Where Was Cold Mountain Filmed? An Early 2000s Classic!


Movies and films have come a long way in the last couple of decades. From being filmed entirely in made-up sets to being filmed in real-life filming locations. Now before we plan on filming a movie on the moon, let’s take a look at the movie Cold Mountain. A movie that paved the way technologically in many ways. Let’s also see where was Cold Mountain filmed

What do we mean by Cold Mountain paving the way technologically? Well, the editing of the movie was done by Apple Computers using Apple’s proprietary editing software called Final Cut Pro. In the early 2000s, when editing rigs would cost tens of thousands, Cold Mountain did something amazing production-wise.

So, where was Cold Mountain filmed? The movie is based on a real-life location in the Cold Mountain area of North Carolina, but that’s not where it has been filmed. The movie has been filmed in Romania, South Carolina, the USA, and some other parts of the US. Filming took a good couple of months due to the locations being scattered.

Since Cold Mountain is a period drama, filmmakers had to pay special attention to the locations. The filming locations needed to look untouched by modernity. While many movies outside the US are filmed in Canada, Cold Mountain took a different route. Something we have seen in movies like Morbius, The Unforgivable, and many more!

The Plot Of Cold Mountain | What Is The Movie About?

Now, before we move on to see where was Cold Mountain filmed, we need to check what the movie is about! The movie takes place in the early to late 1800s during the American Civil War. The book is based on the book of the same name that has been written by Charles Frazier. The movie, just like the book, follows the life of a carpenter W.P. Inman. 

Inman is drafted into the army, and just before he is deployed, he falls in love with a beautiful woman Ada. The two share nothing but a kiss, and Ada promises Inman that she will wait for him to return from battle. As Inman fights valiantly, his heart remains connected to back home, where his love is. It is during one of the serious battles towards the end of the Civil War that Inman is injured.

Instead of waiting to rehabilitate and be deployed again, Inman decides to desert the army. Ada has been writing letters to Inman, and he wants to be with her as soon as he can. The way back home to Cold Mountains, North Carolina, is a long and treacherous trek. A trek that proves deadly in many situations for Inman.

As the distance shortens, other calamities start to befall the two. First, Ada loses her father and is rendered penniless. Then Inman is caught by a home guard as a deserter and taken for execution. While the two survive that, a battle between one of the guardsmen and Inman leaves one of them mortally wounded. Can love save them after all? Watch the movie to find out!

Where Was Cold Mountain Filmed? All The Locations You Need To Know About!

The filming locations of movies make or break them. As an example, the filming location for the movie Kong Skull Island made it such a superhit even though half of the movie has CGI in it. Similarly, we know that while the real Cold Mountains exist in North Carolina, the use of different places for filming must have had some form of effect!

So, where was Cold Mountain filmed? 

Bucharest, Romania

Where Was Cold Mountain Filmed? An Early 2000s Classic!

Most of the filming for Cold Mountain took place in Bucharest, Romania. In the last couple of years, this eastern European country has seen a surge in the number of Hollywood productions. That is mainly down to the low production costs as well as the beautiful scenery in the region.

Besides the outdoor scenes, filming in Bucharest also took place at the Castel Film Studios. The studio is located at Strada Emanoil, Porumbaru. The studio created sets that were perfect for period drama and resembled a timeless era. With loads of natural areas like forests and lakes within the reach of the studio, Bucharest proved to be a great option.

Transylvania, Romania

Where Was Cold Mountain Filmed? An Early 2000s Classic!

Further outdoor filming for Cold Mountain was majorly done in Transylvania. The region was used as a stand-in for the Cold Mountain range. One of the main reasons for such a decision was made in order to replicate the era from the 1800s. While North Carolina is a bit more developed, Transylvania, on the other hand, isn’t. 

The natural diversity and the beauty of Transylvania have been aptly captured in the movie. Stunning backdrops of mountains like the Carpathian Mountains are featured heavily in the movie.

Charleston, South Carolina, USA

Where Was Cold Mountain Filmed? An Early 2000s Classic!

In order to get some of the architecture of the movie to be historically accurate, some bits of Cold Mountain have been filmed in South Carolina. There is, of course, a stark difference between European architecture and American architecture.

There are some outdoor scenes of the movie which have been filmed in locations like the College of Charleston located at George Street in Charleston. The cast and crew ended their filming schedule for the movie back home. Notably, most of the editing for the movie has been done in studios in Romania, some post-production work was done in the US as well.

Final Words

So, there you go, folks! We hope now you know where was Cold Mountain filmed! The movie has tons of drama that will quite literally keep you on the edge of your seat. While we can’t promise whether you will be needing tissues or not, we can sure promise loads of emotions coming your way. So be prepared!

Meanwhile, we suggest you take a look at other locations where some of these amazing movies and shows were filmed! Our personal favorites are The Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars, Line of Duty, and more! Also, if you have a personal recommendation, then drop a comment below! 

Is Cold Mountain a true story?

Yes, according to reports, Charles Frazier based his Civil War novel, “Cold Mountain,” on a real-life Confederate soldier’s life.

Is Cold Mountain a love story?

Yes, Cold Mountain is a love story, and one of the things that makes it a great love story is that the characters are slow at discovering how much they long for each other.

Who does Ruby marry in Cold Mountain?

Ruby married a boy from Georgia, called Reid, and had three sons with him.

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