Where Was Always Amore Filmed? Striking British Columbia!


Do you enjoy watching romantic movies? Have you watched the Hallmark movie Always Amore? Are you curious about where was Always Amore filmed?

Always Amore is a romance movie structured in the typical Hallmark romantic drama style. The movie follows the journey of a widow who wants to salvage her deceased husband’s restaurant. To do so she is forced to hire a business consultant but she does not like the fact that he plans to change a lot of things in the restaurant. 

Always Amore was filmed primarily in British Columbia. The plot of the movie is set in a small cozy town, and the region of Fort Langley served as a perfect place for the filming of the movie. The movie is not a romantic comedy unlike most Hallmark movies and presents a dramatic plotline.

We will be discussing where was Always Amore filmed and other important information about the filming locations of the movie. Other than that, if you want to know the filming locations of other titles like Old School and Message In A Bottle you can also find detailed reads for the same.

Always Amore | An Unexpected Romance!

Let us take a look at the general plot of the movie before we discuss further regarding where was Always Amore filmed.

Pollys Cove, Nova Scotia
Pollys Cove, Nova Scotia

Always Amore showcases the life of a struggling widow named Elizabeth. In an attempt to keep her husband’s business thriving she decides to hire a consultant. However, soon things go awry between the duo as Elizabeth hates making changes. While the new consultant Ben intends to reform the structure of the restaurant to make it more successful.

Even though the duo gradually erases any differences between them. The movie primarily focuses on the positive changes they bring to each other’s lives. Will Elizabeth and Ben be able to keep the restaurant afloat? What would their relationship eventually evolve into? 

You can explore the full story of the movie by streaming it online. Here are some other technical aspects of the movie that you might want to know.

IMDb Rating7.0
Runtime1 hour 24 minutes
Director(s)Kevin Fair
Writer(s)Julie Sherman Wolfe
CastAutumn Reeser, Tyler Hynes, Matthew Del Bel Belluz
Release DateApril 3, 2022 (United States)
Production(s)Front Street Pictures, Gastronomy Road

Where Was Always Amore Filmed? 

Where Was Always Amore Filmed? Striking British Columbia!

Always Amore features a lot of scenic landscapes in its backdrop. Besides that, the town featured in the movie is also quite cozy and helped in enhancing the overall romantic feel of the movie.

So without further ado let’s explore where was Always Amore filmed. You might also want to check out the shooting locations of other films and TV series like Charm City Kings and The Andy Griffith Show as well. We hope you will find some fantastic locations that you would want to travel to on your next vacation.

Fort Langley

Where Was Always Amore Filmed? Striking British Columbia!

Most of the filming for Always Amore happened in Fort Langley. The Italian restaurant that Elizabeth and Ben work at is also situated in Fort Langley. You should also take note that the restaurant exists and was not a constructed set. Even though there are some parts of the movie that were filmed on set.

The local view and the visually pleasing aesthetic of the town made it a perfect place for the creators to choose as a filming location. It is also notable that the town has also been featured in a plethora of movies and TV shows like The Adam Project, Upload, etc.

If you are planning to travel to some well-known spaces that are away from cities you can check out the town. Fort Langley is also a historical place that features a lot of small village communities. The town is also situated near the Fraser river which is for sure a relaxing place to travel to. 

British Columbia

Where Was Always Amore Filmed? Striking British Columbia!

Some parts of Always Amore were also filmed outside of Fort Langley. Even though Fort Langley is also situated in British Columbia, the movie was also filmed in other regions of British Columbia surrounding the village community as well.

British Columbia houses a lot of places for traveling including the city of Vancouver, Whistler,  the Fraser River, and other scenic locations located near Fort Langley. Some interior scenes of the movie were also filmed in Vancouver. 

If you are a fan of exploring new and exciting places, you will be able to discover many unexplored locations near the Fraser river. You can also go hiking and biking while visiting the river. Other than that you can also go on a road trip, or visit the numerous museum, historical buildings, and cultural centers situated across the city.

Final Words

This was all that you need to know about where was Always Amore filmed. We hope you enjoyed this read on where was Always Amore filmed. You can also explore the streaming options for movies and TV shows like On The Come Up and Raymond And Ray as well.

You can also suggest to us your favorite movies and TV show whose filming locations you would want to know. Stay tuned with us for more of such detailed content.

What is the cast of Always Amore?

The cast of Always Amore is Autumn Reeser, Tyler Hynes, Matthew Del Bel Belluz, Rachelle Goulding, Patty McCormack, Lisa Marie DiGiacinto, and Peter Bryant.

Where can you watch Always Amore?

You will be able to stream Always Amore on the official Hallmark channel.

What is the name of the protagonist in Always Amore?

The protagonists of the movie Always Amore are Elizabeth and Ben. The roles were portrayed by Autumn Reeser and Tyler Hynes.

Can you watch Always Amore on Youtube?

No, you will not be able to stream the movie Always Amore on Youtube.

Who composed the music for Always Amore?

The music for Always Amore was composed by Jordan Klassen, Will Quiring, and Taylor Swindells.

Who was the casting director for Always Amore?

The casting director of the movie Always Amore is Jackie Lind.

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