Where Was Acapulco Filmed? Austin Winsberg’s Hilarious Comedy Series!!


Are you interested to find out where was Acapulco filmed? Do you want to know more about this comedy series? Well then, follow this article till the very end and get all the answers to your queries.

Acapulco is a comedy-drama series that was released on Apple TV+ back in 2021. This hysterical show is available in multiple languages to cater to a wide range of audiences. However, the concept of this incredible series was adapted from the screenplay of an American comedy flick, to be a Latin Lover, which was released in 2017.

The basic premise of How of Acapulco, is centered around the character of Maximo Young, a young and energetic Mexican who gets his dream in the f & b industry. However, when the lead actor faces real challenges at work, the dream becomes a ghastly nightmare.

The makers of Acapulco were elated with the commercial success of this show. A total of 20 hilarious episodes were released between two successful seasons of this popular show. As per reports, the latest season of Acapulco is about to be released later this year.

So let us find out what actually happened during the making of this rib-tickling show and discuss where Acapulco was filmed.

Where Was Acapulco Filmed? Let’s Know This Comedy Drama Series Closely!

As you might’ve guessed from the name of this show, the story of Acapulco is set in Mexico. Interestingly enough, the shooting of this incredible series also took place in and around beautiful Mexican locations.

Although, no sequences were actually filmed anywhere near the exotic town of Acapulco. All major outdoor scenes of Acapulco were captured in and around the Mexican state of Jalisco. Winsberg and Eduardo began working on this project in early 2020.

During the initial stages of pre-production, the makers couldn’t arrive at a mutual decision while selecting the final filming location for this show. Eduardo wanted to film the entire series in Acapulco, whereas Winsberg was stern about filming elsewhere.

Luckily, both the creators of Acapulco later decided to meet halfway and weigh the pros and cons before making the final decision. An urgent meeting was called, after which the production members were to scout for potential sites around the western region of Mexico.

Soon, the team scouted ideal filming locations in and around the state of Jalisco. The ideal sites, which were located near the exotic city of Puerto Vallarta, were selected as the final filming  location for Acapulco,

Since the makers were satisfied with the overall chilled-out vibe and picturesque setting of the locations in Puerto Vallarta, they decided to take this decision. The principal photography began in the first week of April 2021 and continued till the end of June of the same year.

Now let us dive deep and look closer at where Acapulco was filmed.

Jalisco, Puerto Vallarta | México

Puerto Vallarta is a beautiful resort town on Mexico’s Pacific coast. Each year a number of tourists from all over the world like to visit Puerto Vallarta. Adventure motorsports, watersports, fun beach activities, swanked-out nightclubs, and last but not least Michelin-starred restaurants, you can find all these options available for you in Puerto Vallarta.

So, shooting the outdoor sequences of Acapulco around this beautiful location was a no-brainer for the makers. The opening scene of the series, where we see the character of Maximo for the first time, was filmed inside a small house located on the outskirts of this resort town.

The sequences depicting the posh hotel in the show, however, were captured near the prime location of Puerto Vallarta. The production members took special shooting  permission from the owners of a posh hotel located near the beach,

The same property was then used to film all the sequences depicting Maxim’s life at the hotel in Mexico. While these shots were being filmed, the production members made sure to use only a specific part of the hotel.

Naturally, the shooting schedule was shared with the authorities of the hotel as well to curb any kind of confusion and get intruders out of nowhere during the shooting process.

Other important sequences of the show were filmed around different locations in Puerto Vallarta. It’s also important to mention that, throughout three seasons of Acapulco, the production members used more or less the same locations for shooting.

And now, let me walk you through the plot of Acapulco. Meanwhile, you can also read How to Delete Netflix Account, 10 Best 80s Anime, and CMT Awards 2023.

Plot Of Acapulco | What’s It About

Where Was Acapulco Filmed? Austin Winsberg’s Hilarious Comedy Series!!

The story of Acapulco revolves around the character of Maxim Young, a Mexican boy who dreams of becoming a star hotelier. At the very beginning of the series, the lead character appears to be in an ecstatic mood after landing his dream job.

But as the story progresses further, Maxim learns about the real challenges of the food and beverage industry. However, his persistence and grit motivate him to roll with the punches and show up for his work, no matter what. Soon a gorgeous female character emerges who changes everything for Maxim. Watch the latest season of Acapulco on Apple Tv.

Final Words

Ok, guys! So now that we’ve covered all the necessary details regarding where was Acapulco filmed, I hope you will watch the show. If you want to check out the gorgeous filming locations of famous films and shows, don’t forget to browse other articles on Viebly.

Who Are The Producers Of The Show Acapulco?

Austin Winsberg and Chris Harris were the producers of the show Acapulco.

What Is The Rating Of The Show Acapulco?

The show Acapulco has a TV-14 rating

Who Is The Music Director Of The Show Acapulco?

Richard Karas is the music director of the show Acapulco.

Is The Show Acapulco Based On A True Story?

No, the story of Acapulco is based on the screenplay of an American comedy film, which was released in 2017.

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