Where Was Cedar Cove Filmed? Hallmark’s Romance Drama Show Was Filmed Here! 


Who said that Hallmark only ever makes Christmas-themed movies and TV shows? Well, if you believe this, then you’ll be surprised to know that Hallmark Channel makes cute romance dramas like Cedar Cove (2013) as well! Yes, the channel has something to offer to everyone! Apart from the storyline, what’s so interesting about this show is its filming location! You don’t need to take my word for it, read where was Cedar Cove filmed and find out for yourself! 

You know, whenever I think that there’s absolutely no hope for me to find someone in this world, I watch breezy romance movies. TV shows and movies that deal with romance are all I need to restore my faith in true love. Just like the protagonist found their one true love, despite all the obstacles along the way, I can find mine too! Romance movies fill up an individual with hope and possibility– the two elixirs of life. 

Cedar Cove, both the book and the television series, is set in Port Orchard, located in Washington, DC. But, the actual filming of the TV show took place in Vancouver, British Columbia. This is because, even though Washington did offer tax breaks, Vancouver has the better infrastructure required for filming the movie! 

Vancouver is considered a filming haven for production companies for a variety of reasons. This place offers attractive tax breaks, has a top-class infrastructure, and a smooth supply of highly skilled workers. Keep reading this article to know more about Where is Cedar Cove filmed! Who knows, at the end of this article, you might have your next vacation planned. 

Here’s Where Was Cedar Cove Filmed | Explore All Filming Locations Below!

Oh, don’t you worry about Olivia! Her life story, i.e., Cedar Cove, will make for an interesting, binge-worthy watch! You’ll love this Hallmark show if you like watching sitcom shows! On top of that, the show’s filming location only adds to its appeal! Although, you may not believe it until you find out where was Cedar Cove filmed for yourself!

Also, because you like reading about filming locations of romance movies and TV shows, don’t forget to check out where The Wonder, Marry Me In Yosemite, and Call Me By Your Name were filmed. I bet you’ll like these beautiful locations so much that they will be added to your travel bucket list! 

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Where Was Cedar Cove Filmed? Hallmark’s Romance Drama Show Was Filmed Here! 

Cedar Cove was filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, in its entirety. Debbie Macomber, the writer of Cedar Cove, wanted the show to be filmed in Washington, DC. Because that’s where the novel and show are set, and the place offered tax concessions. However, the production unit later settled with Vancouver because the infrastructure here supported the requirements better. 

Vancouver is no stranger to being used as a filming location. A hell lot of films like Ships In The Night, North To Home, Sister Swap, and Sweet Autumn have already been filmed here. 

Apart from filming the filming locations of films and TV shows, do not forget to check out the below-mentioned tourist places in British Columbia:

The Butchart Gardens

Where Was Cedar Cove Filmed? Hallmark’s Romance Drama Show Was Filmed Here! 

If you enjoy gardening or plant-keeping, then you must visit Butchart Gardens. You can find this place in Brentwood Bay, near Victoria on Vancouver Island. This place is of such importance that it has already been declared a National Historic Site Of Canada! 

Granville Island 

Where Was Cedar Cove Filmed? Hallmark’s Romance Drama Show Was Filmed Here! 

If you’re a shopaholic and believe in retail therapy (it’s not actually a thing) above all else, then Granville Island is for you. This place is located across False Creek in Downtown Vancouver. Apart from a public market, Granville Island is home to a marina, a hotel, an Arts Club Theatre Company, and Carousel Theatre. 

The Plot Of Cedar Cove

The plot of Cedar Cove revolves around the life of Olivia Lockhart, municipal court judge of Cedar Cove, a scenic town located on Puget Sound Island in Washington State. Cedar Cove’s residents are traditional people who believe in moral values above all else. Hell, they don’t even lock their front doors at night just because they trust their neighbors. 

However, Olivia remains to be the moral compass of the town. Despite this, her life isn’t free of troubles. Her teenage son accidentally drowned in a river and died. Olivia and her physician husband couldn’t cope with the loss, and their marriage took its toll. As a result, they parted ways. 

Jordan’s death also affected his twin sister, Justine, who is now a young woman. The incident and her parents’ separation have left her struggling with finding a place for herself in the world. Cedar Cove is being tugged at from different directions. And, just like the town, Olivia is being drawn to different places too. Those things may take her away from her beloved town one day. 

But you don’t need to feel sorry for Olivia. Through life’s many tumultuous ups and downs, she’s supported by her friends, family, and her childhood best friend, Grace Sherman, who also works as a librarian. 

Before we proceed any further, here are some more details about the show:

Release DateJuly 20, 2013
Running Time42m
Developed ByBruce Graham
Produced ByHarvey Kahn, Connie Dolphin, Lisa Towers
StarringAndie MacDowell, Dylan Neal, Teryl Rothery, Sarah Smyth, Brennan Elliott, Corey Sevier, Bruce Boxleitner
No. Of Seasons3
No. Of Episodes36
IMDb Rating6.9/10

Final Words

Alright, folks! I hope you all know where was Cedar Cove filmed! The movie was entirely shot in Vancouver, British Columbia! And not just Cedar Cove, a lot of popular Hallmark Channel movies and shows have been filmed here! So, add Vancouver to your travel bucket list ASAP! 

What Production Companies Have Worked On Cedar Cove?

Unity Pictures Group has worked on Cedar Cove. 

Is Cedar Cove Available On The Hallmark Channel?

Cedar Cove is available on The Hallmark Channel. 

Is Cedar Cove Available On Amazon Prime Video?

Cedar Cove is available on Amazon Prime Video. 

What Is The Other Name Of Cedar Cove?

Cedar Cove is also known as Debbie Macomber’s Cedar Cove. 

Is Cedar Cove Available On Google Play Movies? 

Cedar Cove is available on Google Play Movies. 

Who Is The Writer Of The Movie Cedar Cove?

The movie Cedar Cove was written by Debbie Macomber, Bruce Graham, and Sue Tenney. 

What Are Some More Movies Like Cedar Cove?

If you liked watching the movie Cedar Cove, then you can also watch When Hope Calls, Morning Show Mysteries, The Magnificient Seven, The Sentinel, Flower Shop Mysteries, Good Witch, When Calls The Heart, and The Gourmet Detective.

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