Where Is Blown Away Filmed? Witness A Cut-Throat Competition!


Shows like Blown Away need to pick an isolated filming location. Of course, such a risky reality show should be filmed away from the common masses. And it’s going to be very interesting for you to unveil the filming location of this entertaining show. Pair with me to know where is Blown Away filmed!

Blown Away (2019-Present) is a reality television show where you see a group of artists. Interestingly, these artisans are from North America and are competing with each other to become the best glassblower. In 2021, the second season of the show released, followed by the third season in 2022. Keep watching the show to see the winner!

If you are all set to learn about an unconventional filming location, here’s all the information about where is Blown Away filmed! 

Where Is Blown Away Filmed? Know About An Unconventional Filming Location!

Where Is Blown Away Filmed? Witness A Cut-Throat Competition!

You will be surprised to know that the filming of Blown Away started in 2018 in the summer. Just imagine standing in front of a furnace in the scorching heat! That’s not it, here are some more shocking details about where is Blown Away filmed!

Release Date: February 20, 2019

Genre: Reality 

IMDb Overview: 7.1

Rotten Tomatoes: 100%

Where To Watch: Netflix 

Hamilton, Canada | Drive Today To This Isolated Location!

Where Is Blown Away Filmed? Witness A Cut-Throat Competition!

Travel a few miles away from Toronto, and you will reach Hamilton, the central location for where is Blown Away filmed! Hamilton is a beautiful city in Canada known for its industrial heritage. Because the city lies between Lake Ontario and Niagara Escarpment, the city features some beautiful parks and waterfalls. If you are looking to plan your upcoming vacations, do consider this place!

The production company of Blown Away wanted a location where they could film without any disturbance. That’s why they decided to travel a few miles from Toronto and transformed an empty warehouse into the largest hot shop in North America.

 Yes, now you know that the filming location of the show is an empty warehouse, away from the city. Also, it’s quite shocking to see how a warehouse can serve to be a perfect location for a show. 

How Did An Empty Warehouse Become A Perfect Location?

Where Is Blown Away Filmed? Witness A Cut-Throat Competition!

Although it was tough for the makers to transform an empty place into a filming location, they took help from others. For the same, The Craft and Design Glass Studio was approached to revamp the location. As a result, a terrific studio design came up that you must have seen in all the seasons of Blown Away. And for the finale of the first season, the makers called The Corning Museum of Glass for help. Of course, the finalists needed assistance for finale stunts!

Picking a warehouse for the show proved to be the right decision for the makers because the show is about playing with fire. And lavish sets are prone to fire.

And not to forget, the same location was used for filming all the seasons and will be used for the upcoming seasons. After all, no one can think of burning the midnight oil once again to find another suitable location for the show. 

Who Are The Judges Of Blown Away? Do They Have To Face Challenges At The Filming Location?

Where Is Blown Away Filmed? Witness A Cut-Throat Competition!

The only judge of the show is Katherine Gray. And you need to acknowledge that the judge had also put a lot of effort into the success of the show. 

Like other reality television series, Katherine did not have air-conditioned rooms with a comfortable chair to sit in. Rather, the judge was supposed to get exposed to the heat of the furnaces like contestants. After all, the judge was also required to create glass sculptures!

Further, I would like to share that Katherine Gray is an extraordinary glass artist who attended the Ontario College of Art and Rhode Island School of design. 

Challenges Faced By The Production Company While Filming Blown Away | How Long Does It Took To Film Blown Away?

Where Is Blown Away Filmed? Witness A Cut-Throat Competition!

The production team had to overcome many obstacles while filming Blown Away. The biggest challenge was to look for the location, but they managed to find it. After that, the heat emission from furnaces was tough to bear. 

Sadly, the production team did not have a location where they could relax. Even the contestants had to bear the heat of nature and the heat of furnaces. But all of them managed for the sake of making the show a blockbuster. One needs to have a courageous heart to do this! 

Besides this, the production team had to ask for help from various design companies to transform the location. This was something that they were not prepared for. Also, the production had to spend a lot of time searching for a design company. But finally, they got help!

In terms of the duration of the show’s filming, the first season was filmed in 5 weeks. And the same duration was fixed by the makers for the next seasons. But the third season was stretched to 6 weeks. 

Final Words 

You must have learned all about where is Blown Away filmed. Of course, it’s not rocket science to learn about the location because it’s just one. Unlike other reality shows, the makers did not think of traveling to various locations for different scenes. But the amount of effort the production team has applied to the show is worth considering. They were not lucky enough to get a perfect filming location like Floribama Shore!

1. Who Won The Second Season Of Blown Away?

Elliot Waker won the second season of Blown Away.

2. Is Blown Away Filmed In Toronto?

The Blown Away is filmed a few miles away from Toronto in Hamilton.

3. Where Is North America’s Biggest Hot Shop?

The hot shop of North America is in Hamilton.

4. Where Is Janusz From Blown Away From?

Janusz was raised in the U.K, and he started working with Blown Away at the age of 19.

5. When Was Blown Away Filmed?

The first season of Blown Away was filmed in 2018.

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