Where Was Good Will Hunting Filmed? A Multi-Starrer Iconic Flick From 1997!!


Are you looking for a good multi-starrer iconic flick to watch this weekend? Well then, you can conclude your search, as today we will discuss a similar flick, Good Will Hunting. Follow this article, to discover where was Good Will Hunting filmed, and other interesting facts about this iconic film.

The American intense drama film, Good Will Hunting released in 1997, took the audience by storm. Movie buffs, who enjoy watching deep and profound films, absolutely adored the overall storyline of this film. Special Hollywood A-listers such as Matt Damon, Robin Williams, and Ben Affleck gave stellar performances in their respective roles for this multi-starer movie.

The basic premise of Good Will Hunting revolves around the character of Will Hunting, a talented janitor of a top engineering institute in America. The story gets interesting when a skilled professor discovers his academic talent of Will and shows him the path to becoming an accomplished mathematician.

Apart from winning 22 other prestigious awards, Good Will Hunting also won 2 academy awards, after its release in 1997. This unconventional drama film also became a blockbuster hit. Good Will Hunting went on to gross over $225 million in total collection, against a very nominal shooting budget. 

So, if you’re really intrigued to find out where was Good Will Hunting filmed and other such details, then read this article till the very end.

Where Was Good Will Hunting Filmed? Let’s Know This Iconic Flick Closely!

The story of Good Will Hunting is set in Cambridge, Massachusetts. However, the shooting of this profound film didn’t only take place on location. The makers decided to shoot some parts of the movie, around other filming locations, during the initial stage of pre-production.

In order to depict the back story of Will’s life, the makers thought of shooting in and around a location, which was pretty far from Massachusetts. Thus, the production members were then instructed to look for such locations around America and Canada.

After the filming crew successfully scouted the potential filming locations, the makers decided to go forward with the locations which were scouted in Canada. Thus, apart from the majority of the outdoor sequences, some pivotal scenes were also filmed in Canada, specifically around the city of Toronto.

The principal photography commenced in the second week of April 1997 and continued till the month of June of the same year. The production members successfully completed shooting within the estimated timeline, thus the shooting schedule remained unchanged.

The logistics were arranged in advance as well, which immensely helped the crew to stay on top of the shooting dates. Now, if you’re ready to finally know where was Good Will Hunting filmed, then without any delay, let’s take a closer look at the shooting sites.


Where Was Good Will Hunting Filmed? A Multi-Starrer Iconic Flick From 1997!!

The opening sequence of the movie, where we see the character of Will for the first time, was actually filmed in Canada. The production members arranged a small-sized house located on the outskirts of Toronto and filmed the sequences depicting the family home of Will.

In fact, the scenes where we see the backstory of Will as a young kid were also captured in and around the same property. Other important sequences in Canada were filmed inside Central Tech High School, which is located at 725 Bathurst St, near Mirvish Village.

Massachusetts | USA

After the outdoor sequences in Canada were shot, the production members returned to America. The majority of the outdoor sequences of the movie were then filmed inside the premise of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology or better known as M.I.T.

The production members took special shooting permission from the administrative department of M.I.T. before filming the rousing scenes inside the classroom. Other important sequences of the movie were captured around South Boston, Bow Street, and Harvard Square.

Then finally, the production members moved to a place near a commercial building which was located at 100 Federal Street, Boston. The sequence where Will appears for his last job interview in the movie was captured inside this same building. 

All major interior sequences of the movie were then filmed inside a world-class studio, located near the downtown area of Boston. Shooting in Massachusetts continued till the second week of June 1997, after which the production members wrapped the entire shooting process.

Alright, guys, it’s time for me to give you an overview of Good Will Hunting. Meanwhile, you can check out Breaking Bad, The Wolf of Wall Street, and Umma as well.

Plot Of Good Will Hunting | What’s It About

Where Was Good Will Hunting Filmed? A Multi-Starrer Iconic Flick From 1997!!

The basic premise of Good Will Hunting follows the character of Will Hunting, an intelligent American man, who used to work as a janitor at MIT. At the very beginning of the film, Will sneakily attends one of the classes at the university.

But, Will’s growing affection towards the subject of applied math, quickly grabs the attention of Prof. Sean. The professor then confronts the lead actor and offers to show him the path to becoming a skilled mathematician. Watch Good Will Hunting to witness the awe-inspiring story of Will’s grit and sheer determination to win against all odds.

Final Words

Alrighty movie buffs, so I hope you liked the read and finally know where was Good Will Hunting filmed. In Case you’d like us to add anything, make sure you drop a comment in the comments section below. To read other informative and entertaining pieces like this, check out other amazing articles on Viebly.

Who Are The Cast Members Of The Film Good Will Hunting?

The cast of the film Good Will Hunting includes Matt Damon, Robin Williams, Ben Affleck and some other talented actors.

Who Is The Cinematographer Of The Film Good Will Hunting?

Jean-Yves Escoffier is the cinematographer of the film Good Will Hunting.

What Is The Rating Of The Film Good Will Hunting?

The film Good Will Hunting has an R rating.

Who Is The Music Director Of The Film Good Will Hunting?

Danny Elfman is the music director of the film Good Will Hunting.

Who Is The Producer Of The Film Good Will Hunting?

Lawrence Bender was the producer of the film Good Will Hunting,

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