Where Was Christmas Under Wraps Filmed? A Feel-Good Hallmark Original Holiday Movie!


We all know that Hallmark is known for their romantic movies in a scenic settings. They usually release the movies during the time of Christmas and their movies are appreciated by audiences as they give them the holiday feeling. Christmas Under Wraps is also one of those feel-good relaxing movies to get you in that holiday spirit. In the article, we will talk about the plot of the movie a little bit and tell you where was Christmas Under Wraps filmed.

Christmas Under Wraps premiered on the Hallmark channel in November 2014. The movie is directed by Peter Sullivan and stars Candace Cameron Bure, David O’Donnell, and Robert Pine. This movie is a classic Hallmark story and they have made it with all the right elements. The movie focuses on the love story between an aspiring surgeon and a small-town guy who teaches her to love small things in life.

The movie is set in Alaska, however, the town of Garland, in which the movie is based is actually fictional. As far as the real filming locations go, Christmas Under Wraps was filmed in Utah, United States. The major locations where the movie was filmed are Salt Lake City, Heber City and Payson City in Utah. Let’s discuss all these filming locations in the detail, but before that let me take you through the plot of the movie.

The Plot Of Christmas Under Wraps | What Is The Movie About?

The storyline of Christmas Under Wraps revolves around Dr. Lauren Brunell (Candace Cameron Blue), who is an aspiring Surgeon and takes a temporary job in a small town in Alaska. After losing her dream fellowship she decides to get some experience by working as a resident in Garland, Alaska. She starts to practice general medicine and meets a guy named Andy (David O’Donnell), who she accidentally falls in love with.

As she starts to explore the town with Andy, she starts to grow fond of this small town and its people. The question then arises whether she will follow her plan to go to Boston or will she listen to her heart and stay to keep working in the small town.

Where Was Christmas Under Wraps Filmed? Know About The Picturesque Locations!

Where Was Christmas Under Wraps Filmed? A Feel-Good Hallmark Original Holiday Movie!

Christmas Under Wraps looks super festive and puts an emphasis on not taking family relationships for granted and enjoying small things in life. All of this is combined together in one package to give us a heartwarming story that lights up the mood and cheers us for the upcoming holiday season. Since we have already discussed the plot, let’s jump straight to the filming locations and tell you where was Christmas Under Wraps filmed.

Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Where Was Christmas Under Wraps Filmed? A Feel-Good Hallmark Original Holiday Movie!

One of the major filming locations of Christmas Under Wraps is Salt Lake City, Utah. This city is the capital and the most populous city of Utah. It’s a dynamic city with lots of natural, religious and historic attractions. The city is set at the foot of snow-clad mountains and offers skiing and mountain adventures to visitors and locals. Primarily known for being a religious centre to the Mormons, the city gained a new dynamic when it hosted the Winter Olympic Games.

Temple Square is one of the main attractions in Salt Lake City. The Mormon temple, Mormon Tabernacle, Temple Annex and Assembly Hall are the main historical monuments that you will find when you tour the city. There are many famous Ski resorts that you can visit while you are on a trip around Salt Lake City. These include Park City, Deer Valley, Snow Basin, Powder Mountains and Sundance.

The city is known for its picturesque views and that is the probable reason the makers of Christmas Under Wraps chose this city for the backdrop of their movie. It is also a popular filming location and many movies like Dumb And Dumber, 127 Hours and Hereditary were filmed in Salt Lake City.

Payson City, Utah, USA

Where Was Christmas Under Wraps Filmed? A Feel-Good Hallmark Original Holiday Movie!

Payson city is a small close-knit community in Southern Utah County. This was also an important filming location for Christmas Under Wraps. The City is a major tourist destination and tourists often come to see the famous Payson Utah Temple. Many people in this city have Scottish ancestry, that’s why many annual Scottish festivals are held here every year. 

Payson was originally named Peteetneet, after an Indian chief who lived there. There are many monuments such as the historic Main Street, Peteetneet Museum and Cultural Arts Center that are a clear indicator of the city’s heritage and clearly tells the story of this hundred-year-old city. Payson is also a popular filming location and the popular hit movie Footloose (1984) was also filmed here.

Heber City, Utah, USA

Heber city is located 43 miles away from Salt Lake City and is a county seat of Wasatch county in Utah. This city was the third location where the filming of Christmas Under Wraps took place. The city is popular for its deer parks ad fish recoveries. Again this city is a popular filming location and some scenes of the comedy movie Dumb And Dumber were filmed here.

Final Words

Alright, we have reached the end of the article and discussed the plot of the movie along with its filming locations. Now, you know where was Christmas Under Wraps filmed. The movie was precisely filmed in the city of Utah and we have shared all the possible information regarding the place and the locations with you. If you are planning to visit Utah during the coming holidays then make sure to check out the places we have mentioned.

If you liked the article, then please let us know in the comments section below. Keep reading more interesting filming location articles on our website, for instance,  where was A Country Wedding And A Jazzman’s Blues filmed.

Where to watch Christmas Under Wraps?

This Hallmark Original movie Christmas Under Wraps is available to stream on Netflix. You have to be subscribed to the platform in order to stream the movie. The monthly subscription charges of Netflix start from $9.99.

Who has written Christmas Under Wraps?

Christmas Under Wraps is written by Jeffery Schenck, Peter Sullivan, and George Erschbamer. Peter Sullivan is the director of the movie as well.

What is the runtime of Christmas Under Wraps?

The runtime of Christmas Under Wraps is 1 Hour and 28 Minutes including the starting and the end credits of the movie.

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