Where Was Lion Filmed? The True Story Of Love And Loss!


Every child’s biggest fear is being stranded alone in a supermarket and not knowing their way back home. What if I told you that was a reality for many? While there are hundreds of such untold stories, the movie Lion talks about one that you really need to hear. Today we will tell you all about it and also where was Lion filmed! Keep on reading till the very end!

The movie Lion has been adapted from a book called A Long Way Home, written by Saroo Brierly. The book is an autobiographical recounting of his own life and tells the touching story of losing your home at a tender age. Saroo is played by the incredible Dev Patel, while we also see Rooney Mara, Nicole Kidman, and Sunny Pawar star in the movie.

So, where was Lion filmed? The filming for the movie took place in cities across India as well as Australia. Cities like Kolkata and Khandwa in India were the main places for filming. In Australia, filming took place primarily in cities across the region of Tasmania. There are some shots that have been filmed in Melbourne as well.

The movie tells the story of an Indian boy who is adopted by an Australian family, so the filming locations have been kept as real as possible. Authenticity is key in movies and when it comes to autobiographical adaptations, it becomes even more important. Something we have all seen in where shows like The Son and Fantasy Island were filmed!

The Plot Of Lion | What Is The Movie All About?

Before we move on to see where was Lion filmed, let’s check out what the movie is about first! The fact that it is based on a true story, makes Lion an incredibly good movie to watch. No wonder it has been nominated for several Oscars and has won several other awards on the way!

The movie, just like the book, follows the life of Saroo. A poor boy in rural India who toils hard with his elder brother Guddu to survive. They sell coal that they salvage from trains to fruit and vegetable vendors in exchange for something to eat. One night as Guddu is about to head out for work, Saroo insists that he take him along. Guddu reluctantly agrees with his 5-year-old brother’s wish.

On reaching a railway station, Guddu asks Saroo to stay on a bench and wait for him to come back. Saroo falls asleep while waiting and wakes up later to see his brother is nowhere to be seen. Looking for him, Saroo wanders off on a train and falls asleep again. Only to be woken up by the sheer horror of being lost.

Saroo ends up in an orphanage in Kolkata where he gets adopted by a family in Australia. Fast forward twenty years later, Saroo is studying in Melbourne and that is where his desire to find his biological family comes from. With vague memories of his past life, no real address, and no idea where to search, Lion takes us on an emotional journey of Saroo’s search for home and family.

Where Was Lion Filmed? All The Important Locations You Need To Know About!

Saroo might be renamed Saroo Brierly, but his heart still longs for something more. A place where he belongs and among people with whom he can relate to. Given the acting and directorial powers involved in Lion, it’s no wonder the movie has been so successful.

So, where was Lion filmed? Check out all the locations down below!

Kolkata, West Bengal, India

Where Was Lion Filmed? The True Story Of Love And Loss!

The pivotal moments of Saroo’s life are tied with a train that leads him to a place unknown. From a relatively calm place in his town of Khanwa, he ends up in the bustling city of Kolkata. The train scenes for the movie were filmed at Howrah Junction, Kolkata, West Bengal, India. This is the last station for the train that is behind the involuntary journey of Saroo.

Ganesh Talai, Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh, India

Where Was Lion Filmed? The True Story Of Love And Loss!

As a 5-year-old, Saroo is unable to tell the people who interrogate him where he comes from. His village is called Ganesh Talai, and for a small child, that is quite the mouthful. To keep the authenticity at a hundred percent, the scenes that involved Saroo’s home back in India have actually been filmed at the real location. The place is located in Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh.

Tasmania, Australia

Where Was Lion Filmed? The True Story Of Love And Loss!

Most of the movie takes place across Australia. Saroo in his new life has settled well and seems to be doing alright. Nicole Kidman, who plays the role of Saroo’s mother is an Australian and she filmed all her scenes there. Most of the filming in Australia takes place in Tasmania. The family lives in Hobart, the capital city of the region.

Other shots were filmed in places like Marion Bay, Mount Wellington, and Cape Hauy. We see the family enjoy some personal time and bond with each other. They do this while playing cricket on a beach, and that scene, in particular, has been filmed at the Marion Bay beach.

There is also one scene, in particular, that seems to change the course of Saroo’s life. It is when he is hanging out with his girlfriend Lucy and he has a realization that he needs to find his biological parents. The scene has been filmed on the famous mountain Mount Wellington in Hobart. The scene has a beautiful shot of the duo looking over the city of Hobart which really adds to the aesthetics of the movie.

Finally, there are also some scenes that have been filmed in Melbourne. It’s where Saroo has gone to university and meets new friends and also his girlfriend-to-be, Lucy. 

Final Words

We hope now you know where was Lion filmed! The movie is truly the telling of a unique experience and is definitely the one to watch. Do remember that it gets quite heavy at times. Also, if you liked these filming locations, then check out where was Marry Go Round, and Free Guy filmed! 

Is Lion based on a true story?

Yes, Lion is based on a true story!

Where to watch Lion in 2022?

You can watch Lion on Amazon Prime in 2022!

How long is the movie Lion?

Lion is almost 2 hours long clocking in at 1h 58m

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