Where Was Driving Miss Daisy Filmed? Bruce Beresford’s Comedy Drama Flick!!


If an Oscar-winning movie is what you are looking for, then we suggest you watch Driving Miss Daisy, starring Morgan Freeman. Read this article to know everything about this awe-inspiring film and also find out where was Driving Miss Daisy filmed.

Driving Miss Daisy is an American comedy-drama flick that was released in the late ‘80s. This amazing film was actually inspired by a play of the same name, which was staged 2 years prior to the movie.

The basic premise of Driving Miss Daisy is about the romantic relationship between a wealthy American woman and her chauffeur. The plot gets interesting when the female lead confesses her love without paying much heed to the illogical norms imposed by contemporary society.

The commercial performance of Driving Miss Daisy was mind-blowing. This heartwarming movie grossed over $142 million in worldwide collections against a production budget of just $7 million. To date, Driving Miss Daisy has won 22 major awards, including 4 Oscars, and collected several other nominations.

Are you intrigued to find out more about this award-winning movie? Then read this article till the end, because now we are going to take a closer look at where was Driving Miss Daisy filmed.

Where Was Driving Miss Daisy Filmed? Let’s Know This Romantic Comedy Film Closely!

The story of Driving Miss Daisy is set in and around the state of Georgia. In fact, the shooting of this incredible movie also took place in and around the same state. The director of Driving Miss Daisy, Bruce Beresford, took this decision mainly because he wanted to show authentic locations to his audience.

However, before Bruce finalized the filming locations for this movie, he spent most of his time conferring with the screenplay writers. After acquiring the filming rights, the director gave a clear set of instructions to his writers and asked them to write a different story for the film.

Alfred Uhry, the main screenplay writer for this project, then made the necessary changes to the screenplay and submitted it to the director for review. After screening the script, Bruce was pretty much satisfied with the pacing and overall storyline and eventually approved it.

So, after the director was done adjusting the script to his liking, he began looking for filming locations in America. Since Bruce wanted to film around the same locations where the story is set in, he and his team started scouting in the state of Georgia.

After a couple of weeks, the director and his production members were finally able to identify a number of ideal shooting locations in and around the city of Atlanta. However, not all sequences of the movie were to be filmed here.

So the production members looked for some more filming locations in Georgia in order to capture additional outdoor scenes. Finally, the director and his team decided to film the minor sequences of the movie in Douglas County and Decatur, Georgia.

The principal photography of Driving Miss Daisy commenced in the second week of May 1989 and continued till the third week of June of the same year. The shooting process ended quickly, as the production members only had to shoot in and around the state of Georgia.

Plus, the majority of the outdoor scenes were filmed in the city of Atlanta, which saved a lot of time from traveling and setting camps around new places.

Let us now discuss in detail where was Driving Miss Daisy filmed.

Atlanta | Georgia

The opening scene of the movie, where we see the elderly character of Daisy Werthan driving around the city of Atlanta, was actually filmed in the same city. 

Since the story of the film is set in the late ‘40s, the director had to choose a location in Atlanta that didn’t have any modern architecture in the background. Thus in order to capture this outdoor scene, the production members traveled to a sparsely populated area located on the outskirts of Atlanta.

Other important scenes depicting Miss Daisy’s family home were filmed inside a well-maintained Victorian-style house located at 822 Lullwater Road, Druid Hills, Atlanta. However, before capturing the interior scenes inside this property, the production members had to change the arrangement of the fixtures.

Plus, the outer structure of the house was repainted as well before filming the outdoor scene of Miss Daisy’s home. Additional sequences of the movie were then filmed near Euclid Avenue, Atlanta.

The sequences depicting the “Piggly Wiggly Grocery Store” were actually filmed inside a real grocery store located at 1111 Euclid Avenue North East, Atlanta.

After these scenes were filmed, the production members traveled to the city of Decatur. The ending scene of Driving Miss Daisy was filmed in Decatur, after which the production crew wrapped the entire shooting process.

Ok, so that’s all about the filming locations of Driving Miss Daisy. However, I’m not done yet! It’s time for me to give you an overview of this romantic drama film. In the meantime, you can also read The Wedding Date, Major Payne, and Paddington.

Plot Of Driving Miss Daisy | What’s It About

Where Was Driving Miss Daisy Filmed? Bruce Beresford’s Comedy Drama Flick!!

The basic premise of Driving Miss Daisy is centered around the relations between Daisy Werthan, a wealthy American lady and her chauffeur, Hoke Colburn. At the beginning of the film, the female lead has some sort of disagreement with her driver and almost ends up firing him.

However, as the story progresses further, Miss Daisy realizes her mistake and apologizes to Mr. Colburn. The two soon make amends and let bygones-be-bygones

However, as the story progresses further, Miss Daisy realizes her mistake and apologizes to Mr. Colburn. The two soon make amends and let bygones be bygones. Shortly after, Mr. Colburn gives a pleasant surprise to his employer, which absolutely amazes Miss Daisy.

Watch Driving Miss Daisy and find out how an elderly Jewish woman and an African-American man end up falling for each other.

Final Words

Friends, I hope you enjoyed the read. We’ve reached the end of this article, so it’s time for me to part ways with you. However, if you still have any questions regarding where was Driving Miss Daisy filmed, feel free to add your queries in the comments section.

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