Where Was Emily In Paris Filmed? Netflix’s Best Romantic-Comedy Show!!


Romantic-comedy shows are timeless! Thus, if you like watching exciting series from the same genre, then follow this article to know all about the trending Netflix series, Emily in Paris and later find out where was Emily In Paris filmed.

The American comedy-drama show, Emily in Paris released its pilot season in 2020, and the show has been trending ever since, for the right reasons of course. Darren Star, the creator of Emily In Paris, made this series to cater to a group of audience, who enjoy watching light-hearted shows. The basic premise of this comedy series revolves around the character of Emily, an ambitious young American girl, who takes up a marketing job in France. The hysterical events that follow, after reaching Paris, completely transform her career.

Emily In Paris has a total of 3 seasons with 10 episodes in each. The highly-awaited season 3 of this exciting show has finally been released on Netflix. The development of the characters and the story arcs were thoroughly enjoyed by fans. Emily In Paris gathered multiple nominations and won a number of prestigious awards, including the CDG Awards in 2022.

Now, without further ado, let’s explore where was Emily in Paris filmed so that you can take a closer look at the filming locations of this award-winning series. Furthermore, I’ll also briefly discuss the plot of Emily In Paris.

Where Was Emily In Paris Filmed? Let’s Know This Comedy Series Closely!

Audiences and critics from all parts of the world appreciated the overall storyline of the third season and gave positive reviews as well. However, the major reason behind the commercial success and popularity of the show was the crucial decision of Darren to shoot on location from day one. That’s right folks, the majority of the episodes of Emily in Paris were actually filmed in France, except for a few sequences, which were captured in Chicago.

The principal photography for season 1 began in September 2019 and was finished by the end of November of the same year. Every other season which followed in the later years were filmed during the summers and required a similar time to complete. So without waiting any further, let’s have a detailed discussion about where was Emily in Paris filmed, and find out more about the specific shooting sites.

Chicago, Illinois | USA

Where Was Emily In Paris Filmed? Netflix’s Best Romantic-Comedy Show!!

The opening sequence of the pilot episode of the show was filmed in Chicago. A small-sized apartment, located near the downtown area of Chicago was used to shoot the interior scenes of Emily’s home. The production members turned around the inner area of the apartment, which was previously vacant, and gave it a more minimalistic look.

Other major sequences in Chicago, featured a few scenes of Lake Michigan and John Hancock Centre. These iconic places were used to capture the establishing shots for the series. Scenes depicting the backstory of Emily from season 1, were also filmed here. The production members then moved overseas, to capture the remaining sequences of the pilot season.

Paris | France

After the completion of filming in America, the production members arrived at the beautiful city of Paris. As the majority of the logistics were arranged in advance, the filming crew readily began capturing the exterior shots of Paris. In order to film the sequences depicting the arrival of Emily in France, the production members had to take special filming permissions from Charles de Gaulle Airport authorities.

Other major scenes showcasing the abode of the female lead in Paris, were filmed inside an actual apartment located in Place de l’Estrapade. The crew refrained from filming the interior sequences inside a studio, and actually turned around an apartment and used it for shooting. Scenes featuring Emily’s office as well were filmed inside a real office space in Place de Valois.

Several other exterior shots, depicting the hangout place of the female lead, were captured near Rue de Fosses Saint Jacques and the business district of Paris. A couple of outdoor shots of the infamous Eiffel Tower were taken as well, which was used as transitioning sequences throughout the seasons. So, all in all, these were the most significant places in Paris, where the shooting was done mostly. 

Now, allow me to give you an overview of Emily In Paris, so that you can get a fair idea about the basic premise of this super-entertaining show. Meanwhile, you can check out Barmageddon, Crazy In Love Blueface and Fall as well.

Plot of Emily In Paris | What’s It About

Where Was Emily In Paris Filmed? Netflix’s Best Romantic-Comedy Show!!

As mentioned earlier, the story of Emily In Paris, revolves around the character of Emily, a young and ambitious American, who decides to move to Paris for a high-paying job. At the very beginning of the series, Emily is shown to receive a lucrative job offer from a marketing company in France. The female lead enthusiastically accepts the offer and moves to Paris.

Although, as the story progresses further, Emily gets frustrated with the foreign culture and customs. The exquisite French etiquettes and mannerisms are too hard for an easy-going girl like Emily to grasp. Watch Emily In Paris to find out how Emily manages her tumultuous life and career in France.

Final Words

Alrighty folks, so now that you know where was Emily In Paris filmed, I hope you enjoyed the read and found what you were searching for. Let us know about your thoughts in the comments section below. And don’t forget to check out other amazing articles on Viebly.

Who Are The Cast Members Of The Show Emily In Paris?

The cast members of the show Emily in Paris includes Lily Collins, Ashley Park, Lucas Bravo, Samuel Arnold, Camille Razat and William Abadie along with some others.

How Many Seasons Are There In The Show Emily In Paris?

The show Emily in Paris has a total of 3 seasons, with 10 episodes in each season.

Who Are The Producers Of The Show Emily In Paris?

Andrew Fleming and Tony Hernandez were the producers of the show Emily in Paris.

What Is The Rating Of The Show Emily In Paris?

The show Emily in Paris has a TV-MA rating.

Who Is The Music Director Of The Show Emily In Paris?

James Newton Howard is the theme music composer of the sh

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