Where Was Mid Love Crisis Filmed? Perfect Places To Rekindle Romance!


Romantic comedies are one of the most recreated genres, and usually present heartwarming love stories in a fun manner. There are many movies like Mid Love Crisis by Hallmark that present gorgeous love stories in a magical setting. If you enjoy such movies, you must also be curious to know where was Mid Love Crisis filmed.

Mid-Love Crisis is a typical romantic movie that presents the love story of a middle-aged woman who is turning fifty soon. Feeling dejected about her single status, the woman finds herself between her two former partners. Will she be able to find love in the unlikeliest of places, and find love at such an unexpected age?

Mid-Love Crisis was filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia. The city is a hub for film creation, and a lot of movies are filmed in the city due to its lush and natural spaces and modern setting. The creators must have chosen the city because it presents a perfect backdrop for a magical love story.

We will be discussing in detail where was Mid Love Crisis filmed and the plot of the movie. You will also be glad to know that we have also covered the filming locations of multiple other movies like Coal Miners Daughter and The Fog for you to explore new locations.

Mid-Love Crisis | Finding Love At 50!

Let us take a look at what this romantic comedy is all about before we further delve into where was Mid-Love Crisis filmed.

Mid-Love Crisis follows the life of a woman named Mindy who is soon turning fifty and wishes to throw a huge party for her birthday celebration. To help with the celebration, her daughter’s friend decides to stay with Mindy with her uncle. However, Mindy is floored to know that her uncle is her high-school sweetheart who she hasn’t met for more than 30 years.

The duo soon starts to reconnect, and have feelings for each other. As their romance is gradually blossoming, Mindy’s ex-husband also comes to stay over which further complicates her feelings. Being so close to her two former lovers, Mindy feels conflicted about what she wants and whether she is capable of falling in love at such a ripe age.

Will Mindy be able to find the courage to fall in love once again despite her conflicting emotions? Which of the two men will she fall in love with? You will be able to stream the recently released movie on the official Hallmark channel if you want to watch it.

IMDb Rating4.6
Director(s)Terry Ingram
Writer(s)Joie Botkin
CastTeri Hatcher, James Tupper, Matreya Scarrwener
Release DateOctober 9, 2022
Production(s)Hallmark Movies & Mysteries

Where Was Mid Love Crisis Filmed? 

Where Was Mid Love Crisis Filmed? Perfect Places To Rekindle Romance!

Mid-Love Crisis is in a way a typical Hallmark romance, however, it also breaches various topics related to love and how it can happen at the most unexpected times. So without any delay, let’s dive into the filming locations, and find where was Mid Love Crisis filmed.

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Where Was Mid Love Crisis Filmed? Perfect Places To Rekindle Romance!

All of the scenes for the movie Mid-Love Crisis took place in the city of Vancouver. The breathtaking landscapes, and the lush green spaces in the city made for a perfect magical backdrop for the love story. The creators must have chosen the location due to the enchanting atmosphere of the location.

The city of Vancouver is well known among film creators for being one of the best filming locations to shoot a movie or show. The city is also a haven for creators due to a plethora of production studios available in the city, which makes it easier for them to wrap up the filming sooner than expected. After the city is known as the Hollywood of the North.

Vancouver is also a very nice place to visit for people who love to explore scenic locations. The city has a lot of attractions that travelers can visit for a relaxing getaway. Some of the best places you can check out in Vancouver are  Stanley Park,  Granville Island, Ski Grouse Mountain, Vancouver Aquarium, Museum of Anthropology, and Kitsilano Beach. It can be said that the city has something to offer everyone.

Now that you already know that Vancouver has a lot of amazing places that are loved by film creators, it must not come as a shock to you that the city has been featured in a lot of movies and TV shows. Some of the movies that were filmed in Vancouver are Fifty Shades of Grey, The Adam Project, Deadpool, Man Of Steel, Godzilla, The Age of Adaline, Brain on Fire, and Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness.

Final Words

This is all that you needed to know about where was Mid Love Crisis filmed. If you enjoy watching movies from different genres, you can also check out the free streaming options to watch My Feet Are Killing Me and Immoral Guild online.

You can also tell us your favorite movies and TV shows if you want to know more details about their filming locations. We hope you enjoyed this read on where was Mid Love Crisis filmed.

When was Mid Love Crisis released?

The Hallmark movie Mid Love Crisis was released on 9th October 2022.

What is the cast of Mid Love Crisis?

The cast of Mid Love Crisis is Teri Hatcher, James Tupper, Matreya Scarrwener, Kirsten Robek, Brian Markinson, Andy Yu, and Brian Cyburt.

Where can you watch Mid Love Crisis?

The movie Mid Love Crisis is available for streaming on the official Hallmark channel.

What is the name of the protagonist in Mid Love Crisis?

The protagonist in the movie Mid Love Crisis is a woman named Mindy who is turning 50 soon. The role is portrayed by Teri Hatcher.

Is the trailer of Mid Love Crisis available on Youtube? 

Yes, the trailer preview for the film Mid Love Crisis is available for streaming on Youtube.

What is the genre of the movie Mid Love Crisis?

The movie Mid Love Crisis is a romantic comedy that follows the love life of a middle-aged woman.


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