Where Was Lies And Deceit Filmed? The Locations Revealed!


The series Lies and Deceits (2020) opens with a woman kayaking through the open seas. Who is the woman, and what does it have to do with lies or Deceit? The show hooks you right from the start. It’s a suspense thriller that has been shot at breathtaking locations. So where was Lies And Deceit filmed? Only reading this article can give you the answer you are looking for.

Lies And Deceit, or ‘Mentiras’ in Spanish, is a remake of a popular British series called Liars. The show follows Laura and Xavier – two people who hang out one night which ends up changing their lives. Laura is drugged, and she accuses Xavier of r*ping her. Xavier swears by his children he didn’t do it and maintains his innocence. Who is the victim, and who is telling the truth? 

Despite the dark themes of the show, everyone really wants to know where was Lies And Deceit filmed? (LOL!) The quick answer to that is the Spanish show is filmed in Spain. Mostly in the city of Madrid and Mallorca. Mallorca is an island city, and that is where Lies And Deceit is set too. And if you are still thinking about the woman in the kayak, then yes, that has been shot in Mallorca as well.

Mallorca has a lot of touristy places, and people intrigued by Lies And Deceit might look to explore the beautiful island. If you are one of those people, let’s explore more about the show, the beautiful filming locations and get you all the details.

Where Was Lies And Deceit Filmed? All You Need To Know About The Places

Indulging in Lies And Deceit is a three-step process. The engaging storyline keeps you hooked, the acting keeps you entertained, and the locations sell you the whole show. The beautiful locations at times make you forget that you are watching a suspense thriller.

But don’t worry, there are a lot of twists and turns in the show that will snap you back and remind you what the show is about. So let’s check out these locations and see if we can plan our next vacation to them. So, where was Lies And Deceit filmed?

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Lies And Deceit Filming Locations | Madrid, Spain

Where Was Lies And Deceit Filmed? The Locations Revealed!

Where was Lies And Deceit filmed? Madrid, the city of love. Oh no, wait, that’s Paris. Madrid is known for its fair share of romantic places as well. According to several reports by the fans, Lies And Deceit did some of its filming at Hospital de Torrejon. It is one of the biggest hospitals in Madrid. As Xavier is a surgeon, this is where we see him in the show as well.

Along with Torrejon, Hospital de El Escorial has also been used for some of the shots. Depending on the availability and filming schedules, the shoots were divided. Besides the hospitals, the cast and crew were also seen on the University of Madrid campus. The university is known for its lush green gardens and served as the backdrop for many scenes shot in the capital city.

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Lies And Deceit Filming Locations | Mallorca, Spain

Where Was Lies And Deceit Filmed? The Locations Revealed!

Where was Lies And Deceit filmed? Lies And Deceit was mostly filmed in Mallorca. The island is one of the biggest islands that belong to Spain and is located in the Mediterranean sea. Palma de Mallorca, the island’s capital, was used for most of the scenes on the island. The rest of the filming was distributed among a few coastal villages. 

The first of those is called Porto Collum, and the second one is called the Serra de Tramuntana. The scenic coastal shots that we see in the movie are all thanks to these places. These coastal cities are not new to filming either. We have previously seen them used in movies like the Tom Hanks epic Cloud Atlas (2012). Emilia Clarke’s starred Me Before You (2016) also has some scenes filmed in these locations.

What Is The Plot Of Lies And Deception? Where Was Lies And Deceit Filmed?

The plot of Lies And Deception revolves around a high-school professor named Laura Munar who becomes a victim of unconsented sex. Xavier, a reputed surgeon invites Laura for dinner. Laura agrees and joins him. However, when she wakes up the next morning, she realizes that she has been drugged last night and someone has taken the advantage of her unconscious state.

She blames Xavier for raping her. However, the story becomes more intriguing and compelling when the whole situation gets unfolds with twisted secrets and a compelling narrative. Lies And Deception is an amazing mystery- thriller drama that you should not miss out on watching.

Lies And Deception Is Based On A True Story? The Fact Check!

Where Was Lies And Deceit Filmed? The Locations Revealed!

The show is not based on true events or real-life characters. The show is an adaptation of Jack Harry’s popular novel, Liar but it is a fictional story. However, one thing that we cannot rule out is that the show has portrayed many real-life situations. They are as follows- 

  1. It focuses on the growing rate of rape cases and assault of women in a relationship.
  2. It focuses on flaws of court proceedings and barriers in legal actions that do not help the innocents.
  3. Harsh treatment is given to rape victims and survivors.
  4. It focuses on loopholes in case investigation as well as partial behavior of a certain class/gender.

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Final Words

Lies And Deceit was filmed in the most beautiful locations possible. The series has amazing cinematography and direction going for it. But the somber scenes in these secluded locations help drive home the point of thrill and suspense Lies, And Deceit is trying to convey. Have you watched the show? Let us know your thoughts about it in the comments down below!

Is Lies and Deceit same as Liar?

Yes, it is a television series remake of the British thriller show titled Liar. Lies And Deciet is the Spanish version of the show.

Will Lies and Deceit have a season 2?

The show garnered good reviews and wide viewership in season 1. However, the creators of the show has not confirmed its renewal. So, as of now, there is no official confirmation for Lies And Deciet season 2.

Who was dead at the end of Lies and Deceit?

Xavier dies in the end in Lies And Deciet season 1.

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