Where Was American Rust Filmed? Dan Futterman’s Epic Crime Drama Series!!


If you’re a fan of unconventional shows, created by Dan Futterman, then you’re going to enjoy reading this piece. Follow this article to know all about the gripping series, American Rust, starring Jeff Daniels. Furthermore, I’ll also share with you, where was American Rust filmed.

The American crime drama series, American Rust, released 10 captivating episodes from its first season on Showtime, back in 2021. Reportedly, Futterman took inspiration from Phillipp Meyer’s crime novel, published a couple of years back, before making this show. 

Unfortunately, the re-run of the show was canceled by Showtime in 2022, after which the second season of American Rust eventually premiered on Amazon Freeve, later that year. The basic premise of American Rust follows the character of Del Harris, a retired police chief of a small town in Pennsylvania. The plot thickens when the officer is compelled to return to his base, for investigating a horrid crime case.

American Rust was pretty successful, in its first season. This captivating show won a major award and earned several prestigious nominations. The makers were satisfied with the overall commercial performance of the show in 2021, and thus released the second season, in the next year. However, the critics reviewed the overall storyline of this enthralling crime series hard-heartedly and gave less than positive reviews.

So, are you ready to find out where was American Rust filmed? Then, let’s go ahead and explore the shooting locations.

Where Was American Rust Filmed? Let’s Know This Crime Drama Series Closely!

The making of American Rust wasn’t a smooth sail of any sort. After Phillipp Meyer sold the rights to his novel to the network channel back in 2017, the makers started working on the script. But, as per the reports, after the makers couldn’t arrange suitable actors for the lead roles, Futterman had to stop the project.

However, in 2019 when Futterman successfully auditioned and selected suitable cast members for his show, he began looking for ideal filming locations. As the story of American Rust was set in a small town in Pennsylvania, Dan thought of filming the entire series in Pennsylvania.

He then asked the production members to scout for several locations in and around the southwestern part of Pennsylvania. As soon as the crew submitted the list of potential shooting locations to Futterman, he instructed the crew to begin filming.

The principal photography began towards the end of March 2021 and continued for several weeks. Filming in Pennsylvania lasted till the first week of May, and the production members did a commendable job in keeping the shooting schedule unchanged.

There were no reports of any incidents, which came in the way of filming the episodes. The production members deftly managed everything and pre-acquired the shooting permissions. So, without further ado, let’s discuss where was American Rust filmed in detail.

Pennsylvania | USA

Where Was American Rust Filmed? Dan Futterman’s Epic Crime Drama Series!!

The pilot episode from the first season of American Rust, where we see the character of Del Harris for the first time, was actually filmed in the borough of Donora. This famous place is located 20 miles south of Pittsburgh, near the Monongahela River.

In fact, the opening sequence, where we see the lead actor sitting near a river bank, reminiscing about his time at the police department, was filmed near this famous river in Donora. Other pivotal sequences of the show were captured in other areas of Washington County.

The crew then eventually moved to the city of Pittsburgh, to capture the remaining sequences of the show. The scenes where we see the character of Del Harris, rejoining the police force as the chief officer, were filmed near the downtown area of Pittsburgh.

The production members turned around a vacant area and made it look like a working police department in the city. The crew took one and a half weeks to complete the construction of the make-believe precinct, after which the interior shots were captured.

Additional outdoor sequences from the first season of American Rust were captured on the outskirts of Pittsburgh. The horrid crime scenes depicted in the show were all filmed near a sparsely populated area of Pittsburgh.

Filming in Pennsylvania continued till the first week of May 2021, after which the production members began working on the promotion of the show.

Alright friends, now let me walk you through the plot of American Rust. Meanwhile, you can also check out Supercell, A Beautiful Mind, and Togo as well.

Plot Of American Rust | What’s It About

Where Was American Rust Filmed? Dan Futterman’s Epic Crime Drama Series!!

The basic premise of American Rust follows the character of Del Harris, a retired police chief of a small town in Pennsylvania. At the very beginning of the series, Del appears to spend quality time with his family, after retiring from his demanding job.

But as the story progresses further, a complex homicidal case forces other officers to bring the retired police chief back to the base. Naturally, Del’s partners visit his house and brief him about the situation. Watch American Rust to find out how the aging lead actor joins the special task force and actively helps the team to catch the real murderers.

Final Words

Ok friends, so now that we’ve reached the end, I hope now you’re fully aware of the filming locations of this crime drama show. To read similar pieces like, where was American Rust filmed, you can also check out other articles on Viebly. Don’t forget to let us know if you enjoyed the read.

Who Are The Cast Members Of The Show American Rust?

The cast members of the show American Rust include Jeff Daniels, Maura Tierney, David Alvarez, Bill Camp and Max Pellegrino along with some other notable actors.

Who Are The Producers Of The Show American Rust?

Adam Rapp and Dan Futtermanl were the producers of the show American Rust.

What Is The Rating Of The Show American Rust?

The show American Rust has a TV-MA rating.

Who Is The Music Director Of The Show American Rust?

Elissa Elis is the music director of the show American.

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