Where Was Andor Filmed? Explore Some Real-Life Locations!


What’s your plan for the upcoming weekend? I hope you are not planning to turn into a lazy lad! Well, if you haven’t planned something, what about watching Andor with your friends and then exploring its locations? Yeah, it sounds quite exciting! So, read the entire article that is going to help you out in finding where was Andor filmed! 

Andor (2022) focuses on Cassian’s journey in bringing a difference in the people around him. Further, the series talks about how people start joining hands with Cassian who soon turns out to be a rebellion against an empire. Due to these circumstances, the scenario gets filled with dangers, deception, and intrigue. Has Cassian embarked on a journey to become a rebel hero?

The entire shooting of Andor took place in London, the United Kingdom, and Scotland. Within these, the target filming locations were Pinewood Studios, Little Marlow, Winspit quarry in Dorset, Middle Peak Quarry, Coryton Oil Refinery in Corringham, Cleveleys, Glen Tilt, and many more. 

Now, let’s try to understand numerous facts about these filming locations. Read all about where was Andor filmed!

Where Was Andor Filmed? Stunning Locations Are Waiting For You!

Although only a few episodes of this science-fiction series have been released, fans are loving it. The rest of the episodes are scheduled to release by the end of November. And the next installment of this terrific series is almost on the way. So, get ready to witness more of the plot!

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After covering all the significant information about Andor, it’s time to have a look at where was Andor filmed!

Pinewood Studios, Buckinghamshire, London

Where Was Andor Filmed? Explore Some Real-Life Locations!

Like others, the makers of Andor also opted to shoot the indoor sequences on the stages of Pinewood Studios. Surprisingly, almost half of the movie was shot here with the help of a special design team. 

Pinewood Studios is amongst some of the specialized studios with a global reputation. Over the past 80 years, this studio has been the primary filming location for multiple movies. Whether it’s a large-scale movie, television series, or commercial, Pinewood Studio is everyone’s first choice. 

Little Marlow, Buckinghamshire, England

Little Marlow was the first location from where the production team started lensing outdoor sequences. Filming in this village was a bit easy for the team because the natural settings were perfect. Also, the villagers were highly considerate towards the entire production team. 

A village and a civil parish, Little Marlow is a picturesque village known for its rich history. In addition, there are multiple places to visit like The Parish Church of Saint John the Baptist. For children, there are multiple parks where they can have fun playing multiple outdoor games. 

Winspit Quarry, Dorset

Where Was Andor Filmed? Explore Some Real-Life Locations!

Within Dorset, the makers found Winspit Quarry very mesmerizing. This coastal cliff near Worth Matravers was used to film a few intriguing outdoor sequences when Cassian starts developing the feeling of a rebel. 

Dorset is a southwest County in England known for the Jurassic Coast. Here, you get to see cliffs containing many fossils and rock formations. Besides this, some prominent landmarks of the county are Durdle Door and an ancient stone arch. And if you are looking forward to spending some quality time with your love, you should visit the sandy beaches in Weymouth and Swanage. 

Middle Peak Quarry, Derbyshire 

This appealing place has a long history of quarrying and mining. In order to capture a few battle sequences, Middle Peak Quarry was selected. Luckily, this location was so amazing that the editing team did not make any changes to the sequences shot there. 

You’ll be surprised to know that the history of mining here can be traced to the past 2000 years. Despite this, there are numerous woodland areas where many production companies prefer filming their movies and television series. 

Coryton Oil Refinery, Corringham 

Where Was Andor Filmed? Explore Some Real-Life Locations!

Coryton Oil Refinery was also among some of the locations where a few crucial outdoor sequences were shot. Shooting here was a bit challenging but the production team was ready to bear the brunt. 

Well, this beautiful oil refinery you saw in the series is no longer functional. This refinery was shut down after experiencing a huge loss. Today, this place has been transformed into an industrial hub known as Thames Enterprise Park. 

Cleveleys, Fylde Coast 

The next spot after the oil refinery for filming Andor was Cleveleys. The ending sequences of the movie were shot in the backdrops of Cleveleys. 

A family-friendly seaside town separating Fleetwood and Blackpool, Cleveleys is loaded with amazing locations and thoughtful natives. Guess what! You can even enjoy swimming at some spots on Cleveleys beaches. 

Glen Tilt, Perthshire, Scotland

Where Was Andor Filmed? Explore Some Real-Life Locations!

You’ll be amazed to know that Glen Tilt, one of the main locations to answer where was Andor filmed was used to lens the climax sequence of the series. The natural setup of this place made the makers determined to shoot the sequence here. 

Let me tell you that Glen Tilt features several self-catering accommodations. It means you can enjoy your vacations the way you want to. Further, the rock formations are the center of attraction for geologists across the world. So visit this amazing place soon!

Final Words 

You must have surely come across a lot of information about where was Andor filmed. And I hope this article has helped you in making your weekend wonderful with your friends. Like this, keep visiting the website and learn about some more filming locations. 

If you are ready for some more interesting locations, have a look at the filming locations of Hobbs And Shaw and Cedar Cove. Update your knowledge quickly!

Is Andor A Prequel To Rogue One?

Yes, Andor is a prequel to Rogue One, a Star War movie.

When Was The First Episode Of Andor Filmed?

The first episode of Andor was released on 21 September 2022.

Who Are The Cast Members Of Andor?

The cast members of Andor are Fiona Shaw, Diego Luna, Kyle Soller, Adria Arjona, Stellan Skarsgard, Genevieve O’Reilly, Denise Gough, and many more.

Where Can I Watch Andor Online?

You can watch Andor online on Disney Plus with a paid subscription.

What Is The IMDb Rating Of Andor?

The IMDb rating of Andor is 8.1 out of 10.

Andor Is Available In Which Language?

Andor is available only in English.

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