Where Was Elysium Filmed? Filming Locations Of Matt Damon’s 2013 Sci Fi Flick!!


Do you also happen to think that Matt Damon is a versatile actor, who remains underrated most of the time? Well, get ready to read this article where I bust this myth and discuss one of Matt’s brilliant movies, Elysium. Plus later in this article, I will also let you know where was Elysium filmed.

The American Sci Fi film, Elysium, was released in 2013. Neill Blomkamp astonishingly wrote, directed and even produced the film, all by himself! The main story of the film is set in the future, at a time when habitation on Earth is no longer feasible. And the affluent are shown to abandon the planet to settle on a space-station, Elysium. That’s when the central character of the film, Max comes in, and changes the new world order! 

The film did well in terms of business, and even received good ratings from the critics. Director Blomkamp, masterfully tackles a number of social issues in this film, such as immigration, trans-humanism and worker exploitation out of many. Noteworthy to mention, Elysium had won the award for Best Visual Effects in a Motion Picture, in 2014!

Ok, so it’s time for us to briefly discuss the plot of the film. So that you can get a better understanding of the basic premise. Furthermore, I will let you in on where was Elysium filmed, later in this article.

Plot Of Elysium | What’s It About

Producer-Director Neill Blomkamp is a genius when it comes to making sci-fi films. Elysium, even though did not overachieve the expectations of the audience, compared to Neill’s District 9. But was decent enough to entice the audience with a gripping story.

The film begins by showing a timeline in the future, where most of the wealthy and affluent humans have evaded the planet to settle on an orbiting space station. The atmosphere in the space station, Elysium, is much more habitable. As compared to the overpopulated and polluted scenes on Earth.

Along the course of events, Max’s friend Julio gets killed by the special ops officer Kruger, who later gets killed by the protagonist, showcased in an intense fight sequence. Max, on the other hand, gets into a situation where he has to die in order to save the lives of people on Earth. 

The hero valiantly sacrifices his life and downloads the data that makes the people on Earth citizens of Elysium, enabling them to use Med-Bay devices and cure diseases. The credits roll as Frey and his daughter bid Max farewell for his final journey.

Alrighty then, let us now find where was Elysium filmed. So that you can enjoy the beautiful locations that were used for filming this action packed film!

Where Was Elysium Filmed? Let’s Know The Sci Fi Movie Closely!!

Director Neill Blomkamp along with cinematographer Trent Opaloch and other returning crew members from District 9, decided to shoot Elysium, in parts of Mexico and Canada. The principal photography began in July 2011 and was completed by the end of September 2011.

Locations such as Iztapalapa and Huixquilucan-Interlomas in Mexico City were used for filming. While only Vancouver, located in the Lower Mainland region of British Columbia, Canada featured in the film. The production had a whopping $116 million budget for filming, which was utilised and allocated smartly by the director.

The film presents itself as a social commentary of the contemporary unjust times in the world. Thus most of the sequences featured real life locations to showcase the condition of Earth and Elysium in 2154!

Let’s go ahead explore the specific locations that were used for filming!

Mexico City, Mexico

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The sequences in the film where the Earth is shown as a place, dwelled with downtrodden and enslaved humans was filmed in Iztapalapa, in Mexico City. The poverty stricken area of Mexico, was used by the director to showcase a time in future as well as the present time. Where humans are living in horrid conditions, devoid of their basic needs and opportunities.

Filming the outdoor scenes at this location was a bit dicey at first, because of the high crime rate of the area. But later the production unit managed to shoot the required scenes, after arranging necessary security personnels.

To present a sharp contrast, the director chose the same city to paint a completely different picture in his film. The affluent neighborhood and area of Huixquilucan-Interlomas, in Mexico City doubled as the futuristic space station, Elysium.

Outdoor scenes of the well constructed buildings and well maintained area not only vividly portrayed the picture of the future. But it also drew the attention of the audience towards the huge difference that exists in society!

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British Columbia, Canada

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Vancouver is no stranger to artists and photographers, traveling to capture the beauty of the city! Likewise the director of Elysium along with his production unit arrived at the bustling city of Vancouver. The remaining interior shots of the space station were filmed in the central locations of the city. Other outdoor sequences featured Bear Creek Park in Surrey, British Columbia.

The production completed its final filming at this location in September 2011, and proceeded to work on post production. Here goes a list of totally awesome places in British Columbia, Canada such as Whistler and Black Comb Mountains, Vancouver Island, Okanagan Valley & Kelowna, Yoho National Park, Butchart Gardens and Hai Dwai that you can definitely visit!

Final Words

Right, so I see you’ve made it this far! Which means you’ve gone through the basic premise of the film and know where was Elysium filmed. I hope you’d give this film a go, if you haven’t already. But if the filming locations excite you more, be sure to log on to Viebly. And find out other informative and entertaining articles about the latest flicks and shows, and know where to watch them! Until then, peace out!

Who Are The Cast Members Of The Film Elysium?

The cast of the film Elysium includes Matt Damon, Jodie Foster, Sharito Copley, Alice Braga, Diego Luna, and Wagner Moura

Who Produced The Film Elysium?

Bill Block and Simon Kinberg were the producers of the film Elysium

Who Directed The Film Elysium?

Neil Blomkamp directed the film Elysium.

Who Wrote The Screenplay Of The Film Elysium?

Neil Blomkamp wrote the screenplay for the film Elysium.



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