Where Was Cracow Monsters Filmed? A Spooky Horror Drama Series!!


I know what it feels like to scour the internet looking for a top-notch web series! But you necessarily don’t need to endure the same pain as I, because in this article I will share with you a Polish horror web series, Cracow Monsters and also let you in on where was Cracow Monsters filmed. 

The supernatural web series Cracow Monsters released in March 2022 is based on Polish mythology. The main story of the series revolves around the character of a young girl named Aleksandra Walas also known as Alex, who was tormented by demonic spirits in the past. 

Cracow Monsters was well received by viewers around the world. This Netflix original series has a total of 8 episodes in the first season, with each episode lasting for about 50 minutes on an average.

So without waiting any longer, allow me to discuss the plot of Cracow Monsters in brief just so you may have a better concept of the actual storyline. And, also I will be sharing the filming locations with you!

Plot Of Cracow Monster | What’s It About

The basic premise of this horror web series is about Alex, a young girl suffering from psychological disorder, due to the frequent sightings of paranormal beings. The supernatural events trigger her to seek help for her deteriorating mental health. The main character of the series meets Prof Zawadski as the head of the community she wanted to join in college.

Later, Alex finds out more about the professor and his group of 8 students who were shown to be fighting mythical demons of Slavic origin and investigating paranormal activities. A number of sequences are filmed in and out of the town, showing this group of students excavating archaeological sites in the city of.

Interestingly the first half of the season was directed by Kasia Adamik and the remaining by Olga Chajdas. Each episode is focused on the existence of different demons from the mythology and the struggle that Alex undergoes.

Let us now find out where was Cracow Monsters filmed, so that you can have a better experience on your next watch of this series.

Where Was Cracow Monsters Filmed? Let’s Know The Series Closely!

Originally released as Krakowskie Potwory, the principal photography of this Polish web series took place entirely in Poland. Krakow (Cracow) and Warsaw  region of Poland were chosen as the main filming locations for the thriller-mystery web series, Cracow Monster.

The director and the production crew commenced principal photography in October 2021 and finished it in almost 3 months time. Now, let’s find out more about these beautiful locations in Central Europe that were used for filming in depth!

Krakow, Southern Poland

Where Was Cracow Monsters Filmed? A Spooky Horror Drama Series!!

The majority of filming took place in Krakow, an ancient city located at the southern part of Poland bordering Czech Republic. The crew filmed a number of sequences here. The urban and suburban parts of the city and Krakows’s Old Town were shown as Alexs’ and other students’ neighborhoods.

The Jagiellonian University, which is a public research university founded in 1364, was also featured, recreating Alex’s university in the web series. Almost all the historical locations in the medieval city of Krakow, were minutely scouted by the production team as they struggled to select only a couple of spots for filming, out of many.

This city being historically rich saw a number of changes, invasion over the ages, which has left an imprint and a rich heritage behind. This is exactly what the director aspired to capture, the safely guarded rich history of the mythologies and ancient folklores of the region, and thus finalized on filming at this location.

However there are few places worth mentioning in the city of Krakow, even though they were not used for filming, such as – St. Mary’s Basilica, Auschwitz, Oskar Schindler’s Factory and Wawel Royal Castle out of many others.

Warsaw, East Central Poland

Where Was Cracow Monsters Filmed? A Spooky Horror Drama Series!!

Located at the eastern-central part of Poland, on the banks of river Vistula, Warsaw is the capital also the largest city in the country. The production team had to travel around 190 miles north of Krakow to reach their final filming location in Warsaw.

The city being highly populated made it challenging for the crew to shoot the final sequence of the series without any disturbance. However the crew filmed the scene during night and made it appear as if it was shot during the day. 

Not many scenes could be filmed at the heart of the city, thus the director decided to shoot a couple sequences at the outskirts of the city with less population around. Warsaw was not chosen as a prime filming location, however the studios located in the city turned out to be really good. The CGI and VFX for Cracow Monsters were done in these studios.

Final Words

So, now that you’ve read the narrative of the film and know where was Cracow Monsters filmed, I hope you’ll give it a watch if you haven’t already. This web series will certainly immerse you into the thrilling story, brilliant screenplay and dialogues in the first season.

But if the filming locations excite you more, then you can definitely look them up and plan your next trip to Krakow, Poland! If you enjoyed this post, please visit Viebly to read more informative and entertaining articles about filming locations of other movies and shows. Until then, peace out!

Who Are The Cast Members Of The Web Series, Cracow Monsters?

The cast of Cracow Monsters includes Kaja Chan, Maja Chan, Barbara Liberek, Stanislaw Linowski and Andrzej Chyra.

Who Directed The Web Series, Cracow Monsters?

Olga Chajdas and Kasia Adamik directed the web series, Cracow Monsters.

Who Wrote The Screenplay Of The Web Series, Cracow Monsters?

Magdalena Lankosz and Anna Sienska wrote the screenplay for the web series, Cracow Monsters.

How Many Episodes Are There In The Web Series, Cracow Monsters?

8 episodes are there in season 1 of the web series, Cracow Monsters.

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