Where Was The Mask Filmed? Find Out Address of All The Classic Places!


If you are a 90s kid, there is no way you don’t know about the movie The Mask (1994)! If you don’t, I am sorry we will have to revoke your 90s kid passport! For those who remember the classic, huddle up! Have you wondered where was The Mask filmed? Me too! Let’s go check it out!

Okay, and the people at the back who don’t know anything about the movie, we will give you another chance. So the movie is about a bank employee Stanley Ipkiss, played by Jim Carrey, the legend. Stanley is in a dead-end job with a fairly boring life. That is until he stumbles upon a wooden mask. The Mask has magical powers that transform anyone wearing it into a green-faced superhero. 

So where was The Mask filmed? The mask has been filmed entirely in Los Angeles. With some real-life locations and lots of scenes done on set. The filming locations in The Mask are fictional as it takes place in a city called the edge city. And since no real-life edge city exists, the filming was done out of studios only.

The Mask was one of the most successful superhero movies at that time. Even though ‘the mask’ isn’t technically a superhero, the movie was given that category. The mask’s earnings were through the roof and made it a commercial as well as a cult hit.

Where Was The Mask Filmed? The Locations Around LA!

The Mask has a lot of things going for it. The story, the stellar cast, the acting, and, more significantly, its visual appeal. The movie mostly takes place in edge city with prominent locations like the bank, Stanley’s house, and the coco bongo club. 

With his superpowers, The Mask can do ridiculous things. He can maneuver himself and manipulate his size. He also magically conjures up insane things out of thin air. These special effects gave The Mask recognition in various movie awards, including the Oscars. Though it lost, the nomination for a comic movie in this category was quite a feat.

The Mask also did great things for the actors. Jim Carrey, who was the movie’s protagonist, made a solid name for himself following his performance in the movie. His comedic timing and his expressions continued to the mask’s success. It also cemented him as a versatile actor, taking on any role thrown his way.

The movie also launched the career of Cameron Diaz. Then young and new in the industry, Cameron’s performance in The Mask established her as a leading lady in movies. Following which she had the career that we know her for. 

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The Locations Of The Mask | The Edge City Bank!

Where Was The Mask Filmed? Find Out Address of All The Classic Places!

The famous bank in which Stanley Ipkiss is working in his dead-end job is a building that used to be owned by Bank of America. The exact location of the bank is 650 Spring Street, downtown Los Angeles. The bank left the building a long time ago and has been used for many other movies since then. It has featured in some of the biggest movies you can imagine, like Spiderman 2 (2004), The Prestige (2006), and Se7en (1995), just to name a few.

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The Coco Bongo Club | A Classic Scene In The Movie!

Where Was The Mask Filmed? Find Out Address of All The Classic Places!

Coco Bongo Club is one of the most iconic places in the movie. It is where Stanley goes as The Mask and unleashes madness. Beating up thugs left and right, he creates a ruckus everywhere. But wouldn’t it be nice if you could go to that club and party? It would, but unfortunately, the club doesn’t exist. 

In the movie, the entrance of the ‘Coco Bongo Club is Cocoanut Grove Hotel, which is now demolished. The exact location of the hotel is Wilshire Boulevard, Midtown Los Angeles. Another location used as the Coco Bongo Club is the Ambassador Hotel. The hotel was also demolished back in 2006 and was located at 3400 Wilshire Boulevard in midtown Los Angeles.

This was about the exteriours of the club, so what about the club’s interiors? For that, Park Plaza Hotel’s Terrace Room was used. Located at 607 South Park View Street, the hotel still stands but no longer functions. It is mostly used for filming and special events. 

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The Bridge Of Separation | The Infamous End Scene Of The Mask!

Where Was The Mask Filmed? Find Out Address of All The Classic Places!

Stanley is made to bid farewell to the mask in the movie as it is not good for him. The Mask is mischievous and the cause of more bad than it is good. This emotional scene takes place on a bridge as Stanley throws the mask into the river. It takes place on the Sixth Street Viaduct over the Los Angeles River, east of downtown. Oh, and guess what? This bridge no longer exists either as it has been demolished too. 

Final Words

The Mask is one of the funniest and craziest movies ever made. It gave us a lot of good memories of childhood as it was a live-action version of a comic and cartoon series. While Superman and Batman are fun in their way, the mischief spread by The Mask had a charm of its own. What are your thoughts about the movie? Let us know in the comments below! 

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