Where Was Hellraiser Filmed? A Mind-Blowing Supernatural Horror Film!


It is the weekend finally, and you must have been wondering about which movie to binge while you are at home. Well, in that case, let us help you with it. Watch the brand-new movie Hellraiser. The 2022 supernatural horror film is a must-watch if you admire and enjoy movies with dark themes. The film is packed with gory sequences and surprising plot twists that are bound to leave you speechless. However, in this article, we’ll discuss the movie and tell you where was Hellraiser filmed.

The American supernatural horror flick, Hellraiser premiered at the Fantastic Fest on 28th September 2022 in Austin, Texas. Later it received its digital release on 7th October 2022 in the United States. The movie is a Hulu original and is currently streaming on its platform. It was distributed by Disney Platform Distribution.

Now to answer your main question about where was Hellraiser filmed, the entire supernatural horror movie was shot in Belgrade, Serbia. In order to find out more details about the filming location, continue reading.

Plot Of Hellraiser (2022) | Beware Of The Cenobites!

Where Was Hellraiser Filmed? A Mind-Blowing Supernatural Horror Film!

The story of Hellraiser revolves around the character of Riley McKendry played by Odessa A’zion, a young woman, who is struggling with a critical drug addiction problem. One fine day, she finds an ancient and mysterious-looking puzzle box, and without having any clue about it she brings it with her to her home. 

In time, she discovers the real purpose of that puzzle box, that it is actually meant for summoning the Cenobites. The Cenobites are a bunch of sadistic, cruel and supernatural beings that belong to another dimension and want to destroy humanity. 

Where Was Hellraiser Filmed?

Where Was Hellraiser Filmed? A Mind-Blowing Supernatural Horror Film!

David Bruckner’s supernatural horror film Hellraiser is based on the 1986 novel named The Hellbound Heart by Clive Barker. Barker happens to be a multi-talented individual who is a novelist, playwright, author, and visual artist. 

The film received mostly positive reviews from critics and it also got a high score of 85% from Rotten Tomatoes. Hellraiser without any doubt is a scary movie but at the same time, it is also quite engaging. However, now that you have an idea about where was Hellraiser filmed, let’s move on and find out in detail about the filming locations.

Belgrade | Serbia

Where Was Hellraiser Filmed? A Mind-Blowing Supernatural Horror Film!

Principal photography of the supernatural horror film began in September 2021 and was wrapped up by October 2021. The entire filming took place in and around the capital city of Belgrade. It is also the largest city in Serbia and is located at the junction of the Sava and Danube rivers and the crossroads of the Pannonian Plain and the Balkan Peninsula. 

The city has an estimated population of 1.7 million making it the third largest city on the Danube river. Belgrade also happens to be one of the oldest inhabited cities in all of Europe. The city back in ancient times was inhabited by Thraco-Dacians and Celts. It was at one point conquered and taken over by the Romans as well. 

Belgrade is one of the largest and most important cities in Serbia, it has a special administrative status within the country. The city is the seat of the country’s central government, all administrative bodies, and government ministries. All major Serbian companies, media houses and scientific institutions are located in Belgrade. It is often called a Beta-Global city.

The biggest and most important medical center, the Clinical Center of Serbia is located in Belgrade. A few famous attractions in the city include the Church of Saint Sava, (it is one of the biggest Orthodox church buildings) and the Stark Arena. Belgrade has also been home to some of the major conferences in Europe including the Danube River Conference, in 1948, and the first Non-Aligned Movement summit, in 1961.

Movies and TV shows like Daniel Craig starrer Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery, the action drama series SEAL Team, Robert Davi’s My Son Hunter, the horror drama movie Don’t Breathe 2 and Rami Malek starrer Papillon was filmed in Belgrade, Serbia.

Final Word

So, now you know pretty much everything about the supernatural horror movie, Hellraiser and its filming locations. If possible, try to visit the beautiful city of Belgrade in Serbia and check out all the spots that we mentioned. However, you can stream the movie on Hulu and if you do not have a subscription, then you can stream it on FMovies for free. And also, if you want to explore more such filming locations then do check out where was Nevada Smith and The Handmaiden filmed.

Who Directed The Film, Hellraiser?

David Bruckner directed the film, Hellraiser.

Who All Acted In The Movie, Hellraiser?

The cast of Hellraiser includes actors like Odessa A’zion, Jamie Clayton, Brandon Flynn, Goran Višnjić, Drew Starkey, Adam Faison, Aoife Hinds, Selina Lo, and Hiam Abbass.

Who Produced The Film, Hellraiser?

David S. Goyer, Keith Levine, and Marc Toberoff produced the film, Hellraiser.

Who Wrote The Movie, Hellraiser?

David S. Goyer, Ben Collins, and Luke Piotrowski wrote the film, Hellraiser.

Who Wrote The Screenplay Of The Film, Hellraiser?

Ben Collins and Luke Piotrowski wrote the screenplay of the film, Hellraiser.

What Is The Runtime Of The Movie, Hellraiser?

2 hours is the runtime of the movie, Hellraiser.

Which Production Company Backed The Film, Hellraiser?

Spyglass Media Group, Phantom Four Films, and 20th Century Studios backed the film, Hellraiser.

Is Hellraiser Available On Netflix?

Hellraiser is not available on Netflix.

Is Hellraiser Available On HBO MAX?

Hellraiser is not available on HBO MAX.

Is Hellraiser Available On Amazon Prime Video?

Hellraiser is not available on Amazon Prime Video.

Is Hellraiser Available On Paramount Plus?

Hellraiser is not available on Paramount Plus.

Is Hellraiser Available On Vudu?

Hellraiser is not available on Vudu.


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