Where was Alien Covenant Filmed? A Terrific Scifi Thriller!!!


Ever wondered what it would be like to coexist with extraterrestrial beings? Or the existence of human life on any other planet? Well wonder no more, as in this article you will get to know about the film Alien Covenant delving into similar topics, and also find out where was Alien Covenant filmed.

Alien Covenant was released in 2017, acting as a sequel to Prometheus 2012 in the new Alien Trilogy. Director Ridley Scott and his production team chose some of the biggest stars in Hollywood such as Michael Fassbender as David, Dannie McBride as Tennessee, and Katherine Waterstone as Daniels, along with other stars acting as the supporting cast members.

The movie begins as a group of scientists embark on a space operation to establish a colony of humans on an obscured planet Origae-6. The space expedition is soon compromised as the colonization vessel USCSS Covenant and the team get diverted to a new planet, and encounter extraterrestrial creatures, who were waiting to devour them!

To find out what happens next, read this article where I will discuss the plot of this sci-fi genre movie briefly and also let you in on where was Alien Covenant filmed.

Plot Of Alien Covenant | What’s it About

The movie is set in 2104 AD, where a group of scientists and space explorers are sent on a mission to plant the seeds of human life (2000 cryogenic embryos) on a distant planet Origae-6. The colonization spaceship (USCSS Covenant) carrying the crew members and the frozen human embryos also boarded an android, David.

But in a dramatic turn of events, the space operation is shown to change its primary landing spot from Origae-6, to a nearby planet, because of an unidentified transmission which eventually led them to their doom! You can also check out similar Sci-fi movies here.

The situation soon goes south for the team as they get allured to the cryptic signal and land on the new planet. Upon arrival they encounter deadly creatures like Xenomorph and Facehugger, making them succumb to  horrible deaths. The gut-wrenching scenes shown in the movie are a bit gore. 

However they do portray the unforgiving nature of these creatures which the director Scott wanted to showcase in the first place! This cliff-hanger is something that you’d want to unwind yourself and for that, do watch the film Alien Covenant. But if you have watched it already, you can choose from this list and check out 5 best alien movies. For now let’s find where was Alien Covenant filmed. Cool?

Where was Alien Covenant Filmed? Do They Really Go To Space?

Alright, so now that you’re well acquainted with one of the best movies by Ridley Scott, you can also find here about some other movies directed by him. Let’s go ahead and explore the locations where the principal shooting was done by the production team for filming Alien Covenant.

Fox Studios Australia | Moore Park

Where was Alien Covenant Filmed? A Terrific Scifi Thriller!!!

Most of the scenes that were shot, resembling the space, which was portrayed on screen were achieved with the help of CGI and other digital photography techniques. The process started in August 0f 2016 and saw the majority of the work being completed by the end of the year. Fox Studios Australia helped immensely in meeting the deadlines of the production team. 

However, the scenes which had to showcase the Earth-like planet were not filmed in the studios!In fact a real location was chosen by the production team. Without waiting any longer, allow me to unveil the special location for you, that was used in the filming of Alien Covenant. This location is considered to be rather famous and often explored by different filmmakers around the globe. 

New Zealand | Fiordland National Park

Where was Alien Covenant Filmed? A Terrific Scifi Thriller!!!

New Zealand is home to natural flora and fauna, and has never ceased to attract directors and artists to film their masterpieces and envision the scenic beauty as their film’s background. To say the least, the scenes are just picture-perfect! With an abundance of natural waterfalls, peaky mountains, and lush green forests.

This location in New Zealand’s Fiordland National Park is too hard to resist when shooting for outdoor scenes that require the divine touch of nature. You can also read about other movies being filmed here like Mad Max: Fury Road, starring Tom Hardy

The landing location of the spaceship in the movie is in reality the Milford Sound in Fiordland National Park. Most of the elements which do exist there like the hilltops and the waterfalls are shown just as they are in the movie, with only a few instances of digital addition.

The whole idea of the production was to create a location that convinces the audience and almost compels them to believe in the chances of flora and fauna actually existing on some other distant planet. The fact that this location is often visited not only by filmmakers and artists but also by tourists and nature lovers, is really exciting! So the next time you’re planning for your trip abroad, you can definitely mark this as a go-to spot, and enjoy it to the fullest. 

Final Words

Right, so now that you’ve gone through the plot of the movie and know where was Alien Covenant filmed, I hope you’d give this movie a shot if you haven’t already. And if you have enjoyed reading this article, do visit Viebly to check out more such informative and dope articles. Until then, peace out!

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