Where Was Knights Of The Zodiac Filmed? A Stunning Action Adventure Movie!


If you’re fond of watching action adventure movies, then I’m sure you’ve seen the film Knights Of The Zodiac (2023). The fantasy action adventure film follows a street orphan who is in search of her kidnapped sister. Everything changes for him when he accidentally taps into mystical powers he knows nothing about. In this article, I’ll discuss the movie and tell you where was Knights Of the Zodiac filmed.  

Knights Of The Zodiac features an exciting cast, including Asian and American actors like Mackenyu, Famke Janssen, Madison Iseman, Sean Bean, Diego Tinoco, and Mark Dacascos. 

Mackenyu is a Japanese actor who is the son of martial artist and actor Sonny Chiba. He has been in several Japanese movies and TV shows and starred in the Netflix original series One Piece. Sean Bean is another brilliant actor in the cast, known for portraying Ned Stark in the HBO original series Game of Thrones.

Now, to clear your confusion about where was Knight of the Zodiac filmed, the fantasy action adventure movie was shot in Budapest, Hungary, and Croatia, Balkans.

Directed by Tomek Bagiński, Knights Of The Zodiac had its premiere in Japan on 28th April 2023, followed by its wide theatrical release in the US on 12th May 2023. It was released on streaming platforms on 27 June 2023. The action-adventure movie is a Stage 6 Films production and was distributed in Japan by Toei and in the United States by Sony Pictures Releasing. However, without further ado, let’s check out the filming locations in detail.

Where Was Knights Of The Zodiac Filmed? Filming Locations  Of Action Adventure Movie!

Where Was Knights Of The Zodiac Filmed? A Stunning Action Adventure Movie!

Tomek Bagiński’s Knights Of The Zodiac did poorly at the box office and failed commercially. However, the Japanese audience loved the movie, whereas the American response was unsatisfactory. Leaving a handful of critics, most of them were not pleased with the movie and criticized its direction and screenplay. 

Bagiński is a Polish filmmaker, animator, screenwriter, and producer. He is best known for producing the Netflix original animated movie The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf. The action-adventure movie received an audience score of 61% on Rotten Tomatoes and an average rating on IMDb. However, let’s not waste any more time and jump into the details of where was Knights Of The Zodiac filmed.

Budapest, Hungary

The fantasy action adventure movie Knights Of The Zodiac was filmed in Hungary, particularly in Budapest. The production team also shot some of the portions of the movie in Croatia. Budapest is the capital of Hungary and is the largest city in the country, with a population of 1,752,286, making it one of the most populated cities. As there is not enough information available, it is difficult to talk about the movie’s specific filming locations. 

Besides shooting on location, there is a high possibility that some scenes, especially the ones involving CGI, could be filmed in movie studios. Some famous film studios in Budapest include Origo Studios, Korda Studios, and Astra Film Studios. Origo Studios is the largest film studio not only in Budapest but in all of Hungary. It offers various services, including sound stages, the best equipment, and post-production facilities.

Croatia, Balkans

Where Was Knights Of The Zodiac Filmed? A Stunning Action Adventure Movie!

As I mentioned, the cast and crew also filmed some of the action-adventure movies in Croatia. It is a European country in the Balkans. It is officially known as the Republic of Croatia and is situated at the crossroads of central and southern Europe. Croatia shares its borders with Slovenia, Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro. 

Croatia has a population of 3.9 million. Zagreb is the country’s capital, which is also the largest city and is located in the northern part of Croatia. The European country offers all the vital things tourists look for, including culture, vast history, nature, and gastronomy. Movies like Season Of The Witch, The Weekend Away, Infinity Pool, and Bliss were filmed in Croatia.

Plot Of Knights Of The Zodiac (2023) | The Ultimate Sacrifice!

Where Was Knights Of The Zodiac Filmed? A Stunning Action Adventure Movie!

The story of Knights Of The Zodiac revolves around Seiya, played by Mackenyu. Seiya is a young, honest man who is a street orphan looking for his younger sister, who has been abducted. While fighting with Cassios, played by Nick Stahl, he unleashes a mysterious blue light and accidentally taps into magical powers he has no clue about.

Soon, Seiya finds himself pushed into a world of warriors, saints, and ancient magical beings. Eventually, he encounters a reincarnated goddess, claiming she needs his protection. But to protect the goddess, Seiya must embrace his fate and let go of everything else for his place among the Knights of the Zodiac.

Final Words

If you enjoy watching epic action adventure movies with fantastic fight sequences, then Knights Of The Zodiac is a must-watch. And if you’re wondering about visiting Europe, plan carefully and adequately. Having said that, to read more fascinating filming location articles, keep an eye on the Viebly website.

Who Are The Producers Of The Movie Knights Of The Zodiac?

Yoshi Ikezawa, Joseph Chou, and Tim Kwok are the producers of the movie Knights Of The Zodiac.

Is Knights Of The Zodiac A PG-13 Rated Movie?

Yes, Knights Of The Zodiac is a PG-13-rated movie.

Who Wrote The Screenplay Of Knights Of The Zodiac?

Josh Campbell, Matt Stuecken, and Kiel Murray wrote the screenplay of Knights Of The Zodiac.

What Is The Tagline Of Knights Of The Zodiac?

The tagline of Knights Of the Zodiac is “Pegasus will rise…”.

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