Where Was Malone Filmed? Action-Thriller Movie Locations!


When you watch action-thriller movies, you get an adrenaline rush. So, if you love to increase your blood pressure, then get ready to watch Malone(1987), an action-thriller movie. If you are not aware of this movie, then read below to find the plot of the movie. In this article, we’ll also discuss where was Malone filmed.

Malone was released on May 1, 1987. The movie was directed by Harley Cokeliss. The story was based on the novel Shotgun return by William P. Wingate. The protagonist of the narrative is Richard Malone, a former CIA operative who hopes to move on from his past and possibly start again. To know what happens in his transition, you need to read the plot of the movie in this article.

The filming of Malone took place at different locations. The filmmakers used different cities in Canada, and the USA to shoot the scenes of Malone movie. So, to know in-depth details of where was Malone filmed, you should keep reading the article.

Plot Of Malone | What Is The Movie About?

Where Was Malone Filmed? Action-Thriller Movie Locations

Malone makes the decision to resign from his CIA job since he has had enough of the shady dealings. He quits his job and travels the country with his savings. On the way, his car breaks down, so he is forced to push it to the Paul-run service station in the closest little town.

He remains there and becomes friends with Paul’s daughter Jo. Because it will take several days for the parts to fix the transmission to arrive. Additionally, he learns about Charles Delaney’s scheme to acquire the entire town, force everyone to sell, and kill them all if they don’t.

So, Malone is willing to assist them and serve Delany and his evil crew with the retribution they so well deserve. Many people have compared Malone to Shane. The storyline of the movie is similar to many action-thriller flicks where the protagonist of the movie uses his power to save the people or the entire city. But the way the director takes the movie is what makes it unique.

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Where Was Malone Filmed? Check Out The 80s Action-Thriller Locations Here!

Where Was Malone Filmed? Action-Thriller Movie Locations

Have you completed reading the plot of the movie? Now it’s time to know where was Malone filmed in detail. The filming of Malone movie began on August 11, 1986, and the filmmakers wrapped up the shooting of the movie on September 28 of the same year. The following are the few filming locations used in the Malone movie.

Hedley, British Columbia | Canada

Where Was Malone Filmed? Action-Thriller Movie Locations

This was the first location that the cast and crew of Malone movie visited to shoot some vital scenes of the movie. The movie is mostly based on the town setting and the scenes of the setting were shot in this location.

Despite the fact that Hedley may not be as well-known as some Canadian cities, don’t be deceived. Hedley is a newer, smaller, and lovely tourist spot that is well worth a trip. You might be shocked by some of the unusual activities and locations you can discover in this unknown location. You might want to go back there one day to take a break and unwind at Hedley.

Princeton, British Columbia | Canada

Where Was Malone Filmed? Action-Thriller Movie Locations

Princeton is used for filming another town set in the movie. The main story of the movie was shot in this location. Princeton, which acts as the southern entryway to British Columbia’s interior. It is well positioned at the confluence of the Tulameen and Similkameen rivers in the Cascade Mountains’ foothills.

It is a fantastic destination for vacations because of the mountains and valleys, which provide a wonderful background for fantastic outdoor activities all year round. So, if you are looking for the best vacation place, you can keep this place as an option.

Vancouver, British Columbia | Canada

Where Was Malone Filmed? Action-Thriller Movie Locations

The opening scenes of Malone movie were shot in this location. The third-most populous city in Canada is Vancouver. Due to its thriving businesses, engaging activities, and beautiful surroundings, the city is expanding exponentially. The scenes of Ships In The Night were also filmed at this destination.

Are you looking for the best entertainment for your weekend? Vancouver is the location for you. In the vicinity of the city centre, you may go hiking, skiing, riding, paddling, and diving. Driving up to the Sea-to-Sky Highway, hiking the Grouse Grind, biking through Stanley Park, and kayaking in Deep Cove are more options.

So there are many opportunities for you to interact with nature. But the city also offers a ton of other things to do, like fantastic restaurants, thrilling festivals, and art galleries.

Santa Clarita, California | USA

Where Was Malone Filmed? Action-Thriller Movie Locations

Santa Clarita is another location that was used to film some other scenes of the Malone Movie. Santa Clarita, the third-largest town in the county of Los Angeles, is located in the United States’ golden state of California. Only 35 miles separate the city from Downtown Los Angeles, making the trip there worthwhile. The other few locations of Malone movie include Los Angeles and Langley.

Final Words

Alright, Folks! We’ve reached the end of the article. So, now you’re aware of the essential details about where was Malone filmed. I have also shared other interesting details about the location where filming took place. Hopefully, It makes you excited and you can add all those places to your bucket list.

The movie is available to watch for free on Tubi TV and Pluto Tv. Malone is also available on Amazon prime video for rent and purchase. So, make sure you watch the movie. Also, if you are interested in knowing other filming locations, then don’t forget to check out Tom Horn, Fly Away With Me, and One Summer.

Who Wrote The Screenplay Of The Movie, Malone?

Christopher Frank and Rudy Wurlitzer wrote the screenplay of the movie.

Who Produced The Movie, Malone?

Leo L. Fuchs produced the movie, Malone.

Who All Acted In The Movie, Malone?

The cast members of the movie include Burt Reynolds, Kenneth McMillan, Cynthia Gibb, Lauren Hutton, and Cliff Robertson.

Who Distributed The Film, Malone?

Orion Pictures distributed the film, Malone.

What Is The Duration Of The Movie, Malone?

1hours 32 minutes is the duration of the movie. 

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