Where Was Fantasy Island Filmed? The 1970s Classic Revisited!


If your fantasies are running wild and you want to know where was Fantasy Island filmed, then you’re at the right place! With harrowing tales filled with drama and fantasy, the series was packed with adrenaline when it first came out. Now, after Fox announced a series revival for Fantasy Island in 2021, it’s only natural that we go back to its origins.

Fantasy Island first premiered back in 1977. After a few movie adaptations, it was turned into a series, and boy did it do well for itself. The show had beautiful landscapes and serene scenery as its backdrop. Besides a stellar storyline, it was the aesthetics that kept the show going for almost a decade. 

So where was Fantasy Island filmed? The series was filmed at Stages 26 and 17 at Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank, California. It was also filmed in Hawaii, Los Angeles County, and Arcadia. The last few seasons were shot in the Warner Ranch, a new location that was some distance away from the main Warner studios.

Maybe you might not be so excited by these filming locations if you have only heard about the show in 2021. But the OG fans know the significance of these locations. Just like the filming locations of crime dramas like Pretty Little Liars and Line Of Duty, there is something special about these places. It’s kind of a sweet escape knowing that your favorite show has been shot there out in the world, and you can visit it one day.

The Plot Of Fantasy Island | What Is The Series About?

Before we move on to know where was Fantasy Island filmed, let’s take a little pause. For those who weren’t born in 1977 and don’t know what the series is about, here’s a little refresher for you. 

The show follows a man named Mr. Roarke. He is a rich man with weird tastes and owns a secluded island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. To satisfy his craving for the weird, he comes up with a plan. He proposes that any man (or woman) from any walk of life can come to his island and live out their own fantasies.

That, of course, comes at a price. So as guests pay a specific price to live out their fantasy, they are taken to the island on a plane. Mr. Roarke and his loyal sidekick Tattoo are always there to greet the guests as they arrive. With more servants to take care of the ‘fantasies.’

Sometimes things would get out of hand and even prove to be fatal to the guests. Although Mr. Roarke would show his strong moral code, there would be things he still wouldn’t be able to control. Once the fantasy starts, he is helpless. Making for some very interesting scenes and loads of drama for us to enjoy.

Where Was Fantasy Island Filmed? All The Locations You Need To Know About!

Along with two movies that preceded the show, Fantasy Island ran till 1984. You could catch the show on ABC at the time of its release. Now, with the Fantasy Island reboot, you will be able to watch the series on Fox and online through OTT platforms.

So now, where was Fantasy Island filmed, and where were all the fantasies carried out? Well, let’s take a look. Maybe you will be able to visit this remote island in the middle of the Atlantic yourself to live out your fantasies. Wouldn’t that be lovely?

Stages 26 and 17, Warner Bros. Studios, Burbank, California

Where Was Fantasy Island Filmed? The 1970s Classic Revisited!

Sorry, but you don’t actually have to go to the middle of the Atlantic to check out the island. The whole thing was created within studios. If you feel your life has been a lie, then that makes it two of us. 

Most of the shooting for the show has been done inside controlled environments. With sets having been created to recreate the tropical islands. Most of the shows and movies back in the 70s were filmed in studios, so this isn’t much of a surprise. 

With heavy camera gears and lots of logistics to take care of, the series would have run out of budget soon if they went to an actual island. So does that mean there are no actual scenes shot of the island? Well, no, there are!

Na Pali Coast and Wailua Falls, Kauai, Hawaii

Where Was Fantasy Island Filmed? The 1970s Classic Revisited!

The opening credits and opening shots of the series would always be of an island. With waves crashing in and a plane making a landing on the island. We would also see the sunrise from the horizon.

All these shots have been filmed in Hawaii. Since the opening credits remained the same throughout the show, this was only a one-off filming expedition for the crew!

Queen Anne Cottage, Los Angeles County Arboretum Botanic Garden, Arcadia

Where Was Fantasy Island Filmed? The 1970s Classic Revisited!

In every episode, Mr. Roarke’s sidekick, Tattoo, would run up to a bell tower and ring the bell. That marked the arrival of the guests and the start of their fantasy. While it was not intended to stay in the show for long, the symbol became iconic, and the phrase “De Plane! De Plane!” became the unofficial catchphrase of the show.

This bell tower was real and can be found in the Queen Anne Cottage. This cottage is located in the Botanic Garden in Arcadia and is still open for visitors. If you’re on a tour of LA, you can sure as heck make your way to the garden and witness the Bell Tower!

Final Words 

So there you have it, folks! We now hope you know where was Fantasy Island filmed! The show has provided us with a lot of amazing movements. It has also given us a window into the lives of people who don’t do things the conventional way. So, if these filming locations fascinated you, then make sure to check out where Apollo 13 and This is 40 have been filmed!

If there is any other movie or series whose filming locations you would want to know about, then drop us a comment below! We will try our best to get you all the details that you need to know!

Who played Roarke on Fantasy Island from 1977-1984?

Ricardo Montalbán played the role of the ever-eccentric Mr. Roarke

How many seasons of Fantasy Island are there?

There are a total of 7 seasons of Fantasy Island

How many episodes are on Fantasy Island?

There are a total of 152 episodes on Fantasy Island!

Where to watch Fantasy Island?

You can easily watch Fantasy Island on Mubi. You can also watch Fantasy Island for free through third-party websites like divicast and yidio.

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