Where Was Lidia Poet Filmed? Netflix’s New Crime Drama Series Of 2023!!


Do you like watching shows that celebrate true and inspiring life stories of strong and independent women? If so, then I’d suggest you follow this article, to know more about a similar series, Lidia Poet, which has recently premiered on Netflix. Furthermore, I’ll also let you in on where was Lidia Poet filmed.

The period crime drama series, The Law According to Lidia Poet premiered on Netflix, earlier this month with the original title, Lidia Poet. This mini-series was inspired by the life story of Lidia Poet, a renowned Italian woman attorney, who changed the law in her country. Guido and Davide Orsini came up with the original concept of this show and depicted the stunning events of Lidia’s life through this series.

The basic premise of Lidia Poet revolves around the character of Lidia and her associates. The events which occurred in Turin before Lidia became the first female lawyer in her country, are vividly showcased.

The makers of Lidia Poet were expecting this show to become a huge success. Albeit, this biographical series didn’t manage to pull many audiences, because of the slow pacing of its story. Nonetheless, the 6 exciting episodes from the first season of the show are still worth enjoying. 

So, if you’re excited to know where was Lidia Poet filmed, then all you need to do is, keep reading till the end.

Where Was Lidia Poet Filmed? Let’s Know This Crime Drama Series Closely!

The story of Lidia Poet is set in Italy. Thus in order to make the story more authentic, the makers of the show decided to shoot the entire series on location. Thus, after Davide and Guido, completed adjusting the script and selecting suitable actors for the captivating roles, they started looking for filming locations.

The production members were asked to scout for ideal filming locations in and around the beautiful southern part of Italy. However, after the makers weren’t satisfied with the overall setting of the scouted places, they decided to shoot the series around the Piedmont Region, of this beautiful European country.

After several weeks, the filming crew scouted the shooting locations around the city of Turin for the second time and prepared to commence shooting.

The principal photography began during the holiday season last year and was completed by the last week of January 2023. During the entire shooting process, there were no reports of any incidents which majorly impacted the filming schedule. The production members successfully managed to complete the shooting within the estimated timeline.

Now, get ready to find out where was Lidia Poet filmed, as we’re about to check out the specific shooting sites in Turin.

Turin, Italy | Europe

Where Was Lidia Poet Filmed? Netflix’s New Crime Drama Series Of 2023!!

The opening sequence from the pilot season of the show, where we see the character of Lidia, attending the convocation ceremony at her law school, was actually filmed in Turin. The production members took special shooting permission from the authorities of the public schools and used the auditorium of the same institution.

The interior sequences depicting the convocation ceremony at the law school were then filmed here. Special lighting equipment was also used to capture the sequences during the evening.

Other pivotal sequences of the show were captured around the downtown area of Turin. The production members had to use a vintage-style home, located near the business district of Turin, to capture the sequences, depicting Lidia’s home.

No major changes were made to the overall structure of the property, as the owners had kept it in pristine condition. However, in order to capture the pivotal sequences of the courtroom, the production members built a make-believe court inside a studio.

The filming crew had to construct the background of a courtroom, inside one of the renowned and well-equipped studios located in Turin. The interior sequences depicting the first legal battle of Lidia were then captured.

Filming in Turin lasted for an entire month or so, after which the production members wrapped the entire shooting process.

Alright guys, so these were the locations that were primarily used by the production members to shoot the gripping sequences of the show. Now, allow me to give you an overview of Lidia Poet as well. Meanwhile, you can check out Perfect Match, Love Island Australia, and Ant Man and The Wasp as well.

Plot Of Lidia Poet | What’s It About

Where Was Lidia Poet Filmed? Netflix’s New Crime Drama Series Of 2023!!

The basic premise of Lidia Poet revolves around the character of Lidia, the first woman lawyer in Italy. At the very beginning of the series, the female lead character attends the convocation ceremony at the law school, to collect her degree.

Later as the story progresses further, the female lead gets baffled by a number of court cases that she had to handle all by herself. However, Lidia’s wit and deep knowledge of law help her to win complicated cases, with ease. Watch Lidia Poet to witness the life story of a legendary Italian woman lawyer.

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How Many Seasons Are There In The Show Lidia Poet?

The show Lidia Poet has a total of 6 exciting episodes from the pilot season.

Who Are The Producers Of The Show Lidia Poet?

Guido and Francesco Marras were the producers of the show Lidia Poet.

What Is The Rating Of The Show Lidia Poet?

The show Lidia Poet has a TV-MA rating

Is The Show Lidia Poet Based On A True Story?

Yes, the story of Lidia Poet is based on the character of Lidia Poet, a renowned Italian female lawyer, who broke free from the shackles of society.

Who Is The Cinematographer Of The Show Lidia Poet?

Vladan Radovic is the cinematographer of the show Lidia Poet.

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