What’s the Average Number of LinkedIn Connections in 2024?


LinkedIn provides unmatched chances for networking with industry experts, finding your next career move, and developing your professional identity. With over 1 billion users globally, it is the sixth most popular social networking network. Because of this, LinkedIn has been able to firmly establish itself as the top professional networking site. But do you have any idea about the average number of LinkedIn connections in 2024? Read the article to find out!

This article will examine the average number of connections on LinkedIn as of now, and offer some useful advice on growing your network and positioning yourself to be considered for the next job posting.

Current Average Number of LinkedIn Connections

What's the Average Number of LinkedIn Connections in 2024?

When it comes to professional networking, LinkedIn is a valuable resource. There are many applications, whether it’s to hire someone new, locate a partner, or find a client.

LinkedIn stops informing users of the precise number of contacts linked to them once they have 500 connections. How can I find out how many relationships a contact of mine has? For that reason, it’s interesting to note that over 60% of LinkedIn members have fewer than 1000 contacts. According to a calculation, which can be undoubtedly less accurate, the average LinkedIn user has roughly 1300 contacts.

It is estimated that millions of professional relationships can be made on average using LinkedIn, given that we can access connections on the platform up to the third level of relationship. Most likely a good reason to keep using this social media platform.

How to Boost the Number of LinkedIn Connections?

One of the best ways to grow your network on LinkedIn is to regularly publish interesting and pertinent information. This could include disseminating news from the sector, providing analysis of prevailing patterns, or sharing firsthand accounts. Developing high-quality material will help you increase your LinkedIn network, grow your readership, and interact with other professionals who share your interests.

Another piece of advice is to actively interact with other people’s postings by leaving likes, comments, and shares. By doing this, you’ll strengthen the bonds with people in your network and become more visible on the site.

Why Does Having a Higher Than Average Number of LinkedIn Connections Matter?

You may wonder if having a large number of contacts on LinkedIn is actually important. The simple response is that it most certainly is. Developing a robust and wide-ranging LinkedIn network can reap numerous advantages, greatly supporting business expansion and assisting you in achieving your career goals. 

But the quality of those connections is far more important than quantity when it comes to networking. Building a strong network on LinkedIn helps you achieve your business objectives by increasing the visibility of your brand and producing quality leads.

Tips to Increase Your LinkedIn Connections

What's the Average Number of LinkedIn Connections in 2024?

These tips will help you expand your network and support you in getting results that will be useful for your professional growth. 

Optimize Your Profile

Make sure your LinkedIn profile is optimized and complete A complete profile is more likely to stand out and attract new connections. 

Engage With Your Existing Network

Regularly share content, comment on ther people’s posts, and send personalized messages. This will help you engage more with your network and, as a result, help you build deeper relationships with your connections and increase your visibility. 

Join and Participate in Relevant Groups

A great way to connect with individuals and industry professionals is to join groups. Joining group that interests you and participate in discussions to build relationships with other members.

Attend Virtual Events and Webinars

Many organizations are used for these events and webinars attending these events and engaging with ther attendees help you build new connections. 

Utilize LinkedIn’s “People You May Know” Feature

Take advantage of the “People You May Know” feature to discover new contacts. According to  LinkedIn’s algorithm, potential connections are based on your existing network and shared interests, so use this feature to connect with people.

The Power of Quality Connections

What's the Average Number of LinkedIn Connections in 2024?

While our focus should be on increasing the number of connections, it is also important to recognize the importance of quality connections. Relevant and highly engaged contacts can be more valuable than a large number of irrelevant connections.

Being selective with your outreach, personalizing your connection requests, and providing a reason for wanting to connect ensure the quality of your connections.


One of your greatest professional assets is your LinkedIn network. By implementing the above methods, you can interact with like-minded professionals in your field, expand your network, and increase your visibility. Recall that creating a strong network requires time and labor, but the benefits are substantial.

 There’s no magic number, but try to choose quality over quantity. Concentrate on developing connections with people who are relevant to your field of work or professional objectives.

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