Where Was Fire Country Filmed? Witness The High Level Of Firefighting!


A few days back I was looking to watch a highly entertaining drama series. And guess what? Someone suggested Fire Country. After watching it, I was amazed at its filming locations and started searching for them. Finally, I managed to find all the locations and thought of spilling the beans for my dear readers. Would you like to know where was Fire Country filmed?

Fire Country (2022) is the story of Bode Donovan, a young convict who is seeking redemption. As a result, he joins a prison release firefighting program in Northern California. Upon reaching there, Bode and his inmates make a team to battle against elite fighters. Although the battle is full of risks, things get spiced up when Bode is allotted to fight in his hometown. This was the place where once he was known as a golden all-American son. That’s not it, a dark secret is hidden in the town. Will Bode get redemption?

The entire shooting of Fire Country took place in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Within the city, the specific locations opted by the makers to shoot the series were Metro Vancouver, Fort Langley, Squamish, and many more. 

That’s not it, we will be discussing all these famous locations in detail. So, don’t miss any updates on where is Fire Country filmed!

Where Was Fire Country Filmed? Perfect Locations For Your Upcoming Vacation!

Since the release of the series, a lot of viewers were eager to know about the Fire Country filming locations. Yes, it’s not just you or me who are thinking about the same! Well, many people are making a rough guess right now. So, here’s an end to their guess because there’s a lot to share about where was Fire Country filmed!

Without letting your curiosity rise more, I am going to share where was Fire Country filmed. Keep a note of all the locations that you are not going to forget!

Metro Vancouver, British Columbia 

Where Was Fire Country Filmed? Witness The High Level Of Firefighting!

The fictional city of Edgewater was shot entirely in Metro Vancouver. In order to add an authentic touch to all the sequences of the city, the production team would check out all the stunning locations. For this, they did not bother about time, their priority was the perfect location. Hats off to the backbreaking hard work of the crew members!

A few cities like North Vancouver City, Pitt Meadows, Port Coquitlam, Richmond, etc make up Metro Vancouver. At present, this bustling west coast seaport is one of the most densely populated cities. If you happen to visit here, you can explore thriving art, theater, and music scenes. Also, you can shop a lot of artistic stuff for decorating your house with antique items!

Fort Langley 

Where Was Fire Country Filmed? Witness The High Level Of Firefighting!

As per some sources, the makers of Fire Country used a village community in the township of Langley to shoot some crucial sequences of Edgewater. The stunning backdrops of this area make it a perfect fit for several movies. That’s why movies like Armore were also filmed here. Visit this place to know about its specialties!

If you were praying to spend your vacations at a lively place, your prayers have been answered! Fort Langley is home to numerous vintage shops, galleries, breweries, golf courses, and eateries. That’s not it, the center of attraction of this charming city is its community hall which is featured every year in many movies. You should surely not miss having fun at this lovely place!


Where Was Fire Country Filmed? Witness The High Level Of Firefighting!

The middle and the ending sequences of the movie were shot at various backdrops in Squamish. Luckily, filming here was a bump-free ride for the entire production team. That’s because they need not use their energy and time in redesigning the locations. All of them were so perfect that the cast and crew members were in love with them. 

Known as the district municipality in British Columbia, Squamish is a lovely city with scenic views. That’s not it, Gondola features Shannon Falls, a towering waterfall. And if you are planning to pay a visit with your family here, there are multiple activities that can be performed. You can start with hiking and then move to snowmobile, and cover skiing at last. 

Interesting Facts About Where Was Fire Country Filmed 

Where Was Fire Country Filmed? Witness The High Level Of Firefighting!

The primary filming of Fire Country commenced in March 2022. For principal photography, the makers decided to start by July 2022. 

Although the makers had plenty of scenic locations in British Columbia, they opted to shoot in Vancouver for some reason. Well, the reason would have been the tax rebates or the availability of suitable backdrops. Only makers know the truth of the matter!

Over and above, the production team had a great experience shooting in British Columbia. While wrapping up the shooting, they gave a token of thanks to the government and its authorities. In order to have an insight into the fun that the team experienced, you can check out their social media accounts. 

Final Words 

Now, you must have got a better understanding of where was Fire Country filmed. I hope you are going to help your kith and kin with the same. So, invite them to dinner tonight and enlighten them about all the locations!

To add more to your discussion, you can consider sharing the filming locations of Dr. No and Love Actually. It’s always good to share something new!

What Is Fire Country Based On?

Fire Country is based on the real-life experiences of a grown-up boy in Northern California.

Is Fire Country Available On Paramount Plus?

Yes, Fire Country is not available on Paramount Plus. But if you are looking for some platform as well, you can watch it on CBS.

Who All Stars In Fire Country?

The cast members of Fire Country are Diane Farr, Max Thieriot, Stephanie Arcila, Billy Burke, Jordan Calloway, Kevin Alejandro, and many more.

When Was The First Episode Of Fire Country Released?

The first episode of Fire Country was released on October 7, 2022.

Is There Season 2 Of Fire Country?

As of now, the makers of Fire Country have not shared any update on the release of season 2.

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    Regarding “Fire Country,” the story lines are believable.
    The scenes and circumstances regarding firefighters
    and firefighting are absurd.

    I come from a family of firefighters. In California.

    Older brother and a cousin were United States
    Forest Service Tanker Crewmen.
    And later, they were Smoke Jumpers based out of
    Missoula, Montana.

    My younger brother was a CalFire Tanker Crewman.

    For years, I myself, was a United States Forest Service Firefighter.
    Lived and worked on 5 California National Forests.
    Fire Tanker crewman, squad boss, crew boss.
    Also Helitac…remote, back country, access by helicopter.
    We crewmen often stepped off the helicopter as it hovered
    above the brush below.
    Also, member of a 21-man, (all) chainsaw-equipped, crew.

    Forest surveyor, trail builder, fire lookout, patrolman and trainer.

    Kinda been there, done that.

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