Where Was 80 For Brady Filmed? Jane Fonda’s Latest Sports Comedy Film!!


Are you a sports enthusiast? Do you like watching hilarious sports comedy films? Then we recommend you watch 80 for Brady starring Jane Fonda. Read this article to know all the intriguing details about this unconventional film and also find out where was 80 for Brady filmed.

The American sports film 80 for Brady was released in the first week of February 2023. Famous NFL player Tom Brady pitched in as a producer, while Kyle Marvin was at the helm of affairs. Sarah Haskins co-wrote the screenplay, which was primarily inspired by Emily Halpern’s fictional story.

The basic premise of 80 for Brady is centered around a group of elderly ladies who are absolutely crazy about the NFL sport. The plot thickens when these characters somehow make it to the NFL finals and later meet Tom Brady, the greatest American football player of all time.

The commercial performance of 80 for Brady was decent. This hysterical film went on to gross over $39 million in worldwide collections. The makers were pretty satisfied with the return on their investment. But unfortunately, the comedy movie fans weren’t as delighted as they anticipated to be after this project was initially announced.

Are you ready to find out where was 80 for Brady filmed? Then without stalling any longer, let’s get started.

Where Was 80 For Brady Filmed? Let’s Know This Sports Comedy Flick Closely!

The story of 80 for Brady is set in and around the city of Houston, Texas. However, apart from a few pivotal sequences, the majority of the film was shot elsewhere. 

The director of 80 for Brady mainly wanted to shoot in California because he was well acquainted with most of the beautiful locations. So when the filming locations had to be selected, Kyle gave specific instructions to his team members to scout around certain locations in California.

Shortly after, the production members began scouting around the city of Santa Clarita. With the specific set of clear instructions that they received from the director, they were able to locate the ideal filming locations without any hassle.

Kyle checked the locations by himself and then instructed the crew to commence filming. The principal photography of 80 for Brady began in the second week of March last year and continued for two months or so. 

The production members finished the shooting process closer to the original schedule, which was set by the makers. Although, from time to time, there were minor challenges that the production members had to maneuver around to complete filming the sequences.

So let us quickly go ahead and take a closer look at where was 80 for Brady filmed.

Santa Clarita | USA

The opening sequence of the movie, where we see the group of enthusiastic elderly American ladies enjoying themselves during the weekend, was actually filmed in Santa Clarita. The production members used a medium-sized house to capture this interior scene.

No specific changes were made to the overall decor of the property, as Kyle wanted a minimalistic look. However, the exterior structure of the property had to be fixed. Which, of course, was done after the production members took permission from the owners of the house.

A special car was brought to depict the vehicle which is used by the ladies for the road trip. After sorting through these affairs, the production members moved to the next shooting location.

Houston | Texas

The second part of 80 for Brady was filmed entirely in the city of Houston. The production members were able to film breathtaking outdoor sequences inside a giant football stadium in Texas. 

This was possible because of the consistent efforts of Tom Brady and other producers in convincing the authorities of the stadium to let them use the facilities for shooting. A couple of additional scenes were captured in and around the city of Houston.

Then finally, the production members wrapped the shooting process in Texas and returned to California. The remaining interior scenes of the movie were then captured in Santa Clarita.

Ok, let us now take a closer look at the plot of 80 for Brady. In the meantime, you can check out other interesting blogs on our website, such as BoJack Horseman, How To Get Good Followers On Instagram, and Top 10 Best Boxing Anime.

Plot Of 80 For Brady | What’s It About

Where Was 80 For Brady Filmed? Jane Fonda’s Latest Sports Comedy Film!!

The story of 80 for Brady revolves around a group of American elderly ladies who set out on a road trip to meet their favorite NFL player. At the very beginning of the film, the characters of Lou and Trish devise a getaway plan and ask other friends to join them.

As the story progresses further, Trish and Lou, along with their other friends, gear up for the super-adventurous trip. Meanwhile, one of the supporting characters books a special car for the road trip and gives a pleasant surprise to the other friends.

Watch 80 for Brady and find out what happens when the passionate lady fans of the New England Patriots meet the legendary NFL player, Tom Brady.

Final Words

Ok, guys! I hope you liked the read and noted all the filming locations of 80 for Brady, which I’ve mentioned in this article. If you’re interested in reading other pieces like where was 80 for Brady filmed, browse through other blogs on Viebly.

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Who Are The Cast Members Of The Film 80 For Brady?

The cast of the film 80 For Brady includes Lily Tomlin, Jane Fonda, and Rita Moreno, along with some other artists.

Who Is The Cinematographer Of The Film 80 For Brady?

John Toll is the cinematographer of the film 80 For Brady.

What Is The Rating Of The Film 80 For Brady?

The film 80 For Brady has a PG-13 rating.

Who Is The Music Director Of The Film 80 For Brady?

John Debney is the music director of the film 80 For Brady.

Is The Film 80 For Brady, Based On A True Story?

Yes, the story of 80 For Brady is based on a true story.


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