Where Was Jeremiah Johnson Filmed? Explore Untamed Landscapes!


Whenever I hear the word ‘western-drama’, the stunning sequences of Jeremiah Johnson come in front of my eyes. Would you also like to know its plot and where was Jeremiah Johnson filmed? If yes, here’s plenty of information and filming locations to amaze you! 

The basic premise of Jeremiah Johnson follows an unconventional character, Jeremiah, who plans to live in rocky mountains. Upon looking at his journey, you get to learn how one can overpower harsh situations in life. That’s not it, you are going to love the emotional message the movie gives to its users. 

After learning about the core element of the movie, it’s time to learn all about where was Jeremiah Johnson filmed!

Where Was Jeremiah Johnson Filmed? Check Out An Exciting Location!

While speaking to the cameras, director Sydney Pollack said that they shot the movie at around 100 locations. Sharing about the overall experience, he said, “Up in the mountain, in the scenes with new snow, you couldn’t have the actor’s track the shot. You’d have to take a snowmobile and call him on a two-way radio to come out”. 

Jeremiah Johnson was shot entirely in Utah. Deciding on the locations took a lot of time but it was worth it for the makers. Let’s trace where was Jeremiah Johnson filmed!

Zion National Park

Some opening sequences were shot at Zion National Park. The makers chose to film here because they found it perfect for adding authenticity to the movie. And filming here was a bump-free ride for the entire production unit. Luckily, they got a perfect setup here!

Known for sandstone cliffs, Zion National Park leads to forest trails along the Virgin River. You might fall in love with the hanging garden and waterfalls. It’s similar to the filming location of The Chosen.

Alpine Loop And Mt Timpanogos 

Where Was Jeremiah Johnson Filmed? Explore Untamed Landscapes!

The sequences where you saw Jeremiah traveling to the mountains were shot at Alpine Loop. This narrow and scenic road was beautiful enough to make the cast members fall in love with it. Whereas, the opening mountain scenes were shot at Mt Timpanogos

Filming at Mt Timpanogos was quite challenging for the cast and crew because of unfavorable weather conditions. Some of the production members were even diagnosed with colds and fevers, which made the situation even more challenging for the creators. 

Snow Canyon

Many pivotal sequences which depicted the life of Jeremiad in the mountains were shot at Snow Canyon. This location was selected because of its peaceful surroundings. The cast and crew members enjoyed filming here. Until the filming concluded, they stayed in camps surrounded by red mountains.

If you like exploring trails and dunes, Snow Canyon is a perfect place for you. It’s a stunning filming location perfect for tourists as well. So, check it out soon!

Uinta National Park 

The beautiful house of Jeremiah you saw in the movie was shot at Uinta National Park. The makers finalized this location because they couldn’t find a perfect location to film Jeremiah’s house. The natural setup was perfect and added authenticity to the sequences shot here. 

One of the famous forests located in central Utah is a perfect place to enjoy adventurous activities like hiking, biking, fishing, and a lot more. You can plan your upcoming vacations here with your loved ones. 

St George 

Where Was Jeremiah Johnson Filmed? Explore Untamed Landscapes!

For depicting Jeremiah’s life before he relocated to the mountains, the makers picked St George. It was quite easy concluding shooting here because the natives were very considerate. They provided the makers with all the possible help, which contributed to wrapping up filming on time. 

Known as the county seat of Utah, St George is a perfect location for filming classic movies. This vibrant city is famous for its year-round recreation activities and national parks. You can enjoy many adventurous activities with your family and friends here. 

Ashley National Park

A few sequences of Jeremiah Johnson showcasing mountain life were shot at Ashley National Park. The makers faced challenges here due to the chilling weather. On top of this, frequent snowfall was also adding more to their problem. But the production team did not decide to shift to another location because of the stunning backdrop.

Spread across 1.4 million acres, Ashley National Park lets you enjoy the scenic beauty of vast forests, lakes, and mountains. Guess what? You can enjoy the beauty of Ashley National Park by driving. So, make sure you don’t miss out on any scenic spot!


Where Was Jeremiah Johnson Filmed? Explore Untamed Landscapes!

The emotional sequence when you saw Jeremiah starting his family in mountains was shot at Sundance. Like the above location, filming the movie was challenging here as well. However, suitable backdrops filled the entire production team with the energy to overcome all the challenges. 

Sundance is also known as a family and romantic gateway. These mountainous town witnesses low temperatures throughout the year. There are many luxurious resorts here, which offer comfortable accommodations to visitors. This may also remind you of the filming location of A Boyfriend For Christmas.

Wasatch-Cache National Forest

Some ending sequences were shot at Wasatch-Cache National Park. Like other locations, this place was peaceful and lush green. Makers were planning to shoot the ending sequences at some other place but when they came across this park, they fell in love with its beauty.

Spread across 2.2 million acres, Wasatch-Cache National Forest is one of the famous tourist places in Utah. Interestingly, you can also enjoy camping in most areas of the forest. Visit the park to witness the beauty of sky-touching mountains. 

Plot Of Jeremiah Johnson | What’s It About?

Where Was Jeremiah Johnson Filmed? Explore Untamed Landscapes!

Jeremiah Johnson is based on Vardis Fisher’s book, Mountain Man: A Novel Of Male And Female In The Early American West. 

The plot sheds light on Jeremiah Jonson, who decides to spend his entire life in the mountains of the Frontier of the American West. Interestingly, an instance in the US army happens to influence Jeremia to take the decision. 

While navigating his way in the mountains, Jeremiah befriends some people and starts planning where to build his house. Gradually, his friends become an integral part of Jeremiah’s life as they teach him important lessons about life. As a result, he learns how to co-exist with some Indian tribes. 

But one act of Jeremiah might change his equation with his friends forever. And he needs to find a way to sort out this challenging situation. 

Final Words 

You must have thoroughly gone through where was Jeremiah Johnson filmed. Now when you have so much information, why not share it with your friends? Plan a brunch this weekend and spill the beans. Apart from this, you can also consider reading where was 13 Reasons Why filmed!

Who Wrote The Script Of Jeremiah Johnson?

The script of Jeremiah Johnson was written by John Milius and Edward Anhalt.

Who Are The Cast Members Of Jeremiah Johnson?

The cast members of Jeremiah Jonson are Will Geer, Robert Redford, Josh Albee, Stefan Gierasch, and many more.

When Was Jeremiah Johnson Released?

Jeremiah Johnson had a theatrical release on December 21, 1972 in the United States.

What Was The Box Office Of Jeremia Johnson?

The movie made a profit of $8,35,000 in the USA. Apart from this, $10,000 profit of rental was also added.

What Are The Ratings Of Jeremia Johnson?

IMDb gave Jeremia Johnson a 7.6 rating out of 10. Rotten Tomatoes the movie has a 95% rating from viewers.

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