Where Was A Kismet Christmas Filmed? An Exceptional Family Drama!


Hallmark is quite famous for its simple and amazing family movies. And that is why we would like to suggest you. Watch the movie A Kismet Christmas. The 2022 family drama which can also be called a “holiday film” is a must-watch. Sometimes holiday movies can get a little boring but certainly not this particular Hallmark original movie. However, in this article, we’ll discuss the film and tell you where was A Kismet Christmas filmed.

The family drama movie, A Kismet Christmas was released on 23rd October 2022. Hallmark movies are usually quite popular in the United States but there are some movies that have gained a lot of attention globally and this particular film is certainly one of them. If you were searching for a new family drama or a holiday film, well now you no longer need to, as we have already suggested this one.

However, to answer your main question regarding where was A Kismet Christmas filmed, the family drama movie was shot in Victoria, British Columbia in Canada.

Now, to find out more about the latest Hallmark original family drama and its filming location, keep on reading.

Where Was A Kismet Christmas Filmed?

Where Was A Kismet Christmas Filmed? An Exceptional Family Drama!

A Kismet Christmas is one of Mark Jean’s most loved and talked about family dramas. You must have watched a number of Hollywood family movies, but this Canadian film has a different feel to it. The movie has received an incredible rating of 7.1 from IMDb. We have to admit that not many television films get such a high rating. However, as we have already told you about where was A Kismet Christmas filmed, without any further ado, let’s move on and straightaway jump into the details of the filming location.

Victoria | British Columbia, Canada 

Where Was A Kismet Christmas Filmed? An Exceptional Family Drama!

The Hallmark original movie, A Kismet Christmas was shot in the province of British Columbia, particularly in Victoria. Principal photography of the family drama began in August 2022 and was wrapped up within the same month. The production team was on a limited budget and on a tight schedule, so they did not delay and filmed everything within the deadline. British Columbia is widely known for its rocky coastline, beautiful beaches, forests, foothills and mountains, lakes, and inland deserts, which make it an ideal filming location for different types of productions.

A Kismet Christmas was primarily shot in British Columbia’s Victoria. The majority of the filming took place in and around the city. It is also the capital of British Columbia and happens to be the 7th most populated metropolitan city in all of Canada. A number of scenes were filmed in Vernon Avenue which is one of the upscale areas in the city.

The city of Victoria is situated on the southern part of Vancouver Island close to Canada’s Pacific Coast. It is one of the most important cities in western Canada. If you ever visit the city make sure to check out the modern architecture and historic buildings including the British Columbia Parliament Building and the Empress Hotel.

Victoria’s nickname is Garden City and it is also a major tourist destination as millions of tourists from all around the world visit the city every year. Some of the important sectors in British Columbia include real estate, tourism, mining, construction, forestry, media and communication. 

If you want to see some of the world-famous historical museums and art galleries, then Victoria certainly has a lot to offer. A few of the famous attractions are the Emily Carr House, the Helmcken House built in 1852, the Gothic Christ Church, and the St. Ann’s Schoolhouse built in 1845. Some of the popular museums in Victoria include The Royal Columbia Museum and the Maritime Museum of British Columbia.

Popular movies and television series like Scary Movie, the crime drama series The X Files, the horror comedy show Reginald The Vampire, the action-adventure movie 2012,  and Paul Decter’s comedy movie American Dreamer were filmed in Victoria, British Columbia.

Plot Of A Kismet Christmas (2022) | Discovering A Family Legend!

Where Was A Kismet Christmas Filmed? An Exceptional Family Drama!

The story of A Kismet Christmas revolves around the character of Sarah played by Sarah Ramos, a famous author who is known for writing children’s books. She has come back to her hometown after a long time where her whole family including her sister, parents and grandmother resides.

In time, she comes across her teenage crush Travis played by Carlo Marks, whom she liked a lot when she was a young teenager. Soon, Sarah discovers an age-old myth about her family which could actually be true.

Final Word

With Christmas around the corner add the family drama movie A Kismet Christmas to your present movie list. And if you cannot wait for that long we would suggest you watch the movie this weekend. You can stream it on the Hallmark channel and on The Roku Channel. In order to watch it for free, the only option is to visit FMovies or 123 Movies. You can also stream it in HD quality. 

However, if you’re planning an international trip this holiday season then try to visit the spectacular city of Victoria in British Columbia. Also, if you want to learn more about such fascinating filming locations then do check out where was Raymond and Ray and Noel Next Door filmed.

Who Directed The Film, A Kismet Christmas?

Mark Jean directed the film, A Kismet Christmas.

Who All Acted In The Movie, A Kismet Christmas?

The cast of A Kismet Christmas includes actors like Sarah Ramos, Carlo Marks, Michele Scarabelli, Barbara Pollard, Marilu Henner, Zahf Paroo, and Rubi Tupper.

Who Produced The Film, A Kismet Christmas?

Lisa Demberg and Beth Grossbard produced the film, A Kismet Christmas.

Who Wrote The Movie, A Kismet Christmas?

Betsy Morris wrote the film, A Kismet Christmas.

Who Is The Cinematographer Of The Film, A Kismet Christmas?

William McKnight is the cinematographer of the film, A Kismet Christmas.

What Is The Runtime Of The Movie, A Kismet Christmas?

1h 24m is the runtime of the movie, A Kismet Christmas.

Which Production Company Backed The Film, A Kismet Christmas?

Front Street Pictures backed the film, A Kismet Christmas.

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