Where Was Haul Out The Holly Filmed? A Romantic Fantasy Flick Of 2022!!


If you’re an avid fan of Lacey Chabert, follow this article till the end! Because today I will tell you about the latest romantic comedy film, Haul out the Holly, starring none other than Lacey Chabert and let you in on where was Haul Out the Holly filmed.

The American romantic film, Haul out the Holly, was released recently on the Hallmark channel. Maclain Nelson, took inspiration from a fictional story by Andy Sandberg, while directing this hysterical film, The central story of the film, revolves around the character of Emily, a middle-aged single American woman, spending the holidays home alone. Until the nosy neighbors force her to join the Christmas party, where she gets to meet the love of her life.

Haul out the Holly, is yet to complete a week since its release. Although this Hallmark original film has already gained a considerable amount of popularity amongst rom-com movie fans. The makers are hoping Haul out the Holly would go on to earn a number of prestigious awards and nominations, as well. 

Now, before I give you an overview of this film, let’s check out where was Haul Out the Holly filmed. So that you can take a closer look at the beautiful filming locations of this awesome film.

Where Was Haul Out The Holly Filmed? Let’s Know This Romantic Comedy Flick Closely!

Maclain Nelson is known to employ unconventional methods while giving direction to films, in the past. Thus while working as a director of Haul out the Holly, Nelson refrained from choosing the same old filming location where most other Hallmark movies are shot. Instead, he decided to shoot Haul out the Holly in and around the state of Utah. 

Reportedly the principal photography began in the month of August this year and was completed within a month. The short filming schedule is owed to the fact that the unit only had to shoot in a handful of locations.

Plus, enough members were brought into the unit, to support the filming process. The crew did not run into any major issues while shooting, which resulted in delaying the schedule. So, without waiting any longer, let us discuss where was Haul Out the Holly filmed in-depth.

Salt Lake County, Cottonwood Heights | Utah

Where Was Haul Out The Holly Filmed? A Romantic Fantasy Flick Of 2022!!

The production unit selected Salt Lake County, which is one of the most populous counties in Utah, for a reason. The fact that the story demanded the portrayal of a white-American neighborhood, motivated director Nelson to select a place that is inhabited by Jewish Caucasians predominantly. 

The opening scene of the movie, where Emily is shown paying a surprise visit to her mother, was filmed in the city of Cottonwood Heights. Located on the eastern bench of the Salt Lake Valley, this place was ideal to depict the surroundings of a middle-American family neighborhood. A small, Victorian-styled home was used to shoot the exterior scenes of Emily’s family home. 

Surprisingly, the production managed to convince the owners of the houses, adjoining Emily’s home, to capture the interior sequences inside the abodes. Thus the filming crew was not required to construct a make-believe setting, any longer. Filming lasted for about two and a half weeks, during which the unit filmed a number of other pivotal sequences, and then moved to the next location.

Other Filming Locations | Utah

After the majority of the scenes were filmed, the production unit captured several establishing shots in different parts of Utah. Specifically in the cities of Salt Lake County. Then, the production finally moved to Salt Lake City, to shoot the final sequence of the film, where Emily gets to meet the love of her life.

Now, if you’re planning to visit Utah this winter, then you can definitely look into, Zion National Park, Monument Valley, Moab, Park City and Arches National Park. These places are often visited by tourists from all parts of the world during the holiday season. 

Alright guys, now let us discuss the plot of Haul out the Holly in brief. So that you can get a better grip on the story of the film. Meanwhile, you can also check out The Crown, Medieval and The Batman which are equally enjoyable, if not more.

Plot Of Haul Out The Holly | What’s It About

Where Was Haul Out The Holly Filmed? A Romantic Fantasy Flick Of 2022!!

The basic premise of the film centers around the character of Emily, a middle-aged single woman, living in Salt Lake City by herself. Later in the movie, when the female lead, decides to surprise her mother by paying a visit to her family home, she learns that her mother has already left. 

Demotivated at first, she decides to spend Christmas alone and locks herself away from other friends and family members. But soon a group of chatty neighbors invade her privacy, by asking too many questions about her current life. Emily somehow pushes the neighbors’ kids away and warns them to not disturb her. Later as the feeling of melancholy takes over Emily’s heart, she decides to apologize to the neighbors for her rude behavior. 

In the final quarter, the elderly Homeowners Association members entreat the female lead to join the Christmas party. And to Emily’s amazement, she gets acquainted with a charming young man, while preparing for the Christmas ball. Now in order to find out what happens next, you’d have to watch this film. So that you can witness the Christmas miracle that takes place in Emily’s life.

Final Words

Alright friends, now that you’ve gone through the plot and know where was Haul Out the Holly filmed. I hope you enjoyed the read and found all the necessary information pertaining to this romantic flick. Do let us know about your thoughts in the comments section below, and be sure to check out other articles on Viebly.

Who Are The Cast Members Of The Film Haul Out The Holly?

The cast of the film Haul Out the Holly includes Lacey Chabert, Wes Brown, Stephen Tobolowsky, Melissa Peterman, Ellen Travolta and Peter Jacobson.

Who Is The Cinematographer Of The Film Haul Out The Holly?

Ryan Hannah is the cinematographer of the film Haul Out the Holly.

What Is The Rating Of The Film Haul Out The Holly?

The film Haul Out the Holly has a TV-G rating.

Who Is The Music Director Of The Film Haul Out The Holly?

Danny Gray is the music director of the film Haul Out the Holly.

What Is The Runtime Of The Film Haul Out The Holly?

1h 28m is the runtime of the film Haul Out the Holly.

Who Is The Costume Designer Of The Film Haul Out The Holly?

Stephanie Sanford is the costume designer of the film Haul Out the Holly.

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