Where Was Freaky Filmed? A Perfect Blend Of Horror And Comedy!


If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t prefer watching plain horror movies, then I’ve something that you may like: Freaky (2020). Because this is a film that has added fun elements to its horror storyline. So, I guess this would be the movie that you’re searching for. Therefore, read this article to learn about the movie and also where was Freaky filmed.

The slasher comedy film, Freaky was directed by Christopher Landon. The plot was co-written by Michael Kennedy and Christopher Landon. Freaky, which was once known as Freaky Friday the 13th, is a body-swapping-themed high school horror film. In her 1972 book Freaky Friday, Mary Rodgers first examined this story point.

Millie Kessler, played by Kathryn Newton, is a student who unknowingly switches bodies with Vince Vaugh’s Blissfield Butcher, a serial killer. Then the fun starts from here. So, to know about the fun and other interesting details, read the plot given below.

So, you all know that a horror movie can’t be the best without the right filming locations. If you are curious to know where was Freaky filmed, then read on to know the details.

The Plot Of Freaky | What Is The Story About?

Things are not going the way Millie would like them to go in her life. She is the school football team mascot and is mocked by the popular girls, but boys don’t pay attention to her. When Millie is waiting for a cab after a night game and everyone else has gone home, a spooky man (Vince Vaughn) wearing a mask starts approaching her.

Someone who has slain young teenagers during homecoming week for several years without cause or rhyme. The brutality of death is the one thing that is certain. She flees, but the Blissfield Butcher catches up to her. Strange things occur just before he is going to murder her.

The following morning, she awakens to the astonishment that she is still alive but trapped in the body of a serial killer. Furthermore, the crazy is inhabiting her body and rocking a fresh, stunning appearance. The killer’s body will be hers permanently if Millie doesn’t switch back in the next 24 hours.

Where Was Freaky Filmed? All The Locations You Need To Know!

Freaky movie was well-received by the viewers and also got positive reviews from critics. Furthermore, the performance of Kathryn and Vince was highly praised. The mix of horror and comedy also worked well. So, if you haven’t watched the movie yet, then watch it as early as possible. Now, you need to know the locations, right? Read the below points to find where was Freaky filmed.

Covington Square, Covington, Georgia, USA

freaky Covington Square, Covington, Georgia, USA

The charming little community of Covington in Newton County serves as Blissfield, the city where the majority of the film is set. One of Georgia’s most attractive squares is located in downtown Covington, which also boasts a number of stunning historical structures. More than 100 movies and TV shows have used the town as their setting.

Georgia’s Covington is a small town. Filmmakers have filmed some of the biggest hits of the past 20 years there because of the historic district’s rustic vibe. Covington has charm in addition to its use as a movie set. Popular teen drama, The Vampire Diaries was filmed in this location.

Numerous award-winning hotels, gift boutiques, and art galleries may be found in the city center. Plan trips to nearby locales to fully experience Southern culture.

Alpharetta, Georgia, USA

Where Was Freaky Filmed? The Perfect Blend Of Horror And Comedy!

The Denmark High School in the area of Alpharetta, which is situated around 30 miles north of Atlanta, is what you saw in the film as Blissfield Valley High School. Additional sequences were filmed in Norcross, close to the One Heart Church, and on the grounds of Sawnee Mountain Park in Cumming.

The city of Alpharetta is a portion of the Atlanta metropolitan region and is situated in northern Fulton County, Georgia, in the United States. In Alpharetta, Georgia, there are numerous fantastic things to do. There are fun possibilities for family time as well as a date night.

Whether you’re looking for a method to spend time with the kids, go on an adventure as a family, or rekindle your love relationship, you’ll find something that meets your needs.

Satellite Blvd NW, Duluth, Georgia, USA

Where Was Freaky Filmed? The Perfect Blend Of Horror And Comedy!

Some street scenes of the Freaky movie were filmed in Satellite Blvd NW, located in Duluth. Tandy Key Ln NW and Ring Rd NW are some other locations that were used to film street scenes. Additionally, the Beauty Master, a cosmetics shop at the Gwinnett Place Mall in Duluth, served as the backdrop for the Discount Bonanza store in the mall.

Final Words

Well, if you are a fan of horror comedy, then I’m sure that the details of where was Freaky filmed discussed above are beneficial for you. So, you can plan a trip and visit those locations to spot the place where the movie was lensed.

In case if you have visited those locations, then I would ask you to find other horror movie filming locations like Antlers and Sleepy Hollow and explore them as well.

What Happened At Freaky’s End?

With the assistance of her sister and mother, Millis is able to protect herself and rams a chair leg into the man’s chest, thereby killing him this time.

Is Freaky A Movie Worth Seeing?

Yes, this is a good movie with some slasher themes and the usual comedic treatment of this subgenre.

Is Freaky A Violent Movie?

There is a lot of blood, and the weapons range from common objects to chainsaws and even cursed blades. The movie’s mildest type of violence appears when the police employ guns.

Are Happy Death Day And Freaky In The Same Universe?

Happy Death Day and Freaky live in the same universe, according to director Christopher Landon, making a crossover film all but certain.

What Is The Release Date Of The Movie, Freaky?

After having its Beyond Fest premiere on October 8, 2020, Freaky was theatrically released in the US on November 13, 2020.

How Long Is Freaky Movie?

1h 41 minutes is the duration of the movie. 

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