Where Was Don’t Listen Filmed? Filming Locations Of The Spanish Horror Thriller!


Hey, have you ever watched a Spanish horror movie on Netflix? If yes, do you think that the Spanish can do it better? If not, do you find out whether their horror movies can make the cut or not? To experiment, you can watch Don’t Listen (2020). This way you can judge the storyline, cinematography, filming locations, etc. You know what? I’ll help you with the last one. In this article, I’ll discuss where was Don’t Listen filmed, so keep scrolling! 

Since, Don’t Listen is a Spanish horror, supernatural thriller movie, the filmmakers decided to do the entire filming in Spain itself. To be more specific, the filming of Don’t Listen took place in La Rerzosa, located in Madrid. The production of the movie commenced on 12 February 2020 and was wrapped up by 13 March, the same year.  Yes, folks, it all happened in a single month. 

It amazes me how quickly this Spanish horror thriller movie was filmed. And, don’t you think the filming locations of Don’t Listen are quite interesting? I bet you’d definitely want to go there on a vacation at some point! But, for that to be possible, you need to know where was Don’t Listen filmed in greater detail. Don’t worry, though. This article has got you covered!

The Plot Of Don’t Listen | What Is Don’t Listen About?

The storyline of Don’t Listen follows Daniel and Sara as they move into an old house with their 9-year-old son Eric. Unbeknownst to them, the house is called “the house of the voices” by the neighbors because of all the happenings. (Yes, people, you should always check in with the neighbors and do your own research before moving into a new house).

Eric is the first one to hear the odd, unexplained noises coming from behind the doors of the house. When he reports the incidents to his parents, they take him to a psychologist who dismisses the events as a fragment of Eric’s imagination. (People, please make sure to take your kids seriously when they report ghostly activity). Soon after, Daniel finds Eric dead in a pool close to their home. 

The broken-hearted parents, unable to console themselves or make any sense of what happened to them, end up fighting with each other. Sara goes to her parent’s home but Daniel chooses to stay in that house. When he calls Sara to apologize to her, he begins hearing erratic and strange noises on the other end– it sounds a lot like Eric speaking.

Desperate for answers, he seeks the help of a German parapsychologist and renowned writer, Redondo, and his daughter Ruth, a sound engineer. Even after several years, the pair are still reeling from the loss of the suicide of Ruth’s mother. 

Sara too begins hearing the same erratic voices on her cellphone and returns to her and Daniel’s home in search of answers. There she meets Ruth and her father. Ruth explains that the house that they live in was used for a witchcraft trial by the Spanish inquisition around 300 years ago. 

When Sara becomes the new victim, it is up to Redondo, Ruth, and Daniel to find the secret place in the house where it all started and destroy it. But, will they be successful in their mission before any of them get killed next? 

Before we proceed any further, here are some more details about the film:

Release Date24 July 2020
Running Time1h 37m
Directed ByAngel Gomez Hernandez
Story ByAngel Gomez, Victor Gado
StarringRodolfo Sancho, Ana Fernandez, Ramon Barea, Belen Fabra, Lucas Blas, Nerea Barros
IMDb Rating6.1/10

Now, without further ado, let’s see where was Don’t Listen filmed! 

Here’s Where Was Don’t Listen Filmed | Explore All Filming Locations Below!

I’ve watched plenty of horror movies that feature haunted houses, but this has to be one of the best (though still a bit cliche) so far. Has it got anything to do with the fact that witches and nuns scare me more than your average ghosts? Hell yes. But, what makes Don’t Listen even creepier is its filming locations! I bet that you too would want to visit these places! So, keep reading to know where was Don’t Listen filmed! 

Also, because you like to read about and visit filming locations of horror, and supernatural thrillers, don’t forget to check out where No One Gets Out Alive, Antlers, Trick r Treat, and Candyman were filmed. The filming locations of these movies are just as interesting as those of Don’t Listen, and I’m sure that you’d like to visit them as well! 

La Rerzosa, Madrid

Where Was Don't Listen Filmed? Filming Locations Of The Spanish Horror Thriller!

Since Don’t Listen is a Spanish film, the original storyline has been set in Spain, so it makes complete sense that the filmmakers decided to do the filming of this supernatural horror thriller there. The filming took place in La Rerzosa, located in Spain.

 Different scenes were filmed in different locations. You may be wondering where the house shown in the movie is located in real life. I’m sorry to disclose that there’s no information available on that. 

Oh, and don’t you go around thinking that Madrid is a stranger to being used as a filming location for movies and TV shows. Because some of the MOST popular titles like Money Heist, Elite, Pan’s Labyrinth, Rainbow, The Good The Bad, And The Ugly, The Others, Enemy, Terminator: Dark Fate, etc., have been filmed right here. 

After you’re done visiting the filming locations of Don’t Listen and other above-mentioned movies, don’t forget to check out these tourist destinations in Madrid:

Prado National Museum

Where Was Don't Listen Filmed? Filming Locations Of The Spanish Horror Thriller!

If you’re an art collector, connoisseur, or pretend to be something like that, then you must visit Prado National Museum in Madrid. The collection that you will see here actually belongs to the Royal Collection of the Spanish Royal Family and happens to be one of the largest collections in the world! Here, you will find works by Velasquez, Goya, and El Greco. 

Royal Palace Of Madrid

Where Was Don't Listen Filmed? Filming Locations Of The Spanish Horror Thriller!

If you want to understand the history and culture of Madrid better, then you must visit the Royal Palace of Madrid. It’s one of the most famous architectural buildings of Spain! So, take out approximately 3 hours from your busy schedule and take a tour of this iconic palace! You can do so on your own or be a part of a guided tour. 

Final Words

Alright, travelers! This is where was Don’t Listen filmed! Now, you can put Madrid on your travel bucket list and visit it sometime in the future. Oh, and while you’re there, you can even roam around the city in search of that haunted house. And, spend a night there, maybe? 

Is Eric Alive In Don’t Listen?

Eric is found dead in a pool close to the house in Don’t Listen. 

Is Don’t Breathe Part 2 On Netflix?

Don’t Breathe 2 is not on Netflix. 

What Is The Ending Of Don’t Listen?

Eric continues to hear voices and later goes out to the pool and drowns to death.  

Who Drowned Eric In The Pool?

Eric was drowned by his father who was possessed by the witch at the time. 

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