Where Was Frozen In Love Filmed? A Unique Love Story!


Well, if you’re planning to spend your weekend with your loved ones and wondering about what to watch. In that case, we have a great suggestion. Watch the 2018 romantic drama film, Frozen In Love, and turn your usual weekend into a lovey-dovey one. It has come to our attention that a lot of people are impressed with the movie’s filming location. So, in this article, we’ll discuss the movie and tell you Where Was Frozen In Love Filmed?

Frozen In Love, the American-Canadian movie, was originally made for television and was produced by the Hallmark Channel. It premiered on the channel on 13th January 2018 in the United States. Not to mention it did gain a lot of attention and, within a short period of time became quite popular. 

However, keeping our focus on the filming locations, we have to say that Frozen In Love was filmed in Canada, specifically in Revelstoke, and Vancouver in British Columbia. These are the only two locations where the entire romantic drama movie was filmed.

Plot Of Frozen In Love (2018) | Opposites Attract!

Where Was Frozen In Love Filmed? A Unique Love Story!

Frozen In Love recounts the story of Mary played by Rachael Leigh Cook and Adam played by Niall Matter. Mary is a bookstore owner who is struggling with her business and on other hand, Adam is a professional hockey player, who has a reputation as being a bad boy. 

Both of them are poles apart, but when they are teamed together for a particular task, in time they realize that opposites attract. Eventually, they fall for each other and find themselves surprisingly frozen in love. 

Where Was Frozen In Love Filmed?

Where Was Frozen In Love Filmed? A Unique Love Story!

Without wasting any more time, let’s dig deeper and find out some more information about the filming locations of the romantic drama film, Frozen In Love.

Revelstoke | British Columbia, Canada

Where Was Frozen In Love Filmed? A Unique Love Story!

You must have noticed that the characters in the movie are based in Denver, Colorado, but that is not the reality. The production team searched for locations throughout the province of British Columbia and finally selected a winter paradise, Revelstoke, which was the primary filming location of the movie. 

Ravelstoke happens to be a charming city in British Columbia, Canada. It is situated on the banks of the Columbia River and is surrounded by Mount Mackenzie and the Monashee Mountains.

However, the bookstore shown in the movie where a number of scenes were filmed was not a real bookstore. It was a set that was created for the movie.

Not many people know this, but Downtown Revelstoke was completely converted into a movie set for the filming of Frozen In Love. Even though the production team shot in December, Mackenzie Avenue didn’t have enough snow to fulfill the movie’s needs. The production unit was bound to use fake snow in order to replicate the real snow. 

When the production was over, it was reported that the owner of the YLW Tacos Food Truck, took a break from his business and changed his plans to try his luck on a new opportunity when he found out that the cast and crew of Frozen in Love was in town. The YLW Food Tacos Truck is mainly famous for its delicious Tacos and Quesadillas, but in the movie, the truck can be seen selling coffee near the Grizzly Plaza.

A number of scenes were filmed in famous landmarks in and around Revelstoke, like Grizzly Plaza, Revelstoke Forum, Grizzly Bear Square and the street behind Everything Revelstoke. As several roads were blocked due to the shooting, a public notice was released by the City of Revelstoke.

All the hockey sequences in the movie including the one where Rachel falls down as she celebrates her first shot were all filmed at the popular Revelstoke Forum.

In order to shoot the skiing scenes, the production team chose the Revelstoke Mountain Resort. It is one of the popular skiing destinations in Canada and has a reputation of being the toughest ski slopes located in the Kootenay Rockies. 

Revelstoke is a city that offers different types of adventure sports. If you ever visit, then do check out the snowmobile trails, white water rafting, dog sledding, snowshoeing, paragliding, and many more. You can also explore the Nordic trails and simply relish live music at Grizzly Plaza.

Vancouver | British Columbia, Canada

Where Was Frozen In Love Filmed? A Unique Love Story!

Rachel revealed in an interview with a local newspaper, that half of the shooting took place at several spots in and around the beautiful city of Vancouver. As most of the bookstore scenes were filmed on a set that was created by the production unit, but for the library scenes they used the Maple Ridge Public Library.

Final Word

Canada is undoubtedly a picturesque country with numerous extraordinary locations. So, if you ever go to Canada then make sure you visit the city of Revelstoke and Vancouver. Most importantly visit the specific spots where the filming of the romantic drama, Frozen In Love took place. We can assure you that it would be an exceptional experience, also it would be even better if you visit during the winter. 

However, if you haven’t watched the movie yet, then do watch it. You can stream Frozen In Love on the Hallmark Channel as well as on DirecTV. And also, if you want to explore more such exciting filming locations then do not forget to check out where was Gunga Din and The Staircase filmed.

Who Wrote The Film, Frozen In Love?

Rachael Leigh Cook and Rick Garman wrote the film, Frozen In Love.

Who Directed The Movie, Frozen In Love?

Scott Smith directed the movie, Frozen In Love.

Who All Acted In The Film, Frozen In Love?

The cast of Frozen In Love includes actors like Rachael Leigh Cook and Niall Matter.

What Is The Duration Of The Movie, Frozen In Love?

1h 24m is the duration of the movie, Frozen In Love.

Who Produced The Movie, Frozen In Love?

Jamie Goehring and Trevor McWhinney produced the movie, Frozen In Love.


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