Where Was Ford Vs Ferrari Filmed? A Biographical Sports Drama From 2019!!


Did you enjoy watching Planes, Trains & Automobiles? Are you looking for a similar film? Then we suggest you watch Ford Vs Ferrari next! If you wish to find out where was Ford Vs Ferrari filmed, then follow this piece.

The American sports drama film Ford Vs Ferrari was released in the third week of November 2019. Apart from winning 2 Oscars, this biographical movie also bagged 23 major awards and collected 89 prestigious nominations in total.

The basic premise of Ford Vs Ferrari revolves around the characters of Carroll Shelby and Ken Miles, two professional drivers living in America. The story gets interesting when Miles battles it out at Le Mans against team Ferrari. Christian Bale and Matt Damon played the lead roles. However, other Hollywood A-listers featured in this sports action movie as well. Ford Vs Ferrari was an overall success at the box office, grossing over $225 million. In simple words, Ford Vs Ferrari was a massive success, and the makers were almost elated with the commercial performance.

Guys, before I share other interesting facts about this Oscar-winning movie, let’s find out where was Ford Vs Ferrari filmed. Later, I’ll also give you an overview of this incredible film.

Where Was Ford Vs Ferrari Filmed? Let’s Know Sports Drama Film Closely!

The story of Ford Vs Ferrari is set in America and France. But you’d be amazed to know that only the final race scene of the movie was filmed in France. Other than that, the majority of the outdoor scenes were captured in America, specifically in California.

At the same time, some pivotal scenes of Ford Vs Ferrari were also shot in different cities in Atlanta. James Mangold, the director of this sports action film, did a lot of research before working on this project. 

The director convinced famous Hollywood screenplay writers like Jez Butterworth and Jason Keller to join this project. In fact, when Matt Damon and Christian Bale were approached for this film, they readily agreed to play the role, as the inspiring story took them away.

After the lead characters were selected, Mangold and his team started looking for ideal filming locations. The production members scouted suitable shooting locations in and around California first.

After the main filming locations were selected, the production members moved to Georgia and selected the remaining shooting locations. Right before the principal photography was about to begin, a select few members traveled to France and acquired the permits for the final shooting locations.

The principal photography of Ford Vs Ferrari began in the final week of July 2018 and continued until the first week of October of the same year. During the shooting process, a number of vintage race cars were brought in by the team.

In fact, the global marketing head of Ford was contacted to let the production members use certain cars in the movie. But, while filming the racing in the movie, professional race car drivers were used. 

Let us now take a closer look at where was Ford Vs Ferrari filmed.

California | USA

Where Was Ford Vs Ferrari Filmed? A Biographical Sports Drama From 2019!!

The opening scene of the film, where we see the character of Ken Miles for the first time, was filmed in California. The production members used Willow Springs International Motorsports Park to film the sequence of the racetrack.

Other important scenes in California were shot at Auto Club Speedway, located at 9300 Cherry Avenue, Fontana. The sequences depicting Ken’s auto repair shop were captured inside a vacant shop located at 645 North Avenue, Los Angeles.

Apart from that, the sequences depicting the preliminary races in the film were shot inside Agua Dulce Airpark. The production members took special shooting permission from the officials for shooting this iconic scene.

Other Filming Locations

Where Was Ford Vs Ferrari Filmed? A Biographical Sports Drama From 2019!!

The remaining outdoor scenes of the movie were shot in Georgia and France. During the second phase of shooting, the production members used a racetrack in Savannah, Georgia, to film the sequence of Circuit de la Sarthe. Other outdoor scenes in Georgia were filmed in Road Atlanta and Statesboro. 

As I mentioned before, the final stage of shooting was done in France. The ending racing sequence of Ford Vs Ferrari was filmed on the Le Mans racetrack in France.

Friends, these were the most important filming locations which were used in the making of Ford Vs Ferrari. Let us now take a closer look at the plot of Ford Vs Ferrari. Meanwhile, you can also read Power Rangers, Transformers 2, and Anime Heroes.

Plot Of Ford Vs Ferrari

Where Was Ford Vs Ferrari Filmed? A Biographical Sports Drama From 2019!!

The basic premise of Ford Vs Ferrari is centered around two American professional racers who won the coveted title in Le Mans, France. At the beginning of the movie, the character of Carroll Shelby witnesses Ken Miles doing a fast lap in California.

As the story progresses further, Shelby approaches Miles and offers him to join the official racing team of Ford. Shortly after, the lead actor designs a new race car on behalf of Ford Motor and asks Ken to test it out on the tracks. Soon, Ken qualifies for the Le Mans race with the same car and competes against the Ferrari racing team in France.

Watch Ford Vs Ferrari and find out how Miles and Shelby defeated the Ferrari racing team at the peak of their success.

Final Words

Friends, this is the last segment of this article. We’ve discussed the filming locations of this sports drama film. So, I hope now you understand where was Ford Vs Ferrari filmed. But if you still have any other questions, feel free to add them in the comments.

If you wish to know more about this incredible movie, check out the FAQs listed below.

Who Is The Cinematographer Of The Film Ford Vs Ferrari?

Phedon Papamichael is the cinematographer of the film Ford Vs Ferrari.

What Is The Rating Of The Film Ford Vs Ferrari?

The film Ford Vs Ferrari has a rating.

Who Is The Music Director Of The Film Ford Vs Ferrari?

Marco Beltrami is the music director of the film Ford Vs Ferrari.

Who Is The Producer Of The Film Ford Vs Ferrari?

Peter Chernin and Jerno Topping are the producers of the film Ford Vs Ferrari.

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