Where Was Morbius Filmed? Spiderman’s New Villain!


Superhero movies are uber cool, and marvel has been doing them right for a while now. Think of movies like Dr. Strange or something like Venom. With sony taking over the Spiderverse, we have another movie lined up! Introducing Morbius, a film about unconventional superheroes. Today, we will tell you all about where was Morbius filmed!

With a star cast, the movie has been in the pipeline for almost two decades. But nothing came to fruition until now. As Daniel Espinosa was given the directorial reigns of the movie, Morbius came to life. Starring in the movie, we have Jared Leto, Matt Smith, Adria Arjona, Jared Harris, and Tyrese Gibson.

So, where was Morbius filmed? Most of the film shooting has been done in London and Manchester. While the movie is based in New York, only a few principal shots were taken in the city. Lastly, the film was wrapped up in Los Angeles for some shots that needed to be reshot.

Fans who live in the UK could easily identify some of the significant filming locations in Morbius. With a surreal feel to these places, our top filming locations for movies shot in the UK belong to shows like Line of Duty. A cool show that has been entirely shot around the region. 

The Plot Of Morbius | What Is The Movie About?

Before we see where was Morbius filmed, let’s check out what the movie is about. As Sony ventures deeper into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we have seen a drastic shift in the kind of movies. There is a slightly darker tone to the movies, but hey, we’re not complaining!

Morbius follows the life of a scientist Dr. Michael Morbuis, who, along with his little brother, suffers from a rare genetic disorder. The disorder of the blood is what Dr. Morbius has spent his life studying.

That is until one day, one of the experiments finally succeeds. Dr. Morbius has been extracting the DNA of vampire bats and stripping them of their DNA. Intermixing it with his own blood, the ‘cure’ seems to work. Excited to take it, Dr. Morbius soon finds out the cure has a major side-effect. 

It turns him into a bloodthirsty monster who will kill anyone. What Dr. Morbius doesn’t know is, that behind his back, his brother Milo has stolen the cure for himself and turned into a much worse monster. The two face off against each other, and now Dr. Morbius finds an actual cure that may end up killing his brother.

Where Was Morbius Filmed? All The Locations You Need To Know About!

Morbius came out on April 1, 2022, and commercially, it did okay for itself. Although critics and fans weren’t kind to the movie. The main criticism of the movie was mostly for the lack of a proper storyline. With fans criticizing the making of the movie for the sake of it. 

Another popular opinion remains that the movie didn’t have any passion or direction. Well, we will leave that up to you as you watch it for yourself. But if you watched it, and liked it, then let’s see where was Morbius filmed.

Northern Quarter, Manchester, England, UK

Where Was Morbius Filmed? Spiderman's New Villain!

Morbius is entirely based in The Big Apple, but the film was barely shot there. Many fans of the movie stumbled upon the filming set of Morbius while it was being shot in upper Manchester. The film crew did a damn good job at making the UK look like NYC, that’s for sure!

Any MANC can identify the iconic Manchester streets, but in Morbius, the streets gave off a very American vibe. The red building in and around the city was used as stand-ins for Brooklyn. 

Apparently, there are also places where the two cities share quite a similar look. The post-industrial architecture stands out the most. Then we have huge warehouses as well as apartment buildings with fire escapes. An unmistakably New York thing that can be found in Manchester.

Crystal Palace Park, London

Where Was Morbius Filmed? Spiderman's New Villain!

Most notable for its football team, Crystal Palace in London also has a lush green garden in the middle of the city. After filming in Manchester, the filming of Morbius was shifted down to London. Crystal Palace Park was used as a stand-in for the famous Central Park of New York.  

Again, this was done because of the stark similarities between the two places. Although it wasn’t easy to recreate the iconic New York landmark. The location managers revealed that they had to bring in fake American Police cars to add authenticity. A fountain was also constructed in the middle of the park to resemble the one in New York. 

HMS Belfast, London

Where Was Morbius Filmed? Spiderman's New Villain!

In the movie, we see Dr. Morbius conducting weird experiments away from prying eyes. That is because he has access to a lab in a secluded area on a container ship. To replicate that, London’s iconic HMS Belfast battleship was used as a set.

The rest of the sea and ships were added in post-production, but the location is as authentic as it gets. If you’re planning to visit London, then you can find HMS Belfast docked near Tower Bridge in the river Thames. There is a full-fledged museum on the ship, which you may find interesting to explore too!

Saint Sophia Cathedral, London

Where Was Morbius Filmed? Spiderman's New Villain!

Morbius gets his life-altering diagnosis as a young boy. He has been admitted to a greek hospital, and instead of going to Greece to shoot those scenes, further improvisations were done. The Saint Sophia Cathedral in London Metropolitan was used.

The greek feel of the cathedral, with Mediterranean architecture and the arched windows, was enough to replace Greece. The crew did a brilliant job in post-production to completely sell the package to the viewers too.

Final Words

We hope now you know where was Morbius filmed! The movie is a cool little concept, and we can’t wait to see what Sony has in its store for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. If you’re interested in other filming locations, check out where Fifty Shades Freed and Parenthood were filmed too!

Is Morbius Spider-Man’s villain?

Michael Morbius was first introduced to his audience as Spider-Man’s enemy in Marvel Comics.

Is Morbius part of DC or Marvel?

Dr. Michael Alexander Morbius, Ph. D., M.D., is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics

Is Morbius connected to Venom?

Morbius is the third film in the SSU, following 2018’s Venom and its 2020 sequel Venom: Let There Be Carnage. It tells the origin story of Dr. Michael Morbius (Leto), a brilliant medical researcher who has developed groundbreaking insights into blood transfusions.

Where to watch Morbius?

You can watch Morbius on Netflix, Amazon Prime as well as YouTube movies.

Where to watch Morbius for free?

You can watch Morbius for free on third-party websites like divicast, yidio, 123movies and through Telegram movie channels!

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