brand since they will connect your account with your profile picture. They will quickly be able to identify you when they browse through their feed or see your Stories.

One Photo for All Profiles

Keeping your profile picture consistent across all social media platforms can help establish a sense of brand recognition and consistency. Additionally, it might help you establish your own brand and increase your followers’ recall value. It’s ultimately a matter of preference, though, and depending on the audience or content they publish, some people might want to use various profile images on multiple networks.

Say No to Monochrome

There are more than a billion active users on the network, so there is a lot of rivalry. Having said that, you must always look for new methods to make an impression. Make sure the background you select on Instagram goes well with your profile photo. You also want a background that is muted or blurry since you don’t want too much brightness or clutter drawing focus away from your face. 

If you are genuine and consistent with your content, it’s not that difficult to create an interesting Instagram presence. The first step is to customize and optimize your profile properly. Proceed from there, considering the size of your Instagram profile photo. Using the advice in this article, create an Instagram display photo that is both original and eye-catching..

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