Where Was Togo Filmed? The Locations Of An Adventure Thriller


Do you love going on adventures? If so, then I guess adventure movies are your favorite genre. In this article, you’ll learn about one of the epic, adventurous movies, Togo (2019). Well, we have also got covered the specific details of where was Togo filmed. So, read the entire article to get interesting information about the movie.

The historical adventure film Togo was directed by Ericson Core. The lead sled dog named, Togo and his trainer Leonhard Seppala are the subjects of a true story that served as the inspiration for the film. Willem Dafoe, a three-time Oscar nominee, plays Leonhard. Constance Seppala, who is his wife, is portrayed by Julianne Nicholson.

The film was released on December 20, 2019, on the popular OTT platform Disney+. The movie was well-received by critics and viewers. So, if you are interested to know about the movie, then read the storyline of the movie below. This would give you a better understanding of the movie’s plot.

Now, you may prefer to know where was Togo filmed. To find the answer to the question, scroll down below and know more the filming locations.

The Plot Of Togo | What Is The Story About?

When diphtheria strikes the small Alaskan village of Nome in 1925, the drama officially begins. Seppala offers to make the trip as using sled dogs is the only way to transport the serum from Fairbanks safely. Seppala is a person who views dogs as a business and is unable to afford their devotion. However, the tough and determined Togo soon demonstrates that he is ideal as a lead dog rather than a pack dog.

Seppala is eventually persuaded to drive Togo and the other dogs to the lab to get the serum and then rush back. Togo is 12 years old, which is elderly for a dog, so Constance becomes worried, but Seppala is adamant about going. So, the movie showcases the emotional impact of Seppala and Togo’s connection. 

The movie, Togo thrives in this realm, which is why it is popular. If you are a dog lover, then you will definitely like this movie. Get ready to watch the film with your furry friend, which is streaming on Disney+.

Where Was Togo Filmed? All The Locations Are Revealed Here!

The movie’s primary photography began on September 21 and ended in February 2019. The Canadian province of Alberta served as the backdrop for Disney’s great adventure film Togo. Read on to know more specific details of the filming locations.

Cochrane, Alberta

togo movie Cochrane, Alberta

Cochrane is the primary location that served as the backdrop of the movie, Togo. No days were spent filming on stage, according to director Ericson Core. The Cochrane area and the nearby mountains to the west of Calgary served as the backdrop for all of the real-world filming that took place there.

Additionally, they worked to capture all four distinct seasons on film by filming from September through the end of the winter.

Cl Western Town and Backlot

togo movie Cl Western Town and Backlot

The CL Western Town and Backlot in Bragg Creek is where the scenes in the Alaskan town of Nome were shot. In the main street of the movie set, the crew constructed the St. Joseph’s Church facade, a landmark in Nome. This movie set is a sizable, adaptable movie studio with structures from the 1850s to the 1930s, the majority of which have finished interiors and a mountain vista.

Nome is situated close to the Bering Strait on the isolated southern shore of the Seward Peninsula. The settlement originated from a gold rush. With 12,000 residents, it was Alaska’s most populated city in 1900.

Fortress Mountain, Kananaskis Country

togo movie Fortress Mountain, Kananaskis Country

In Fortress Mountain and other locations around the Kananaskis Country, the majority of Togo was filmed. It’s stunning to see Fortress Mountain. Additionally, the starting position is higher than the majority of the Alberta snowshoeing paths you are accustomed to. That implies that there is a ton of snow.

There is no other place like the Kananaskis Valley in the entire globe! You may easily access hiking, biking, and snowshoeing paths on-site. You may find unspoiled acres perfect for exploring the valley, and Nakiska offers world-class skiing. There is something for adventure seekers of all skill levels here.

Final Words

Right, I guess you liked the plot of the movie discussed above in the article. And also, after knowing about where was Togo filmed, I hope you’ll definitely watch the movie. If you are an adventurous person, then the above-mentioned locations are the best place to visit.

So, plan your next adventurous trip to those beautiful locations. If you are looking for more interesting and entertaining content, then be sure to visit Viebly often. You can also check other filming locations that include Color Purple and SEAL on this website.

Was Togo ill as a young puppy?

Yes. According to the Togo genuine story, Leonhard Seppala’s wife Constance had to give Togo a lot of attention while he was a young puppy.

When they started the Serum Run, how old was Seppala’s dog Togo?

Togo was 12 years old when they started the relay to deliver diphtheria antitoxin to Nome.

Which breed played Togo in the film?

Diesel, a Siberian Husky, played the role of the adult Togo.

How far did the teams of sled dogs travel while carrying the serum?

The subsequent 674-mile trip from Nenana to Nome was made by a relay of 20 sled dog teams.

What shades of hue was Togo?

Genuine Togo had a coat that was brown, black, and gray.

At what age did Togo pass away?

The Tog died at the age of 16.

Who Is The Writer Of The Film Togo?

Tom Flynn is the writer of the movie Togo.

Who Is The Cinematographer Of The film Togo?

Ericson Core is the cinematographer of the film Togo.


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