Where Was Stranger Things Filmed? A Guide To Locations You Can Visit!


Since the release of the new season of Stranger Things, fans are curious to know where to watch Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2. But the arrival of this new season has also raised questions about the filming locations of Stranger Things. That’s because this season’s locations are also phenomenal like other seasons. Keep reading this article to know where was Stranger Things filmed.  

Stranger Things (2016) is a drama television series set in the 1980s in a fictional town, Hawkins, Indiana. At the core of the series, there is a group of young friends who encounter supernatural forces. That’s not it, they are also victims of exploitation at the hands of the government. But the moment they embark on the journey to get answers to their questions, they unveil a series of mysteries. 

Strange Things was filmed in Atlanta, Georgia. The locations in Atlanta include Piggly Wiggly grocery store, Emory University’s Briarcliff Campus, Gwinnett Place Mall, South Bend Pool, Stone Mountain Park, Downtown Jackson, Roller King, Lenora Hills High School, Stone Mountain Cemetery, and many more. 

After knowing the names of so many locations, it’s time to talk in detail about where was Stranger Things filmed. 

Where Was Stranger Things Filmed? Discover Some Real-Life Locations!

Although it’s quite tough to believe, the fact is that all the locations of Stranger Things exist even today. These locations are as interesting as the filming locations of Resurrection. Let’s start our journey to know where was Stranger Things filmed!

Piggly Wiggly Store | Buy Your Groceries From Here!

Where Was Stranger Things Filmed? A Guide To Locations You Can Visit!

Piggly Wiggly is a renowned name in the field of supermarkets. Interestingly, this supermarket has over 530 stores. 

If you have already watched the series, you must have seen Millie Bobby Brown stealing eggs from a supermarket. This scene was filmed at one of the Piggly Wiggly stores in Atlanta. Further, the same location was used to film the second season of the series.

Emory University’s Briarcliff Campus | The Famous Campus In Emory University

Briarcliff Campus was acquired by Emory University in the late 1990s. Before becoming a part of Emory University, the Briarcliff building was a mental health treatment center. Today, it’s a five-story building complimented by offices, auditoriums, and clinical spaces. 

The famous Hawking Laboratory you saw in the series was Briarcliff Campus. Yes, this building was responsible for the tragic events in the series. Before filming in this building, the makers went through a long procedure of getting permission. 

Gwinnett Place Mall | A Mall That Looks Like A Palace!

Where Was Stranger Things Filmed? A Guide To Locations You Can Visit!

Sadly you can’t visit Gwinnett Place Mall because it is no longer functional. Rather, it’s an empty mall with nothing to explore. This vacant mall is nestled in Pleasant Hill Road. Unfortunately, the mall was unable to welcome many visitors, which resulted in its shutdown. 

In the third season, you saw the group of children coming across the Starcourt Mall. Yes, you guessed it right! The mall was closed before the filming of the series commenced. As a result, it became convenient for the makers to shoot a few scenes here. 

South Bend Pool | Enjoy Swimming Here!

South Bend Pool is a famous swimming pool perfect for taking swimming lessons. That’s not it, it hosts swimming competitions for swimmers of all ages. If you are planning to learn swimming, enroll yourself in swimming classes!

The working place of Billy was Hawking Community Pool in the series. In reality, South Bend Pool acted as Hawkins Community Pool. Like other locations, filming here was not challenging for the makers. 

Stone Mountain Park | Witness Some Natural Beauty!

Where Was Stranger Things Filmed? A Guide To Locations You Can Visit!

Stone Mountain Park is the epitome of beauty and is perfect for a family vacation. Besides this, you can also enjoy many recreational activities. Over and above, this location is perfect for camping and enjoying a picturesque view. 

In terms of the series, many outdoor scenes were filmed here. Most of the scenes of the first season were filmed here. Besides this, a few scenes of the second season were also filmed at Stone Mountain Park. 

Downtown Jackson | A City Rich In History!

Downtown Jackson is situated in Butts County, known for small-town charms, historic homes, and scenic views. Visiting this city means having an insight into historic and cultural events. It’s a beautiful town blessed with natural beauty. 

The fictional town, Hawkins, was Downtown Jackson in real. Also, a few modifications were made to the town’s streets to make the town look mysterious as per the plot. So, it was a hard nut to crack for the makers. 

Roller King | Book Your Upcoming Event Here!

Where Was Stranger Things Filmed? A Guide To Locations You Can Visit!

Roller King is a place that hosts functions like birthday and night parties. 

You must have seen Rink-o-mania in season 4 of Stranger Things where unnatural events took place. Roller King served as Rink-o-mania with its amazing decoration. After the filming of the series, Roller King decided not to change its decoration. 

Lenora Hills High School | Enroll Your Kid Here!

Lenora Hills High School is a famous and prestigious school in Lenora Hills. Also, this school is known for its high-class teaching methods. 

Eldorado High School was actually Lenora Hills High School. Surprisingly, the same school acted as a perfect location for one of the episodes of Breaking Bad. 

Stone Mountain Cemetery | Prayers For Souls In Heaven!

Where Was Stranger Things Filmed? A Guide To Locations You Can Visit!

Stone Mountain Cemetery was used for burying the bodies of civilians who fought the civil war in the 1950s. Also, it is one of the most unique places for where was Stranger Things filmed.

Hawkins Cemetery, where you heard the monologue of Max in the fourth season, was filmed at Stone Mountain cemetery. This location was used in previous seasons. 

Final Words 

I hope you have learned all about where was Stranger Things filmed. It’s time to visit these locations with your family. After you are done visiting these locations, I would suggest finding out the release date of Stranger Things Season 5. Get all the details about the next season!

1. Is Stranger Things Suitable For Kids?

The series is not suitable for kids below 10 years.

2. Who Created Stranger Things?

Stranger Things is created by the Duffer brothers.

3. How Many Seasons Are There Of Stranger Things?

There are 4 seasons of Stranger Things.

4. What Is The IMDb Rating Of Stranger Things?

Stranger Things has received an 8.7 rating out of 10.

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