Where Was Transformers 2 Filmed? An Iconic Sci Fi Flick From 2009!!


If you enjoy watching iconic Sci-fi movies, then I’m sure you must’ve watched Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen at some point in time. But, do you know where was Transformers 2 filmed? If you don’t then read this article to know all about this action film and its awesome filming locations.

The American intense action movie, Transformers 2 or better known as, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, stands as the sequel to the Transformers film franchise. This brilliant sci-fi flick was released two years after the first installment of the film series, back in 2009. Michael Bay was at the helm of affairs with this sequel as well, casting Shia LaBeouf along with some others as returning actors.

The basic premise of Transformers 2 revolves around the dynamic character of Sam Witwicky, who gets hunted by the evil robot clan, Decepticons. The plot thickens when, one of the chief robots of the Decepticon clan, returns to earth to acquire the Energon cube.

Transformers 2 was a roaring commercial success. This enthralling action-adventure film managed to gross over 863 million in worldwide collections. Sci-fi movie lovers, especially ardent followers of the Transformers franchise thoroughly enjoyed the overall storyline of the movie. Transformers 2 collected several nominations including 1 at the Oscars as well and won 15 major awards over the years.

Now, are you ready guys because we are about to explore where was Transformers 2 filmed.

Where Was Transformer 2 Filmed? Let’s Know This Iconic Sci Fi Film Closely!

After the astounding success of the first Transformers movie, celebrated filmmaker Michael Bay was ready to deliver another blockbuster film with Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Thus in order to do so, the director had to make sure everything was on point, including the filming locations.

So, after Bay selected the returning cast members and added a set of new actors to the cast, he conferred with other creative heads of the unit. The director arranged a special meeting to discuss the potential shooting locations and overall production budget.

After everything was settled, and the makers reviewed the shooting budget, they asked the filming crew to scout for ideal locations as per the script. The makers wanted to shoot on location, thus the production members started scouting for perfect filming locations. These locations were across Egypt, Jordan, and America.

The majority of the shooting took place in America, around the states of California, Pennsylvania, and Philadelphia. Whereas, some handful, yet pivotal sequences of the brilliant film, were also captured around the countries of Jordan and Egypt.

The principal photography began in the first week of May 2008 and continued till the month of November of the same year. The shooting schedule was longer, as compared to the first installment of the Transformers franchise, as the production had to shoot across various locations. 

But, thankfully the crew managed to complete shooting within the estimated timeline, as the shooting permissions were acquired well in advance.

Now, we are about to discuss the filming locations of this blockbuster film in detail, and find out where was Transformers 2 filmed.

Pennsylvania, California | USA

Where Was Transformers 2 Filmed? An Iconic Sci Fi Flick From 2009!!

The opening sequence of the movie, where we see the character of Sam, working inside a garage with Bumblebee, was actually filmed in Pennsylvania. The production members took special shooting permission from the owners of an automobile junkyard, located on the outskirts of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

The production member turned around the junkyard, to make it look like an old automobile garage, and then captured the interior sequences. The intense scene in the film, where we see one of the Decepticon robots finding the signal to Sam’s device, was also filmed around the same location.

Other pivotal scenes of the movie, where we see the character of Sam finding his grandfather’s lost spectacle, was filmed inside the Free Library of Philadelphia, located at 1901 Vine Street. The production members also captured some other scenes around Laurel Hill Cemetery and Eastern State Penitentiary.

The production team then moved to California and filmed the remaining interior sequences inside Playa Vista Stages, located at 6775 Centinel Ave, Culver City.

Other Filming Locations

After the majority of the sequences were captured around various states of America, the production members traveled overseas. The sequence where we see the character of Sam and Bumblebee being chased by a group of evil robots across the desert were filmed in Jordan. 

Later, the production members also traveled to Egypt, to shoot the final sequence of the movie. The scene where Optimus Prime, along with the character of Sam and other Autobots, fight with the army of The Fallen, were captured in the city of Luxor.

The scene where Sam finds the coordinates to the exact location of the hidden Energon cube was also filmed in Egypt. The production members then returned to California and mixed the outdoor sequences with VFX and CGI inside a well-equipped studio.

Alright friends, now allow me to give you an overview of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Meanwhile, you can also check out Transformers 4, Everest, and Operation Mincemeat too.

Plot Of Transformers 2 | What’s It About

Where Was Transformers 2 Filmed? An Iconic Sci Fi Flick From 2009!!

The basic premise of Transformers 2 is centered around the character of Sam Witwicky, who is guarded by the leader of Autobots, Optimus Prime. At the very beginning of the film, a rogue Decepticon robot locates the signal of Sam’s device. The Decepticon readily transmits the same signal to the evil robot leader, The Fallen.

As the story progresses further, Bumblebee warns the lead actor about a possible attack and requests him to evacuate his home quickly. But when Sam prepares to abscond, the Decepticon robot locates him and Bumblebee. Watch Transformers 2 to witness how Optimus Prime extends his help, to protect the Energon and the people of Earth, from the wrath of The Fallen.

Final Words

Ok dear friends, now that we’ve reached the end, I hope now you finally know where was Transformers 2 filmed. If you’ve enjoyed reading this piece, do let us know in the comments box, below. However, if you’re interested in reading similar articles, you can also check otter entertaining pieces on Viebly.

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