Where Was Three Amigos Filmed? A Western-Comedy Film From 1986!!


Generally, we associate western films with high-flying action scenes and intense gun duels. But, today I’m going to introduce you to an unconventional western movie, Three Amigos, starring Steve Martin. Plus, I’ll also let you in on where was Three Amigos filmed later in this article.

The American iconic-comedy film, Three Amigos, released in 1986 was written by Steve Martin, who also played a titular role. Interestingly, Martin also pitched while composing one of the famous songs for the film, and decided to write the lyrics. The basic premise of Three Amigos covers the hysterical journey of three actors who travel to Mexico, to enact a silent film. However, after setting foot on Mexican soil, the actors realize the bandit they were pretending to chase is actually an infamous criminal.

Three Amigos, was an overall commercial success, as it went on to gross over $39 million at the box office, against the production budget of $25 million. This rib-tickling comedy film was positively reviewed by the majority of the audience, however, it did not win any major awards.

So, before I acquaint you with the plot of this exciting film, let’s explore Three Amigos filming locations . So that you can take a closer look at where was Three Amigos .

Where Was Three Amigos Filmed? Let’s Know This Western Comedy Flick Closely!

The makers of Three Amigos decided to shoot the entire film in America. The majority of the film was shot in California, while some pivotal sequences were captured in parts of Arizona. Steve Martin, took this decision after conferring with the director of Three Amigos, John Landis.

So, after the other members of the cast were selected and the screenplay was tweaked, the makers asked the members to scout for perfect filming locations in and around the state of California and Arizona. The principal photography began towards the end of January 1986 and continued till the second week of June.

The filming schedule was delayed for almost 4 weeks, as one of the actors got injured while shooting a horse-riding sequence. Reportedly, the actor sustained major injuries to his lower back and left calf muscle. This incident forced the makers to completely halt the filming, till the time the actor was in a state to rejoin the unit.

So, without waiting any longer, let’s have a detailed discussion about where was Three Amigos filmed and find out more about the specific shooting locations.

Arizona | USA

Where Was Three Amigos Filmed? A Western-Comedy Film From 1986!!

The opening sequence of the movie was filmed in Simi Valley of Tucson city. This beautiful city is considered the county seat of Pima County and has a variety of idyllic shooting locations. So, in order to film the sequence, where we see the three actors in the film for the first, the production members used a medium-sized house located in Old Tucson. 

Minor changes were made to the outer structure of the house, after which the filming crew captured the exterior shots of the home. Other major sequences in Arizona were captured near the Superstition Mountains. Scenes depicting the Apache Trail in the movie were all filmed in Apache Junction in Arizona.

Important to mention that, the makers also decided to additionally film a few outdoor sequences showcasing the Sonoran Desert and Coronado National Park. As mentioned earlier, one of the actors sustained serious injuries while performing a horse riding sequence inside this forest.

But thankfully, the remaining part of the movie was then captured in California after the actor made full recovery.

California | USA

So after the majority of the outdoor sequences of Three Amigos were captured in different locations in Arizona, the crew arrived in California. Sequences depicting the Goldsmith Film Studio in the movie were captured outside of Culver Studios. This well-equipped studio, located at 9336 W. Washington Blvd, Culver City was also used to film the majority of the interior sequences of the film. Stages 4 and 12 were specifically used to recreate many sequences, such as the Campfire scene.

A few pivotal scenes were also later captured on location in the Mojave Desert and inside Universal Studios, after which the entire filming process was wrapped and the filming crew began working on post-production.

Alrighty amigos, let’s now discuss the plot of Three Amigos in brief. So that you can get a fair idea about the basic premise of this western comedy film. Meanwhile, you can check out Doctor Strange 3, Blood In Blood Out, and Babylon as well.

Plot Of Three Amigos | What’s It About

Where Was Three Amigos Filmed? A Western-Comedy Film From 1986!!

The story of Three Amigos revolves around the characters of Lucky Day, Dusty Bottoms and Ned Nederlander. These three actors, at the beginning of the film, visit a Mexican village to play the lead characters of a silent film.

As the story progresses further the villagers entice the actors to help them catch the menacing criminals of a local gang. El Guapo, the kingpin of the gang, later learns about the secret plan of the villagers and decides to confront the actors. Watch  Three Amigos to find out what happens when the meek actors trap the Mexican gang leader.

Final Words

Ok friends, so now that we’ve reached the end, I hope you liked the read and finally know where was Three Amigos filmed. Let us know about your thoughts in the comments section below and don’t forget to check out other articles on Viebly.

Who Are The Cast Members Of The Film Three Amigos?

The cast of the film Three Amigos includes Chevy Chase, Steve Martin, Alfonso Arau, Martin Short and Tony Plana along with some other actors.

Who Is The Cinematographer Of The Film Three Amigos?

Ronal W. Browne is the cinematographer of the film Three Amigos.

What Is The Rating Of The Film Three Amigos?

The film Three Amigos has a PG rating.

Who Is The Music Director Of The Film Three Amigos?

Elmer Bernstein is the music director of the film Three Amigos.

Who Is The Producer Of The Film Three Amigos?

George Falsey Jr. and Lorne Michaels were the producers of the film Three Amigos.

What Is The Runtime Of The Film Three Amigos?

1h 44m is the runtime of the film Three Amigos.


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