Where Was Barbershop 3 Filmed? A Lively Comedy Drama Flick!!


Are you a fan of hip hop music? Would you be happy to see some of the biggest hip hop artists on the planet together in a film? If yes then, be sure to follow this article where I discuss the thriller movie, Barbershop 3  and also let you in on where was Barbershop 3 filmed.

Barbershop 3 also known as Barbershop 3: The Next Cut, is an American comedy genre based film. This movie was released in 2016 as the third and final part of the Barbershop film series and a sequel to Barbershop 2: Back in Business. 

The movie was a box-office success and received positive reviews from the critics, and went on to win All Def Movie Awards in 2017. The locations shown in the film are absolutely amazing, to say the least. 

But for now, allow me to discuss the plot of Barbershop 3 in brief just so you may have a better concept of the actual storyline. And, also I will be sharing the filming locations with you.

Plot Of Barbershop 3 | What’s It About

Barbershop 3 is set in the rough neighborhoods of south side Chicago also known as “Chiraq”.

This movie gives you a peek into emerging American culture of hip hop music alongside the gang violence, murders and extortions that has significantly increased over the years!

Director Malcom D Lee, masterfully brings forth the burning issue of gang violence that has seen a huge spike in the recent years in America, through his comedy feature film. The protagonist of the film Calvin is shown to be the owner of a barbershop, who is fed up with the increased crime rate around his shop. He’s shown to collaborate with his competitor Angie (Regina Hall) in order to sustain his salon.

Then we are to introduce other employees of the shop, and locals of south side Chicago, played by celebrated Hip Hop and Rap artists Tyga, Deon Cole, Common and Nicki Minaj, enacting some of the funniest sequences in the film.

Finally, these characters alongside Calvin and Angie, make the young teenagers realize that gang violence is not something they should get involved in. The path crime is only going to inch them further towards coming back home in a body bag! 

The movie is well paced and a lot of serious topics are measterfully dealt with the help of comedy. Now we’ll find out where was Barbershop 3 filmed, so that you may have a significantly improved experience the next time you watch this movie!. 

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Where Was Barbershop 3 Filmed? Let’s Know The Movie Closely!

Even though Barbershop 3 is set in the south side neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois, most of the filming took place in Atlanta, Georgia. Director Lee and his crew set camps in Atlanta, Georgia for filming because of a number of reasons. 

The actual crime rate in south side Chicago is really high, which motivated the crew in not choosing a location infested with criminals. Now, let’s find out more about these specific locations that were used for filming in depth!

Atlanta, Georgia

Where Was Barbershop 3 Filmed? A Lively Comedy Drama Flick!!

The director and his production team decided to commence the principal photography of the film in March 2015. The city of Atlanta, GA was chosen as the right place to be able to recreate the south side neighborhoods in Chicago. 

Majority of the outdoor sequences were filmed at Inman Street and Laurel Avenue. While the scenes inside the barbershop were set up at a studio located near Ralph David Abernathy Blvd.

The production crew initially struggled to manage the crowd at the locations at first but later managed to adjust filming timings to avoid such disturbance. Director Lee was well prepared in advance and successfully managed to complete filming at this location within the projected time of filming and with no extra overhead cost.

The Film Tax Incentives in Georgia lured the production to settle on this location, which increased the sustainability of the entire budget, which in turn gave them more financial breathing space. And while they were at it, a hefty tax amount was saved as well (talk about finesse).

Chicago, Illinois

Where Was Barbershop 3 Filmed? A Lively Comedy Drama Flick!!

The final sequence of the film was taken from an aerial shot, with the help of drones and helicopter mounted camera. Special permissions were required from the city police and administration department, to shoot the final sequence from the helicopter. 

The production completed the entire procedure of filing for permission and filming in 4 days time. Popular shows like The Vampire Diaries, Prison Break and The Bear alongwith movies such as Top Gun and The Dark Knight were also filmed at this location.

Final Words

So, now that you’ve read the narrative of the film and know where was Barbershop 3 filmed, I hope you’ll give it a watch if you haven’t already. This film will certainly entertain you with the comical story, brilliant screenplay and funny dialogues. 

But if the filming locations excite you more, then you can definitely look them up and plan your next trip to Chicago and Atlanta! If you enjoyed this post, please visit Viebly to read more informative and entertaining articles about filming locations of other movies and shows. Until then, peace out!

Who Are The Cast Members Of The Film, Barbershop 3?

The cast of  Barbershop 3 includes Ice Cube, Regina Hall, Common, Nicki Minaj, Tyga, Anthony Anderson and Cedric The Entertainer.

Who Produced The Film, Barbershop 3?

Ice Cube, Robert Teitel and George Tillman Jr. were the producers of the film, Barbershop 3.

Who Directed The Film, Barbershop 3?

Malcolm D Lee directed the film, Barbershop 3.

Who Wrote The Screenplay Of The Film, Barbershop 3?

Kenya Barns and Tracy Oliver wrote the screenplay for the film, Barbershop 3.

What Is The Runtime Of The Film, Barbershop 3?

1h 51m is the runtime of the film, Barbershop 3.

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