Where Was I Love Lucy Filmed? Classic American Sitcom From The ‘50s!!


Are you into watching classic American sitcoms? Then we’d recommend you to watch I Love Lucy. Read this article to know everything about this vintage series and also discover where was I Love Lucy filmed.

The American family drama series I Love Lucy premiered on the CBS network back in 1950. A total of 181 episodes were released between six entertaining seasons of this show. Apart from pitching as an executive producer, Desi Arnaz also played a titular character in this series.

The basic premise of I Love Lucy revolves around Lucy, the eccentric wife of a talented American musician. The story gets interesting when the female tries too hard to be famous in spite of having no recognizable talent.

The pilot season of I Love Lucy released a total of 35 episodes. However, the other seasons which were released in the years that followed had 30 episodes on average. After this hysterical show ended, another show name, The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour, was introduced for the first time and had multiple Hollywood stars.

So let us now find out more about this vintage series and discuss where was I Love Lucy filmed.

Where Was I Love Lucy Filmed? Let’s Know This Comedy Drama Series Closely!

The story of I Love Lucy is set in and around the city of New York. But you’d be surprised to know that the shooting of this show took place in the state of California entirely. In other words, throughout the six seasons, the makers of I Love Lucy captured all the sequences of the show in California.

The making of I Love Lucy was historical in many ways. Marc Daniels and William Ashers, the makers of this incredible series, decided to shoot in 35 mm film inside a studio in front of a live audience. Plus, it was also the first show to feature a number of Hollywood superstars together. 

The best option for Marc and William was to construct a number of make-believe sets inside a studio in California and later use them for shooting different sequences. So, before the principal photography began, the makers of I Love Lucy instructed the production members to construct different sets.

As per reports, Marc also took technical advice from skilled production designers and contemporary directors before finalizing the set design. The principal photography commenced in the summer of 1950 and continued for several weeks.

The production members were able to complete the shooting within the estimated timeline without facing any major issues. Although expensive pieces of camera equipment were imported from Germany for shooting specific episodes, which were handled with utmost care.

Let us now discuss in detail where was I Love Lucy filmed.

California | USA

As I’ve mentioned earlier, all six seasons of I Love Lucy were filmed in and around the state of California. In fact, the sequences from the first two seasons of the show were filmed inside the same studio.

The production members constructed a make-believe set inside General Service Studios, located at 6625 Romaine Street, Hollywood. Later on, the sequences of all the entertaining episodes from the pilot season of I Love Lucy were filmed here.

After the first two successful seasons of the show, the makers decided to change the shooting location. But, as none of the episodes were filmed around outdoor locations, the production members were asked to find a similar studio in California.

Thankfully the filming crew was able to find a similar and well-equipped studio within the same city. Plus, the production cost was much less than the previous studio. So, after the makers drafted an official contract with the owners of Ren-Mar Studios, shooting began shortly after.

The production members didn’t face any challenges while shooting inside Ren-Mar Studios, located at 846 North Cahuenga Blvd, Los Angeles. After the finale episode from the sixth season of I Love Lucy was shot, the production members wrapped the entire shooting process.

Are you wondering whether these epic studios still exist? Well, the Ren-Mar Studios is located in the same place and is still used by numerous filmmakers from around the world. However, the General Service Studios was dismantled and is currently known as Sunset Las Palmas Studios, which is also pretty famous.

And now, let me give you an overview of I Love Lucy. Meanwhile, you can also read The Great Gatsby, Inside Daisy Clover, and Me Before You.

Plot Of I Love Lucy | What’s It About

Where Was I Love Lucy Filmed? Classic American Sitcom From The ‘50s!!
Where Was I Love Lucy Filmed? Classic American Sitcom From The ‘50s!!

The basic premise of I Love Lucy is centered around the character of Lucy, a middle-aged eccentric woman who lives in New York. At the very beginning of the series, the female lead appears to be delighted after her husband offers her to join him for a gala event.

But, as the story gradually progresses, the character of Lucy slowly envisions becoming the next big celebrity in America without having any major talent. In one of the episodes, the female lead even expresses her desire to possess stardom to her husband, but to her dismay, she gets shunned quickly.

However, the suppressed ambition of becoming a superstar further fuels Lucy’s ego and turns her completely eccentric for achieving fame and prominence in showbiz.

Watch the colored version of I Love Lucy on CBS Network now!

Final Words

Ok, guys! So I’ve included all the necessary details regarding where was I Love Lucy filmed. Plus I’ve also mentioned the current state of the filming locations which were used for this show. Apart from that, I’d be listing some other interesting FAQs below, you can check them out as well.

But if you still have any other questions, feel free to drop a comment below, we’d be more than glad to answer them.

Who Is The Music Director Of The Show I Love Lucy?

Eliot Daniel is the music director of the show I Love Lucy

Is The Show I Love Lucy Based On A True Story?

No, the story of I Love Lucy is based on a fictional story by Desi Arnaz.

Who Is The Cinematographer Of The Show I Love Lucy?

Wilbur Hatch is the cinematographer of the show I Love Lucy.

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