Where Was Bodies Bodies Bodies Filmed? A Gripping Horror Comedy Flick Of 2022!!


Everyone has different choices when it comes to watching entertaining movies, but probably something that we all love, is watching newly released flicks! If you agree, then continue to read this article where I discuss the recently released dark comedy flick, Bodies Bodies Bodies and later let you in on where was Bodies Bodies Bodies filmed.

The American horror comedy movie, Bodies Bodies Bodies, released in 2022, was inspired by a fictional story by Kristen Roupenian. This film depicts the story of a bunch of self-entitled smart as*ed rich kids, partying like there’s no tomorrow. Until a criminal in hiding brutally hacks one of them to death.

Bodies Bodies Bodies, performed decently at the box office, collecting over $13 million globally. This horror thriller flick also received positive reviews from critics and audiences, who particularly applauded the on-screen performances of the actors. Plus, Bodies Bodies Bodies was nominated for a prestigious award in 2022, as well.

So, without waiting any longer, let’s find out where was Bodies Bodies Bodies filmed. And later in this article, I will also discuss the plot of the film in brief.

Where Was Bodies Bodies Bodies Filmed? Let’s Know This Horror Comedy Flick Closely!

The production company, backing Bodies Bodies Bodies, were initially prepared to start filming by the beginning of 2020, however, the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic delayed the entire project. Thus, as soon as the travel restrictions were uplifted by the government, the production resumed the making of Bodies Bodies Bodies, by changing the cast and replacing the former director of the film with Halina Rejin.

Soon after, the principal photography began towards the middle of May 2021 in and around the state of New York and was completed in just one month. 

The completion of the entire filming process within a short span of time could be owed to the fact that the filming crew wasn’t required to travel much as they only had to shoot in a handful of locations. 

Now, without further ado, let’s have a detailed discussion about where was Bodies Bodies Bodies filmed, and explore more about the filming locations of this gripping movie.

New York City, New York | USA

Where Was Bodies Bodies Bodies Filmed? A Gripping Horror Comedy Flick Of 2022!!

The opening scene of the film, where we see the lead character of the film, Sophie invested in a conversation with her girlfriend, was actually filmed in the city of New York. A small-sized apartment, located on the outskirts of Brooklyn was used to depict Sophie’s abode in New York. Several other establishing shots were filmed in the downtown area of Manhattan, and after that the production booked a renowned studio, located in the heart of the city, to capture the interior sequences of the film.

Chappaqua, New York | USA

The production unit then moved 30 miles north of New York City, to the town of New Castle and began shooting there. The sparsely populated area of Chappaqua, located in the northern region of Westchester County, is where the majority of the filming took place.

 As most of the events in the film take place, inside a luxurious house, a Georgian-style manor house, located on the outskirts of the hamlet, was used for filming. The production unit turned around the lawn and the swimming pool area of the mansion to make it look posher. Exterior shots of the house were taken, during the day, as the director, Halina insisted on using natural light during filming. 

The sequence of the party and the murder, which takes place inside the luxurious house in the movie, was filmed inside the premise of this huge property. However, as these sequences were required to be filmed at night, the unit had to arrange special lighting equipment to capture the shots properly. Filming lasted for about two weeks in this location.

Ok friends, let us now briefly discuss the plot of the film so that you can get a better grip on the actual narrative. Plus, in the meantime you can check out, Baddies West Auditions, Love is Blind, and Below Deck Adventure which I think would prove to be equally entertaining for you.

Plot Of Bodies Bodies Bodies | What’s It About

Where Was Bodies Bodies Bodies Filmed? A Gripping Horror Comedy Flick Of 2022!!

The film opens by acquainting us with the character of Sophie, a young and brash girl, living in upstate New York with her East European girlfriend, Bee. Later in the film, Sophie and Bee are invited by their rich friends to attend a slumber party at David’s home.

Soon after, the young couple travels to the remote area of Chappaqua, in response to the invitation. But, Bee initially is shown to have an eerie feeling about the place, although she keeps the hunch to herself, thinking it would ruin Sophie’s mood. 

Midway through the film, the brats indulge in a wild party and start using all sorts of psychedelic substances. But as the group reaches a stage of lull, one of the members is shown to implore others in playing the “Body Body Body” game. Which basically meant that each participant has to solve a fictional murder mystery. 

In the final quarter of the film, all hell breaks loose, as the story takes a sharp turn when one of the members actually ends up committing a horrific crime. Now, in order to find out who’s the masked killer, you’ll have to watch this movie, as I don’t think you’d be happy to get all the spoilers here.

Final Words

Alright guys, now that you know where was Bodies Bodies Bodies filmed, I hope you enjoyed the read and found what you were looking for. We’d love to hear more from you, so be sure to add your thoughts in the comment section below. And don’t forget to check out other amazing articles on Viebly.

Who Are The Cast Members Of The Film Bodies Bodies Bodies?

The cast of the film Bodies Bodies Bodies includes Amandla Sternberg, Maria Bakalova, Pete Davidson, Lee Pace and Rachel Sennott along with some other actors.

Who Is The Cinematographer Of The Film Bodies Bodies Bodies?

Jasper Wolf is the cinematographer of the film Bodies Bodies Bodies.

What Is The Rating Of The Film Bodies Bodies Bodies?

The film Bodies Bodies Bodies has an R rating.

Who Is The Music Director Of The Film Bodies Bodies Bodies?

Disasterpeace was the musical band, which composed the background score of the film Bodies Bodies Bodies.

Who Is The Producer Of The Film Bodies Bodies Bodies?

David Inojosa and Ali Harting were the producers of the film Bodies Bodies Bodies.

What Is The Runtime Of The Film Bodies Bodies Bodies?

1h 35m is the runtime of the film Bodies Bodies Bodies.

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