Where Was Drumline Filmed? The Drummer Experience!


Teen Comedies are usually quite intriguing for viewers of all age groups. There are a plethora of coming-of-age movies that present the journey of teens evolving and growing with their life experiences. If you enjoy such movies, you will for sure like the 2002 movie Drumline, and you might also want to know where was Drumline filmed.

Drumline is a teen drama that follows the journey of a high school graduate who is admitted to a prestigious university. Despite being quite arrogant about his skills, his mentor decides to allow him to be a member of the college drumming band for his skills. However, his behavior soon starts to create issues for him and he has to find out ways to solve his problems before it’s too late.

Drumline was filmed primarily in Atlanta, Georgia. Some parts of the movie were also filmed in New York City. The plot of the movie is set in Atlanta and New York so the creators decided to film the movie in the same locations. Since the movie heavily focuses on the journey of a teen, it made sense for creators to film at the exact locations to keep the authenticity of the plot rather than exploring more scenic locations.

We will be taking a look at where was Drumline filmed and other aspects related to the movie. For people who love to explore the filming locations of their favorite titles. We have also covered the places where titles like The Walk In and Days Of Heaven were filmed.

Drumline | The Drummer Romance Comedy!

Here is the storyline of the movie Drumline, before we further discuss where was Drumline filmed.

Drumline showcases the coming-of-age journey of a teen who is freshly out of high school. Devon is living in New York, and after finishing high school he decides to enrol at Atlanta A&T University. Devon is later recruited by a college professor to be a drummer on the college marching band. He excels during the tryouts and becomes arrogant due to his skills.

However, things soon start to go downhill for him due to his rude behavior and lack of manners. His mentor decides to remove him from the team until he can rethink his decisions. Soon the young man realizes he likes to drum and tries to help his fellow teammates with an upcoming competition. 

Will Devon be able to make up for his teammates and regain his position in the band? Will he be able to respect his skills while not being cocky about them? You can check out what happens to the young man and his journey by streaming the movie online.

IMDb Rating5.9
Runtime1 hour 58 minutes
Director(s)Charles Stone III
Writer(s)Shawn Schepps, Tina Gordon
CastNick Cannon, Zoe Saldana, Orlando Jones
Release DateDecember 13, 2002 (United States)
Production(s)Fox 2000 Pictures, Wendy Finerman Productions

Where Was Drumline Filmed? 

Where Was Drumline Filmed? The Drummer Experience!

Drumline is not an extremely unique plot, but it paints a nostalgic picture for viewers. The movie intends to present the conflict of teenagers in an interesting manner. So without any further delay, let’s take a look at where was Drumline filmed. 

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Where Was Drumline Filmed? The Drummer Experience!

Most of the filming for the movie Drumline happened in Atlanta, Georgia. The plot of the movie is set in Atlanta and hence the creators chose the city to film the movie. Most of the filming for the movie happened at Clark Atlanta University, Georgia Dome, and Morris Brown College. 

Besides Drumline Atlanta has also been home to multiple other movies and TV shows. Some of the popular movies that were filmed in Atlanta are Love, Simon, Game Night, Baby Driver, and Scream 2. Some fun comedies like Drumline that were also filmed in Atlanta are What men Want, Ride Along 2, Beauty Shop, Hall Pass, Vacation, and What To Expect When We Are Expecting.

Now, if you have watched any of the above-mentioned movies, you might already be interested to visit Atlanta. The city has quite a lot to offer to its visitors and there are many places that are worth visiting. Places you must check out if you are traveling to Atlanta are Atlanta Botanical Garden, Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site, Piedmont Park, LEGOLAND Discovery Center, Atlanta History Center, and World of Coca-Cola.

New York

Where Was Drumline Filmed? The Drummer Experience!

Even though the movie Drumline was primarily filmed in Atlanta, some parts of the movie were also filmed in New York City. Since Devon’s hometown is in New York City the initial scenes for the movie were filmed in New York because of the plot requirements.

New York is undeniably one of the most bustling cities and has a lot of places to check out for travelers as well. However, the city is also a haven for creators when it comes to capturing a modern cityscape. Famous movies filmed in New York are The Wolf Of Wall Street, the Amazing Spiderman, American gangster, the Avengers, and Sex And The City. Some other movies besides these iconic titles that were filmed in the city are Joker, The Exorcist, Armageddon, Men In Black, West Side Story, and The Godfather.

Other than being a famous place for filming movies, the city also has a lot of scenic attractions for travelers to explore. The best places to visit in New York are the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, Rockefeller Center, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Theater District, the Empire State Building,  the High Line, the American Museum of Natural History, and the iconic Times Square.

Final Words

This is all that we know about where was Drumline filmed. We hope you enjoyed this read on where was Drumline filmed and found it informative. You will be glad to know that besides filming locations, you can also check out free streaming platforms to watch movies like In Your Eyes and My Feet Are Killing Me online.

You can also suggest to us your favorite titles whose filming locations you would want to know. We will be back with more of such engaging content for you to explore.

What is the cast of Drumline?

The cast of the movie Drumline consists of Nick Cannon, Zoe Saldana, Orlando Jones, Leonard Roberts, and Jason Weaver.

What school was Drumline based on?

The plot of the movie Drumline is based on a fictional college called Atlanta A&T University.

Is the movie Drumline a true story? 

The movie Drumline is inspired by the real-life interactions of the famous drummer Dallas Austin with his mentor Porter.

Can you watch Drumline on Youtube?

No, you will not be able to stream the movie Drumline on Youtube. You can however stream the movie trailer and movie clips on YouTube.

How many Drumline movies are there?

There are a total of two Drumline movies. The sequel of the movie was released in 2014 and was titled Drumline: A New Beat.

Did Nick Cannon learn to play the drums for the movie Drumline?

Nick Cannon learned the basic tricks for drumming for his role in the movie Drumline. However, the actual drumming was not done by him since he did not have enough time to learn drumming.

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