Where Was McLintock Filmed? John Wayne’s Western Comedy Flick From 1963!!


If you like watching John Wayne starrer films, then continue to read this article till the very end. As, today I’m going to acquaint you with a hysterical western film, McLintock! Furthermore, I’ll also let you in on where was Mclintock filmed. 

The American western comedy film, McLintock released in the early ‘60s, became super popular amongst classic film lovers. This hysterical film was directed by Andrew V. McLaglen, who slightly changed the original screenplay of the movie, which was written by James E. Grant. 

The basic premise of McLintock is centered around the character of an affluent rancher of the west, who manipulates local farmers by using his power and wealth. The plot thickens when the lead actor locks horns with a corrupt government official.

The makers of Mclintock were satisfied with the overall commercial performance of the film. At the box office, this film went on to gross over $14 million in total collections against a nominal shooting budget. This engaging film won two major awards over the years and received overall positive reviews from the critics and audience as well.

Now, let’s explore where was Mclintock filmed so that you can analyze the shooting locations of this film up close. Furthermore, I’ll also discuss the plot of this rib-tickling film, later in this article.

Where Was McLintock Filmed? Let’s Know This Comedy Western Flick Closely!

The makers of McLintock wanted to shoot their film in and around dry and arid locations. Thus, in order to match the desired backdrop, the director asked the production members to scout various filming locations in Texas and Arizona.

But, after several weeks when the crew couldn’t acquire the required permission for filming in Texas, Andrew decided to film the movie in Arizona. Only this time around, the director visited the filming locations in person and selected them.

The principal photography began in the last week of October 1962 and continued till the first week of January 1963. The filming schedule remained unchanged for the most part, as the director acquired the shooting permissions in advance. He also instructed the production members to pre-arrange most of the logistics.

Important to mention that, the majority of the filming in Arizona, took place around Tucson and Patagonia. Some minor sequences of the movie were shot in other parts of Arizona as well.

So, without waiting any longer, let’s have a detailed discussion about where was McLintock filmed and find out more about the exact filming sites.

Tucson, Arizona | USA

The opening scene of the movie, where we see the lead actor relaxing near his ancestral ranch, was actually filmed in Tucson. The production members contacted the owners of a local farm and used their property to capture the outdoor sequences of Mclintock’s ranch.

Other pivotal sequences in Tucson, were specifically captured around the area of Old Tucson. The exhilarating horse riding sequence of the movie was filmed near 201 South Kinney Rd, Tucson. 

The production members had to turn around the overall setting of the street to match the backdrop of the other scenes. Several other outdoor sequences were shot in various other locations in Tucson, after which the production members moved to the next filming location.

Patagonia, Arizona | USA

Where Was McLintock Filmed? John Wayne’s Western Comedy Flick From 1963!!

After filming the majority of the sequences in Tucson, the production members moved to the town of Patagonia. You’d be amazed to know that this famous town is regarded as an integral part of Santa Cruz County, and was developed during the 19th century as a trading center.

However, the production members used San Rafael Ranch House, located at 2036 Duquesne Rd, Patagonia. Special lighting equipment was used to capture the outdoor scenes of the ranch during the night. 

Filming in the town of Patagonia continued till the second week of December 1962. The production members then traveled to some other locations in Arizona, like the Sonoran Desert, Klondyke and Fairbank and captured the remaining sequences.

So, if you’re planning to visit Arizona this year, you can certainly look up Phoenix, Grand Canyon National Park, Sedona and Scottsdale. These famous places in Arizona are regarded as some of the best travel destinations during the summer.

Alright friends, it’s time for me to give you an overview of McLintock. So that you can get a fair idea about the storyline of this film. In the meantime, you can check out Blood In Blood Out, Babylon and The Truman Show as well.

Plot Of McLintock | What’s It About

Where Was McLintock Filmed? John Wayne’s Western Comedy Flick From 1963!!

The basic premise of McLintock revolves around the character of George W. McLintock, an affluent farm owner of the West. At the beginning of the film, the lead actor exerts his power and wealth to keep the humble locales of the area in line. 

As the story progresses further, McLintock is shocked to see his estranged wife, who suddenly emerged out of nowhere after several years. The lead actor rejoices with his family for the return, however, a corrupt government official soon spoils his plans. Watch McLintock to find out what happens, when the lead actor challenges the corrupt officer for a duel.

Final Words

Ok friends, so now that we’ve reached the end, I hope now you finally know where was McLintock filmed. If you enjoyed the read, don’t forget to let us know in the comments section below. If you’d like us to cover any other title you mention that as well. To read similar pieces, you can check out other amazing articles on Viebly.

Who Are The Cast Members Of The Film McLintock?

The cast of the film McLintock includes John Wayne, Maureen O’Hara, Patrick Wayne and Stefanie Powers along with some others.

Who Is The Cinematographer Of The Film McLintock?

William H. Clothier is the cinematographer of the film McLintock.

Who Is The Music Director Of The Film McLintock?

De Voi is the music director of the film McLintock.

Who Is The Producer Of The Film McLintock?

Michael Wayne was the producer of the film McLintock.

What Is The Runtime Of The Film McLintock?

2h 6m is the runtime of the film McLintock.


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