Where Was Panama Filmed? A Battle To Survive In A Deadliest Situation!


Fighting for survival is one of the most challenging situations that gives goosebumps while imagining. And Panama is a survival movie that talks about the spirit to live when there is less ray of hope of survival. Even the filming locations of this movie seem to be adding more to the plot. Would you like to get acquainted with the locations? Here’s all that may interest you about where was Panama filmed!

Panama (2022) traces the journey of an ex-marine, James Becker, when he is sent on a mission by a former commander, Stark. Interestingly, Jame’s mission is full of risks, and he can’t trust anyone. While attaining his goal, Stark comes across civil war, fights assassins, negotiates with his enemies, and does all that he can. But soon, Stark realizes that he is being surrounded by a lot of dangers. And he needs to overcome all the odds to come back to his home alive. 

The entire shooting of Panama took place in Puerto Rico. Interestingly, various locations in Puerto Rico served as suitable backdrops for the movie. Also, the filming was wrapped up within a few days.

That’s not it, we are going to have an in-depth look at the filming locations to know why the makers chose them. So, let’s start finding out where was Panama filmed! 

Where Was Panama Filmed? It’s Time To Fight For Your Survival!

I think the plot of Panama believes in the famous theory by Charles Darwin, ‘Survival of the fittest. As a result, we see the protagonist of the movie bearing the brunt for his survival. In addition, there is a lot you can learn from this movie. So, make sure you watch it in the coming days!

In terms of the filming locations of the action movie Panama, it’s right to say that the makers wanted a location where they could film all the scenes from the start to the end. Also, they were more focused on the presentation of the plotline. Here’s all about where was Panama filmed!

Puerto Rico 

Where Was Panama Filmed? A Battle To Survive In A Deadliest Situation!

All the shooting and filming of Panama took place in Puerto Rico. And the production team did not find it tough to locate suitable backdrops. Interestingly, they did not spend time in discussions. Rather, they would shoot wherever the backdrop was perfect. 

One of the Caribbean Islands, Puerto Rico, is an unincorporated island in the United States of America. Further, it is important to note that this island is one of the largest producers of rum and fulfills 80% of the world’s requirements for rum. In addition, there are many small islands you can visit, like Muna, Culebra, and Vieques. 

I think this island resonates a lot with the filming location of FBOY Island!

Filming In Puerto Rico

Where Was Panama Filmed? A Battle To Survive In A Deadliest Situation!

In order to understand why the makers opted for Puerto Rico, we are going to look at the filming costing and rules in Puerto Rico. 

The production companies who travel to Puerto Rico for shooting get a 40% tax credit on local expenditure. On top of it, the production companies get a 40% tax incentive on payments to companies owned by the natives of Puerto Rico.  

Further, if the production companies wish to travel to other countries, Latin America and European countries are very close to Puerto Rico. Most importantly, the climate of Puerto Rico remains the same throughout the year. So, shooting in Puerto Rico turns out to be no less than a vacation for the cast and crew members. 

Puerto Rico is among those places where production companies get a highly trained and professional workforce at an affordable rate. Also, this island offers state-of-the-art post-production facilities so that the production companies can shoot the film from start to end. All in all, the makers can land on this island without their professionals and hire staff from here. It’s a good way to reduce the filming expense! 

The Department Of Economic Development and Commerce helps production companies to the best level. So, whether it is the crowd management or anything, the department is there to look after all the hurdles. 

Interesting Facts About Where Was Panama Filmed 

Where Was Panama Filmed? A Battle To Survive In A Deadliest Situation!

You will be taken aback after learning that the project of Panama was announced in the middle of 2014. At that time, Daniel Adams was finalized as the director. But due to some reason, the filming of the movie did not commence. 

In 2020, it was declared that Panama would be directed by Mark Neveldine. And then the filming of the movie started. The main photography of the movie commenced in December 2020. Further, it’s quite astonishing and almost unbelievable that the shooting of Panama was completed in just 14 days. This means that all filming of the movie was wrapped up in three weeks. 

Also, it’s sad to share that the makers did not notify much about the exact filming locations. That’s because they wanted the filming locations to be unknown to the viewers. Well, let’s continue searching for some more information about the location. 

Final Words 

I guess all the action-lovers have noted down where was Panama filmed. After sharing all the information with you, I am planning to visit this location in the coming days. What about you? Let’s catch up at the filming location and learn more about the filming of Panama. Hope to see you there soon!

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Is Panama Movie Based On A True Story?

Yes, Panama is based on true events that happened in the United States Of America invasion of Panama in 1989.

How Much Did The Movie Panama Make?

Panam made a box office collection of around $217,091.

Is Panama Streaming On Netflix?

Yes, the movie is streaming on Netflix. And you can watch it with a paid subscription.

When Was Panama Movie Released?

Panama was released in March 2022.

Who Are The Cast Members Of Panama?

The cast members of Panam are Cole Hauser, Mel Gibson, Kiara Liz, Charlie Weber, Kate Katzman, Victor Turpin, and many more.


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