Where Was Brokeback Mountain Filmed? Locations You’ll Never Forget!


Would you like to know where was Brokeback Mountain filmed? If you are interested in finding out the same, read this article till the very end. Also, I’ll discuss the basic premise for those who haven’t watched the movie yet!

Brokeback Mountain was well-praised by critics, particularly for the exceptional performance of Ledger and Gyllenhaal. Also, it came up as a commercial success and made a profile of $178 million with a budget of $14 million. The main highlight of the movie for the audience was the s*xuality of the lead characters. The reason why Brokeback Mountain is considered a significant contribution to queer cinema

Pull up your socks because now we will discuss where Brokeback Mountain filmed, the famous romantic drama.

Where Was Brokeback Mountain Filmed? Trace All Locations Here!

The director of Brokeback Mountain announced the project in 2001. Later, as Focus Features and River Road Entertainment were collaborating for the movie, the filming commenced in 2004. The makers shared that shooting Brokeback Mountain was a nonstop process. It took blood and sweat to get all the scenes filmed perfectly. 

Keen attention was paid while selecting the locations. For shooting intimate scenes, the makers stood at a distance so that the actors could feel free and spontaneous. Makers did a lot of research and recce to shoot the concluding sequences. Let’s proceed and learn where Brokeback Mountain was filmed!

Canadian Rockies, Southern Alberta

Although the makers had many locations, they picked Alberta for financial reasons. Within Alberta, the location they found perfect for the movie was Canadian Rockies. The ice-capped peaks were ideal for shooting the romantic scenes of the lead characters. The weather conditions were favorable when the makers were shooting. So, it was a nice experience for the entire cast and crew.

Kananaskis Country, Alberta, Canada

Where Was Brokeback Mountain Filmed? Locations You’ll Never Forget!

Some mountain sequences were shot at Fortress and Moose Mountain, located in Kananaskis Country. The dripping temperature made it very challenging for the cast and crew members to shoot sequences. They stuck to Kananaskis Country as the script demanded such a location. And traveling to some other place was another uncalled expense. Somehow, they managed to conclude shooting here. 

The makers were instructed not to use sheep for filming scenes in the mountains. That’s because the authorities did not want to risk the lives of the indigenous wildlife. A biologist was also hired, whose duty was to supervise the production members. 

Cowley, Alberta, Canada

To shoot the summer sequences, Cowley was selected. Fortunately, the natives were very considerate. They offered all the possible help to the team. After exploring Cowley, the director chose some local spots to give an authentic look to the movie. 

Fort Macleod, Alberta, Canada

Where Was Brokeback Mountain Filmed? Locations You’ll Never Forget!

At Fort Macleod, some concluding sequences of Brokeback Mountain were shot. The cast members fell in love with this location. The DOPs and cinematographers used their cameras well to make the shots look appealing to the viewers. Guess what? The sequences that were shot were praised by the critics and the audience! 

Carseland, Alberta, Canada

The bar scene was shot at a bar in Carseland. The makers did not reveal the name of the bar, so we don’t know the exact location. The shooting took place with the actual visitors so that the scenes could come out organic. If you happen to be in Carseland someday, let me tell you that it has many popular places to explore. You can explore the vibrant landscape and enjoy the local cuisine at eateries.  

Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming, USA

Where Was Brokeback Mountain Filmed? Locations You’ll Never Forget!

The town where the entire story takes place is not a fictional town. A real town named Wyoming was chosen to shoot a few sequences. Within Wyoming, the makers chose Grand Teton, National Park. Luckily, they got many ideal locations to shoot some romantic and emotional sequences. 

Plot Of Brokeback Mountain | What’s It About?

Where Was Brokeback Mountain Filmed? Locations You’ll Never Forget!

Brokeback Mountain is an adaptation of a short story with the same title. The story was written by Annie Ploux in 1997. 

Ennis del Mar and Jack Twist were the cowboys who met in the summer of 1963. After their first meeting, they developed a close bond that later became a love relationship. Their families were not aware of their closeness. How do their families react to their unconventional relationship? Watch the movie!

Final Words 

Now that you know where was Brokeback Mountain filmed, you can plan a romantic trip with your partner. You can also suggest the same locations to your friends who want to spend quality time with their partners. To know about some more romantic locations, read where was Emily In Paris filmed!

Who Are The Cast Members Of Brokeback Mountain?

The cast members of Brokeback Mountain are Heath Ledger, Linda Cardellini, Anne Hathaway, Anna Faris, Michelle Williams, Randy Quaid, and many more.

When Was Brokeback Mountain Released?

Brokeback Mountain was released in the United States Of America on December 9, 2005. It was released in Venice on September 2, 2005.

How Were The Cast Members Of Brokeback Mountain Selected?

Lee Ang interviewed 20-30 actors before finalizing the cast members of Brokeback Mountain.

Were Some Effects Added To Brokeback Mountain Post-Production?

Yes, 75 visual effects shots and computer-generated clouds were added post-production.

Who Is The Producer Of Brokeback Mountain?

Diana Ossana and James Schamus are the producers of Brokeback Mountain.

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