Where Was Entrapped Filmed? The Adrenalizing Locations Of Mystery Thriller


There are many individuals who love watching crime or mystery thriller movies. Because the experience that thriller movies give is unbeatable to other genres. If you are interested in watching a mystery flick that would give you goosebumps, then this article is for you. Here I’m going to discuss the recently released series Entrapped(2022). Also, you’ll find information regarding Where was Entrapped Filmed.

Baltasar Kormakur’s Entrapped is a violent crime thriller. This is a sequel to the popular series Trapped, and anticipation for the next installment is high. There is no chance that a Trapped fan would miss this third season. If Trapped is your first time watching, you’re in for a treat. Before watching Entrapped, go back and check out the first two seasons. It would greatly help you to understand the episode well.

The performances, filming location, and cramped atmosphere will win you over, and you’ll end up falling in love with the scene and the participants. Fans won’t be dissatisfied because the series’ creator, Baltasar Kormakur, is back for this third installment. Therefore, you can watch this thriller movie on Netflix, but it requires a subscription to watch the movie. You can also check out other thriller movies like Abnormality and The Retaliators,

Now, I guess my curiosity about watching the movie has increased after reading the reasons. But before you move to watch the movie, it is good to spend your time reading the movie’s plot and Where was Entrapped Filmed.

Where Was Entrapped Filmed?

Where Was Entrapped Filmed? The Adrenalizing Locations Of Mystery Thriller

The entire movie of Entrapped was filmed in Iceland. Under the tight COVID-19 guidelines, principal filming for the first edition apparently started in early September 2021. The shooting was wrapped in the same year. Now, to get more specific details of Where was Entrapped Filmed, continue reading the article.

Siglufjordur, Iceland

Where Was Entrapped Filmed? The Adrenalizing Locations Of Mystery Thriller

Siglufjordur is a small fishing village on Iceland’s northern coast, located under the same name, fjord. The majority of scenes of Entrapped were filmed in this location. This location was also used for some crucial scenes for the first season.

Siglufjordur is the most beautiful town in Iceland, and I would say it is worth visiting this place. If you are a person who prefers outdoor adventures, then choosing this location would be a great choice. Because there are so many outdoor activities like fishing, skiing, boat tours, or you can enjoy a golf course. So, it is the right destination that you can opt for to have the best experience.

Hafnarfjordur, Iceland

Where Was Entrapped Filmed? The Adrenalizing Locations Of Mystery Thriller

Hafnarfjordur is another filming location that was used to shoot many vital scenes of the film. Hafnarfjordur is Iceland’s third-largest town, located 10 kilometres from the capital, Reykjavik. According to reports, the Netflix series’ filming unit goes about town filming various sequences against appropriate backdrops.

If you enjoy exploring unusual areas, you might be interested in visiting Hafnarfjordur in Iceland. Hafnarfjordur is a fishing town with a picturesque port and a charming Elf Garden.

Seydisfjordur, Iceland

Where Was Entrapped Filmed? The Adrenalizing Locations Of Mystery Thriller

To shoot a few portions of the film, the team traveled to the town of Seydisfjordur. It also served as an important shooting location for the series Entrapped. Some other locations that were used to film Entrapped include Reykjavík, Hvammsvík Hot Springs, and Egilsstadir. The production team used almost the entire region of Iceland to complete the Entrapped shooting.

Maria Thelma shared her filming experience in an interview She stated that shooting in Iceland is stunning as they used different locations and it was more adventurous to travel around.

Plot Of Entrapped | What Is The Mystery?

Where Was Entrapped Filmed? The Adrenalizing Locations Of Mystery Thriller

The third installment in the “Trapped” series is Entrapped. The plot revolves around the police team of Andri and Hinrika. They become embroiled in a conflict in the isolated highlands between two hostile tribes. They are fighting over distinct portions of territory but for very different causes.

Oddur, the founder and spiritual leader of the neopagan group known as The Extended Family, has established a camp there. Because they consider the area to be sacred and they want to be close to their pagan Gods.

The “holy location” is also claimed by a bunch of bikers from Iceland, led by Gunnar, an irate young guy. Ivar, a young man, dies as a result of the conflict between the two factions. It turns out that Andri was aware of Ivar, and as a result, he feels compelled to travel to the North with Hinrika to look into the murder.

Entrapped is a well-written plot, and the backdrops used in the movie give a thrilling vibe to the viewers. If you want to enjoy the revieting experience, then I would suggest you to watch the movie on Netflix. Plan for the movie with your friends and watch it out from the comfort of your place. I know that you want to know the location details, so read below to find the filming locations.

Final Words

Alright, Folks! I have shared all the filming locations of Entrapped. I hope that the answer to your question Where was Entrapped Filmed is clear by reading the above points. If you love to explore a few other locations of a horror movie, then check out End Of The Road, Devil In Ohio, and Goodnight Mommy.

If you enjoyed reading this article, then you can also suggest some other titles that you are interested in to know the filming location and other details about the movie. Stay tuned for our engaging content related to popular series and movies.

Who Are The Writers Of The Series, Entrapped?

Clive Bradley, Rannveig Jonnsdottir, Davio Mar Steffanson, and Sigurjon Kjartanssom are the writers of the movie.

Who Is The Producer Of The Series, Entrapped?

RVK Studios is the producer of the movie Entrapped.

Who All Acted In The Series, Entrapped?

The cast members of the movie include Olafur Darri Olufsson, Thomas Bo Larsen, Haraldur Ari Steffanson, Guojon Pederson, Egill Olafsson, Fridrick Robertsson, and Margret Vilhjalmsdottir.

What Is The Duration Of The Series, Entrapped?

The duration of the series is 45m.

What Is The Release Date Of The Series?

The release date of Entrapped is September 8, 2022.

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