Where Was Geostorm Filmed? Save The World From An Apocalypse!


Thrilling disaster movies are no less than watching nightmares. That’s because no one has the courage to even imagine the end of the world. But have you ever thought about how the makers decide on the filming locations to make these movies look close to reality? Well, I know this is the question whose answer you must be looking for. That’s why I thought of coming up with where was Geostorm filmed. Keep reading this article to collect all the relevant information!

Geostorm (2017) is a science-fiction disaster movie that discusses the consequences when satellites fail to help humans. Unfortunately, the connection with satellites gets disconnected, and the scientists fail to detect the error. Meanwhile, one of the technology designers learns about a disaster approaching many countries. As there is not much time left, the technology designer has the responsibility to save the world from a deadly disaster named ‘Geostorm.’  

The shooting of Geostorm took place at many locations. The exact filming locations of the movie are the United Arab Emirates, China, Spain, the U.S.A, Russia, India, and many more. Interestingly, specific locations were picked in these countries. 

When so many locations are there, it’s time to get acquainted with them. So, let’s start getting introduced to where was Geostorm filmed!

Where Was Geostorm Filmed? Know About All The Beautiful Locations!

Geostorm is a highly thrilling movie whose story is claimed to have well-written characters. As a result, the movie made a worldwide collection of around $221.4 million. Also, the viewers stated that the movie has aimed to come up as an epic disaster movie. What’s your review for the movie?

When the plot of the movie is so compelling, it excites us to know more about the filming locations. Well, I know some of you can’t even wait to unveil all the filming locations. Here’s all about where was Geostorm filmed!

Dubai, The United Arab Emirates 

Where Was Geostorm Filmed? Save The World From An Apocalypse!

Many prominent scenes were filmed in Dubai. Interestingly, the authorities of Dubai assisted the filmmakers in accomplishing the shooting of the movie. As a result, it took only a few days to wrap up a few scenes here. 

Dubai is the capital and one of the most visited places in The United Arab Emirates. And the reason behind its popularity is its glitzy architecture and innovative development. Moreover, the shopping scenes in this city are worth witnessing. But the main attraction of this beautiful city is Burj Khalifa. 

Hong Kong, China

Many outdoor scenes were filmed in and around Hong Kong. A few storm scenes were filmed here with the help of some natural effects. Like other locations, it took a few days to accomplish filming here. 

The special administrative region of China, Hong Kong, is situated on the eastern Pearl River Delta in South China. Also, this place is perfect for shopping, dining, vacations, and many more. On top of this, you also have multiple beautiful spots to relax.  

Benidorm, Alicante, Spain

Where Was Geostorm Filmed? Save The World From An Apocalypse!

A few storm scenes were filmed in Benidorm. That’s because the beaches and their shores were perfect for filming the storm scenes. Also, the cast and crew enjoyed a lot while filming in Benidorm. Some cast members would even go for a walk at the shores of beaches!

Benidorm is a small town in Alicante defined by the hotel industry, beaches, and skyscrapers. Because of these highlights, this place attracts tourists from all over the world. Interestingly, a fishing village is now a Mediterranean holiday destination popular because of its nightlife. 

New Orleans, Louisiana, The U.S.A 

A few predominant scenes were filmed in New Orleans in, Louisiana. Luckily, various spots in New Orleans served as suitable backdrops for the movie. Some locations were beautiful to another level. 

New Orleans is a renowned place characterized by distinctive music, Creole Cuisine, unique dialects, and many more. But the main highlight of this city is its annual festivals and celebrations. That’s not it, while visiting this place, you can easily witness the influence of French, African, and American cultures. 

Mumbai, India 

Where Was Geostorm Filmed? Save The World From An Apocalypse!

The plot of Geostorm talks about a deadly storm approaching Mumbai. All those scenes were filmed in Mumbai, India. For the same, the filmmakers got cooperation from the government and other authorities. And it was something new for the production unit to film in Mumbai. 

Mumbai is a highly populated city on the West Coast of India. Moreover, this state is known as the heart of financial activities in India. And the charm of Gateway Of India is captivating enough to leave an indelible print in mind. 

Moscow, Russia 

Moscow is another significant location if you are looking to answer where was Geostorm filmed. The natural settings of Moscow were beautiful enough to steal the hearts of the makers. As a result, the production team finalized it as one of the filming locations of Geostorm

Standing on the shore of the Moskva River, Moscow is the capital of Russia, with a population of $12.4 million. Some of the main highlights of this capital city of Moscow are Red Square, the Moscow Kremlin, and Mausoleum. Also, tourists love spending time at St Basil’s Cathedral. This unique cathedral is known for onion-shaped domes and vibrant colors. 

Final Words 

In a nutshell, these are the locations to learn where was Geostorm filmed. In my view, the list is long, so you need to start visiting all the locations soon. After all, covering so many places requires time. So, take out your bags from your shelf and book your tickets to visit the locations of your dreams!

And if your cravings for learning about new locations have not been satisfied, you can check out the filming locations of Panama

1. Is Geostorm True?

No, Geostorm is not based on any true event and is completely fictional.

2. What Natural Disasters Are In Geostorm?

Geostorm include fire tornadoes, lightning storms, cold snap, hailstorms, and many more.

3. What Caused The Geostorm?

Malfunctioning in the climate-control satellites became the cause of Geostorm.

4. Does Netflix Have Geostorm?

Yes, you can watch Geostorm on Netflix with a paid subscription.

5. Who Is The Villain In Geostorm?

Leonard Dekkom is the villain in Geostorm.

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